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by The Midult
I'm Absolutely Fine! by The Midult

Episode 80: How to get dressed with Kat Farmer


Anyone else forgotten how to get dressed? Having spent a year in elasticated waists, we felt the need to call our friend Kat Farmer, also known as Does My Bum Look 40, an authority on wearable, affordable clothes. We talk about why this is not the time to reinvent ourselves and find that there is a halfway house between troll who hasn’t left the house for a year and fully functioning fashion-aware female.

This podcast was bravely sponsored by Meg&Bee - beautiful bags for all the women that you are. The bags are classic, affordable and fantastic quality as well as being designed by an all-women team - and it takes a woman to know how to handle a handbag. You can change up the straps and play with tassels and charms depending on how you’re feeling. Annabel is wearing the navy suede classic with the disco strap, Emilie is wearing the suede classic with the camo strap. Meg & Bee are offering Midults a 15% discount until the end of April using the code MIDULT15



by The Midult