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The Psychospiritual Podcast

Aware Parenting and Homeschooling Conversation 4: with Steph Fleeton, Aware Parenting Instructor


In this podcast, I talk with with Steph Fleeton, in this fourth in the Aware Parenting and Homeschooling series.

Steph is the mother of a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old and is an Aware Parenting Instructor. She also runs a family daycare with her husband, based on Aware Parenting principles.

Steph talked about her journey of Aware Parenting and homeschooling, both of which she came to before giving birth to her first son. She also shared about what happened when her older son went to school for a while and the effect of High Sensitivity in children and adults on learning and schooling.

You can connect with Steph here: