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Fake & Counterfeit Medications


What do people believe in fake medicines?

1. Differences between fake and counterfeit?

     a. Counterfeit is medicine without active ingredient, contaminated, or wrong ingredient

          i. Counterfeit examples – Fentanyl, Oncology meds – BCNU, Botox, Artesunate for malaria, antibiotics, meningitis vaccines, ED drugs

     b. False treatments 

          i. Examples – fake miracle cancer cures, coronavirus treatments, nutritional supplements, cosmetic treatments, beauty treatments

     c. Result – harm, loss of hope and money

2. Fake coronavirus treatments

     a. Fake tests

     b. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, counterfeit respirators, biomagnetism magnetic therapy, covid-19 test packages, OMI sale therapy pipes inhalers, amniotic fluid products, colloidal silver, CBD

     c. Fake treatments

          i. Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine

          ii. Natural treatments and cures

               1. Herbal cold remedies, immune system support products, nutritional vitamins from natural sources to protect from infection, covid-19 cough syrups, natural zinc and vitamin C

3. Why do people believe?

     a. Confirmation bias

     b. Lack of credible evaluation

     c. Attention and impatience

     d. Cognitively lazy

     e. Emotions

     f. Reiteration

     g. Social pressure

4. Conclusion

     a. Skeptical of treats & cures

     b. Evidence, and confirmation


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Episode 25

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