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by Lynzy Coughlin
Motherhood Meets Medicine

Dr. Anita Patel On Understanding MIS-C And How We Can Detect It In Our Children


We know that COVID-19 isn't affecting children in the same way it has affected adults. But exactly how common is COVID-19 in children? Dr. Anita Patel joins me on the podcast to chat about this and other important topics that are not being talked about nearly enough. The topic at hand is MIS-C, which stands for multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. We'll answer your questions of what MIS-C is, what the symptoms are, when you should seek attention, and what your visit may be like if your child gets admitted with MIS-C.

Dr. Patel is a pediatric critical care doctor, assistant professor, and NIH funded researcher at Children's National Hospital in addition to being a 500 hour RYT yoga teacher. She uses her social media to show the human side of academic medicine that she so lacked as a medical trainee with a focus on motherhood in medicine, her IVF journey, and the raw difficulties of finding balance in this chaos.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Whether or not children are super spreaders of COVID
  • How many children are being diagnosed with COVID-19 and MIS-C
  • What MIS-C is and how you can detect it in your own children
  • The symptoms of MIS-C and how it is being treated
  • What age groups are developing MIS-C
  • What to expect if your child is admitted for MIS-C in the pediatric ICU

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