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How To Beat Exam Stress With Clare Josa

Why There’s No Point In Your Teen Revising When They’re Stressed [Podcast 007]


In this week’s Beat Exam Stress podcast we’re looking at why we struggle to get our teens to revise – and why there’s no point in your child revising when they’re stressed.

We’re going to talk about:

  • what happens in your child’s brain when they’re stressed
  • why this means revising will be a waste of time
  • 3 ways you can press ‘pause’ on this process and shift their state, so they can get the most from their revision time
  • why this can be a brilliant strategy to improve their exam performance

Podcast Episode 7: Why There’s No Point In Your Teen Revising When They’re Stressed

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Over To You:

Was your child trying to fight their way through the stress in their revision time?

Which of these techniques have you been playing with?

What did they shift?

How could you help you child get in the right mood for revising?

Got questions? Insights?

I’d love to hear from you, via the comments.

And if you found this podcast useful, please share it far and wide with others who might find it helpful.

x Clare

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