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by Josh Minton
In Our House Now: “ An Inquiry Into Twin Peaks The Return”

Episode 4: "Doors, Thresholds, and Border Crossings"


John Thorne and JB Minton get deep into the moments of passage and transformation between scenes and situations in Twin Peaks The Return. We also discuss an alternate and compelling take on the next to last border crossing in The Straight Story, when Alvin may have died on the bridge over the Mississippi River. In the first episode of this two-part conversation for this theme, John and JB go in-depth on these major gateway moments by starting at the end in Part 18 and working their way back. They end with an exploration of Cooper's emotional state in response to the anxiety of being trapped in the Red Room, and ask the question, "What baggage is he bringing with him when he finally parts those Red Room Curtains in 18?

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Episode 4

by Josh Minton