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The Morning after the Crisis

Trailer The Morning After the Crisis - english


Hello and welcome to RAW Podcasts.

RAW Material Company is a centre for art, knowledge and society based in Dakar, Senegal.

Two years ago, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the events of May 1968, RAW Material Company put together the programme The Morning After the Revolution?, looking at what came to pass in the aftermath of that “revolution”, in the proverbial morning after. In a second act to the program, our new online series draws on the wisdom and imagination of inspiring and creative individuals working in different fields to anticipate the morning after the current COVID-19 crisis that has engulfed the entire planet. We may very well be in the twilight of systems and norms that appeared mere months ago unmovable. And so, we use the same perspective applied to May 1968 and adapt it to the current situation; if morning after there will be, over what world will the sun rise? As everything, everywhere, shifts, and governments and international agencies are putting out fires, it becomes of the utmost importance to lend an ear to the creative minds that surround us. During these in-depth interviews, we will get to know the work of our guests better and start putting together the pieces of our shared future, on a number of different scales. We hope to move together from a space of acute uncertainty to a current of radical imagination born from the commitment and expertise of our guests. Artists, scholars, writers, lawyers, curators and activists, amongst others, join us over the coming months for interviews hosted by members of the team.

RAW Material Company wishes to acknowledge the valuable support of Arts Collaboratory, Ammodo Stichting, Johann Jacobs Museum, Osiwa, Agnes Gund, Africa's Out and Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

We would also like to thank Ibaaku for the music.



by RAW Podcasts