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by Corinne Crabtree
Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Why You Can't Lose Weight (and how to fix it)


We have a lot of stories about our weight.

We forget the stories are debatable because they feel true to us. Day after day, we continue to think our bullshit and it just gets more and more believable.

The problem isn't that our shitty ass stories are true. The problem is we aren't CHALLENGING those stories with something equally as true.

I had the busted ass thought that I could lose weight but couldn't keep it off. After 20+ diets where I lost and regained 75lbs, I could argue all day that I'd always be overweight.

It never occurred to me that thinking about my failed diets was not USEFUL. It was a huge waste of my time to allow myself to feel defeated over my past.

Think about it. Most of us say, "I want to feel motivated and confident," when we start to lose weight. Yet we sit around worrying about every bite we put in our mouth, wondering if this will work, and then ruminating over each failure.

When I finally lost 100lbs, it had very little to do with what I ate and what I did. Hell, I was losing weight leaving mayo on cheeseburgers, swapping out a half-gallon of ice cream for a big ass bowl, and walking 15 minutes a day instead of laying on the couch thinking about how much I hated going to the gym.

The things I teach you to DO in weightloss are simple. What makes them easy is learning how to drop the BS stories around food, your body, your weight, and your life that feel as true as the sky is blue.

What changed most for me in weightloss was noticing when I was thinking like an asshole and deciding to think in a way that would help me.

That old BS thought, "I can't keep weight off," meant I had to think something equally as true when it reared its defeating and frustrating head.

I started with, "I'm figuring this out a little at a time." That was equally as true and helped me calm the F-down every day. It focused me on what I COULD do that day instead of what I probably wouldn't.

In today's podcast, the first person I coach is struggling with her old shitty diet thinking that keeps coming back. I give her great questions to ask herself so that each day she's more focused on who she wants to be more than what she's afraid will happen.

You'll enjoy the other callers too. We discuss if goal weight will make you happy, what causes us to feel restricted with food, and how to deal with maintaining your weight.

Enjoy, and be sure to screenshot the episode and share to your social media. I'd love to read your thoughts!

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Episode 231

by Corinne Crabtree