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Aaron Franklin on Finding Meaning through Family, Baseball, and Insurance


Aaron Franklin is an Insurance Broker at State Farm in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Insurance is a tough industry to understand, and tougher still to make exciting. Yet Aaron finds meaning helping people through his work.

In this episode, Aaron talks about how he became an insurance agent, why he loves what he does, and his passions are outside of work.

Aaron's Phone Number: 423-894-2481. You can find him online here.

0:30 - Aaron's introduction... How did you get into insurance?
5:30 - Aaron's baseball career and how it shaped him.
12:10 - Chattanooga tornado in early 2020
19:45 - How has COVID-19 impacted the insurance business?
24:05 - What is your favorite part of what you do?
25:55 - What drives you?
28:30 - What do you do for promotion?
31:50 - What do you do in your free time?
37:00 - Lessons from golf.
40:50 - Where can you find Aaron?
42:00 - Closing remarks


Episode 4

by Marketing is the Product