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by Lynzy Coughlin
Motherhood Meets Medicine

Choking: What Parents Need to Know with Pediatric ER Nurse, Shannon Tripp


Parents are sent home from the hospital with their newborns without any real training in what to do if their baby chokes. There is nothing more anxiety-ridden than seeing your baby or toddler put a small object in their mouth and not knowing what to do next. Today we're having a discussion to help you feel more empowered and capable of being able to handle situations like these if they arise in the future.

Our guest today shares her experience of saving her young son from choking and the moment she realized that she needed to teach other moms how to do the same. Shannon Tripp is an RN, BSN, mom of four children and an experienced Pediatric ER Nurse. Shannon has taken her passion for motherhood and combined it with her medical training to create an online platform that both educates and inspires mothers around the world. Shannon provides a unique perspective between the need for modern medicine balanced with natural alternatives. Shannon is a Utah native currently living with her family in Puerto Rico.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The best way parents or caregivers can save a child from choking
  • Some of the most common items children choke on
  • The different between gagging and choking, specifically when practicing baby led weaning
  • Where you can find online trainings to learn what to do in an emergency situation
  • Teaching your children to eat safely when it is age appropriate

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