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Life Uncut

A lot can change in 12 months - Surrogacy and being in love with Rebel Wilson

Life Uncut
Life Uncut


Today's episode is a biggie and it's oh so full of luuuurve!
First up we are diving into the worst Valentine's day gifts you've ever received.
Every time we ask ya'll for the 'worsts' of your life we are flabbergasted. Some of your old lovers are cooked!
Someone who probably won't be celebrating Valentine's Day is Megan Fox and MGK (or my kitchen rules as Laura would like to continue with). They've either cooked up a big PR stunt that's caused quite the stir or Megan has done the 2023 version of a tumbler board full of angry messages/a slather of deep break up quotes on your insta story.

Then we are joined by our favourite friend of the pod Rebel wilson!
Rebel shares:

  • How she and her partner Ramona met
  • The Sydney Morning Herald journalist that tried to out Rebel for being in a same sex relationship
  • Rebel speaks about how they navigated the publicness of their relationship
  • Being a mum, navigating work with motherhood and the huge differences in how surrogacy and sperm donation works in the US compared to Australia

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Life Uncut
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