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by Leslie M. Thornton
Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

Ep 39 Alyssa Nobriga, Leader of Coaching & Consciousness + Her Path to Food Freedom


We get stuck in emotional chaos when we don’t learn how to handle them. How then do you surf the waves of your emotional world without having to stumble with the waves?

Mindset work and emotional mastery help.

Alyssa Nobriga is the Founder + CEO of The Institute of Coaching Mastery, a coaching certification program that helps leaders become masterful facilitators and run successful businesses.

She’s been featured as an expert coach by Deepak Chopra and highlighted in multiple media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Psychology Today, Inc., and Fox, among others.

Alyssa is licensed as a Clinical Somatic Psychotherapist with a master’s degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology #93552. She holds a second master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, where she also worked on faculty.

She’s a certified coach, is trained in Imago relationship therapy, and is certified in mindfulness-based therapeutic practices from The Hakomi Institute.

Alyssa is a speaker and a successful entrepreneur who is committed to empowering others in leading more fulfilling and authentic lives.

In this episode, Alyssa shares about her very own struggle toward food freedom -- what self-awareness and judgment taught her in navigating through her transformation. Find out one effective strategy she did to fight off her food problem. Learn how to reprogram one’s pattern of treating food as good or bad. Judgment isn’t leading you anywhere but only getting you stuck.

How getting a coach or someone who fully supports you in whatever you are going through can help a lot in moving through to your goal. We can get distracted at times even with much resolve, but having someone to help us with accountability, is something.

Fear is one thing that bars us from truly realizing our potential and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Our subconscious has the tendency to protect us and makes us safe all the time. But without finding out the root cause of all that’s making us scared we will never find that freedom to embrace what life truly holds for us.

Alyssa teaches that that which we dare not to look into holds the promise of something beautiful. She doubles down on how in this path to healing, love and compassion is at the heart of it all.

“I always teach people to move, be inspired towards what you're going for, rather than what you're moving away from.“ - Alyssa Nobriga

What you will learn from today’s episode:

03:03 - Doing a deep dive into her very own transformational work

04:49 - The three phases to change

06:13 - One helpful trick that helped her do away with emotional eating

06:55 - Reprogramming the dualistic pattern of making food right or wrong

09:03 - Judgement is what keeps you stuck

11:32 - Love as a big part of the healing process

14:21 - Protection, replacement, and going to the root cause

17:55 - Compassion is productive

19:31 - Talking about the window of tolerance

21:44 - Mindset work and emotional mastery work

24:20 - Mentally knowing, heart-based knowing, gut-based knowing

26:24 - The paradox of transformation

29:47 - How to give way for a life more liberating, expansive, fun, and light

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Episode 39

Season 1

by Leslie M. Thornton