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by Michelle Ngome | Connection Strategist, Speaker and Author
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Corporate Messaging with Paris Tyler


Paris Tyler is an award-winning PR and communications specialist with more than 13 years of industry experience, lending my expertise to some of the country's most recognized consumer brands and campaigns including got milk?, McDonald’s, ConAgra Foods, CIROC Vodka, Bad Boy Entertainment, and Intel Security.

As the founder of Vibrant Communications, she's committed to helping businesses create dynamic narratives that speak to every consumer while impacting culture. From producing an epic launch event to securing coverage of a new partnership, Paris helps clients take risks through big ideas that will push the envelope and garner results.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why is the black dollar important to these corporations?
  • What is multi-cultural marketing?
  • Compare and contrast the conversation about marketing to the black community before the current climate.
  • How should we make decisions when it comes to spending our money?

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by Michelle Ngome | Connection Strategist, Speaker and Author