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Top 10 Studies of 2023: Obesity Gene, Twins Eating Different Diets, and More! | Dr. Roxie Becker

The ten biggest findings in nutrition from 2023 are unveiled!

Groundbreaking research in 2023 may lead to major advancements in the prevention, treatment, and reversal of many common chronic diseases that drive up health care costs while also driving down the quality of life for millions.

The studies examine the obesity gene, what happens to the health of identical twins when they eat a different diet, and the risk of high blood pressure among couples!

The findings also show eating a healthy diet can have a double positive effect in that it can reduce overall spending on food and health care. Thus, there will be more money in your bank!

Dr. Roxanne Becker joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll to share the biggest discoveries of the year.

Chuck also talks about his own DNA analysis and that revelation that he is genetically predisposed to be overweight.

Topics Discussed

- The Obesity Gene and Overcoming It

- Lifestyle vs. Genetics: Identical Twins Study

- High Blood Pressure Risk Among Couples

- Eating to Save Money and Your Life

- Case Study: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with a Plant-Predominant Diet

- Plant-Based Pregnancy: What It Means for Mother and Child

- And more!

— — STUDIES — —

Vegan Twin Study


— — —

Obesity Gene Study


— — —

High Blood Pressure Couples Study


— — —

Vegan Diet Cost For Overweight Study


— — —

Diet Cost Analysis


— — —

Diabetes Remission Case Series


— — —

Diabetes Diet Comparison Study


— — —

Fatty Acid Diabetic Retinopathy Study


— — —

Fiber Pregnancy Child Development Study


— — —

Protein Pregnancy Study


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What: The Power Foods Revolution

Where: Washington, DC - The National Press Club

Date: March 26, 2024

Time: 7:00pm

Who: Dr. Neal Barnard, Chuck Carroll, Dustin Harder, Stefanie Ignoffo

Tickets: https://bit.ly/PowerFoodsTixDC


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