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Meet the coolest business in Australia "meetmagic.org" S2:Ep17


Meet the coolest business in Australia; meetmagic.org

In this interview, I interview the CEO and founder of meetmagic.org, Carl Gough.

Renowned as the greatest door opener in Sydney, Australia, and driven with a heart of purpose with real passion, Carl has built one of the best business models for giving back to charity whilst creating real business value.

Carl takes us through;

  • What meetmagic.org does
  • Why he founded it
  • How the business model works to help 18 sick children every time a sales person pitches an exec (WOW)
  • The journey and story of meetmagic.org

Most importantly, we discover and learn that inspiration truly is the greatest currency.

If you're an executive buying products and services, visit: www.meetmagic.org

If you're a technology leader who wants to build quality pipeline and sales, visit: www.meetmagic.org


Episode 18

Season 2

by Blirt Consulting