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by Brandy
The Quilter on Fire Podcast

QOF Episode 37- Award-Winning Quilter Timna Tarr


Welcome to Episode 37 of the Quilter on Fire podcast with my guest Timna Tarr. The thing that drew me to Timna’s work is her incredible use of colour. And it’s not just the choices of colour it’s her use of value. If you scroll through the gallery on her website you will be blown away. It’s like eye candy or animal candy, well - either way it’s all good. . Today we’ll talk about her work and her process. She is an award winning quilter who’s been featured in exhibits, magazines, books as well as on The Quilt Show and Quilting Arts TV. She is a fabric designer and popular teacher and I can’t wait to share her story, her travels, her favourite moments, what she’s up to now, and so much more.

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Link to the PODCAST TRAILER - https://youtu.be/T2sEy_K0a-E

Link to Timna Tarr's WEBSITE - http://www.timnatarr.com/


Episode 37

by Brandy