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by Sarah Kearns
The Conscious Project

Unspoken Tolls on Modern Motherhood with Katie Holohan


We live in a world that is constantly telling women, we can have it all. The career, the kids, the house, the relationship; but a lot of us are left wondering- how?
I know I often feel like I’m doing all of the things, but none of them well. When one aspect of my life is succeeding, I’ve dropped the ball in other areas. When my career is blooming, I’m not as present with my kids; when I’m really in tune with my kids, I’m touched out and distant with my husband.
How can we have it all? And what are the tolls on women to have and to do it all?
Low libido, irregular menstrual cycles, headaches, fatigue, turning into a rage mum- are these things we can fix by having conversations about the tolls on modern mothers?
Meet Katie, we’ve been friends since we were little, and we are so aligned in our passion to help women finding the calm in the chaos and the joy in the everyday. Katie is a nutritionist, naturopath and a womens mentor, helping women to uncover their optimum health and emotional freedom.
Today we break down and offer advice and tips around:
  • Rage mum moments - how to cope with the overwhelm, and why you need to show yourself compassion.
  • Disconnected relationships - how to reclaim the joy and pleasure in your relationship.
  • Lost identities - feeling like a shell of the woman you once were? You aren’t alone.

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Episode 4

Season 1

by Sarah Kearns