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by Brooke Simonson
The Health Investment Podcast with Brooke Simonson

Meditation Doesn’t Have To Be So Mysterious & Intimidating | Lodro Rinzler


EPISODE 99 | Lodro Rinzler is a meditation teacher and the author of seven books, as well as the co-founder of MNDFL meditation studios in New York City. His books Walk Like a Buddha and The Buddha Walks Into The Office both have received Independent Publisher Book Awards. Lodro has taught meditation for twenty years in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and travels frequently for his books, having spoken across the world at conferences, universities, and businesses as diverse as Google, Harvard University, and The White House. Named one of 50 Innovators Shaping the Future of Wellness by SONIMA, his work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Good Morning America, CBS, and NBC. In the episode, Lodro demystifies meditation and makes it less intimidating, sharing actionable tips for meditating even when you’re at your busiest, walking meditations, finding guidance...and more! Enjoy!!
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What's your story/background? (Specifically, what led to your interest in meditation?)
What is meditation, in your words?
If someone listening is a skeptic, how would you respond to these statements?

"I don't need to meditate."
"I don't have time to meditate."
"I've tried meditating before and I'm bad at it."

What's the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
How can meditation be especially helpful for someone struggling with anxiety and chronic stress?
How can meditation flow into other areas of your life and enhance physical health?
From personal experience—and from what you've heard from others—how are you/people different now than before you started meditating?
How often do you have to meditate to see benefits?
Let's say a listener still isn't convinced and doesn't want to meditate. What else can they do to manage anxiety and stress?
Is there anyone who should not meditate?
There are so many types of meditation? How do you figure out which type is best for you?
What does your meditation practice look like? Are there any days you just don't feel like it and skip it?
What do you recommend to someone who's never meditated? What's the best way to start? An app??


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by Brooke Simonson