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by Ellie Tsatsou
Integrated Creativity

Ep.1: Stepping into Dreamscapes


In this episode, Ellie discusses her early encounters with image-making, photography and the beginnings of her creative practice, as well as the significance of embracing the creative 'spark' and being led by dreams. She also touches upon the ways through which personal biography shapes creativity and why it matters to be in reflective dialogues with ourselves. Finally, she explains how she developed her approach, Integrated Creativity, through a selection of formative moments both inside the classroom but also through her own process.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 
David Whyte's 'The House of Belonging': https://davidwhyte.com/products/the-house-of-belonging
Ilektra Ellinikioti: https://www.therosensemble.com/ 
Nick Knight: https://www.nickknight.com/
SHOWstudio: https://www.showstudio.com/
Ryan McGinley: https://ryanmcginley.com/
University of the Arts London: https://www.arts.ac.uk/
Ravensbourne University London: https://www.ravensbourne.ac.uk/ 


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On Instagram: @ellie_tsatsou & @ellietsatsoustudio

Audio Production: Liam Palmer
With special thanks to Esther Palmer

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Episode 1

Season 1

by Ellie Tsatsou