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by KaisaFit
The Just Fuel Show

Ep 6 // Paleo


Today’s episode might have been our best one yet! 🔥

We started w/ a discussion around the Paleo diet and wound up diving more into human behavior and our desire to stick within confined boundaries. The mic 🎤 was dropped when @mikeroussell said,  “you don’t get bonus points for sticking to ‘the plan’ and not nourishing yourself.”

✅ Our goal for the next two weeks is to take a look at our lives and question a few things...

— What are we doing because we THINK we should be?

Whether it’s a diet, a habit or just some routine thing you always do, question it! Is it actually helping you or are you doing it just because you think you should?

It’s not just food that nourishes us. It’s relationships, habits, experience and SO much more. Just as Dr. Mike mentioned, we don’t get bonus points in life for sticking to anything because we think we should, especially when that thing is not longer (or never was!) nourishing us.



by KaisaFit