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Episode # 25: NO SINGLE MEN ALLOWED? a VERY Disappointing "Meet & Greet" Followup w/ TheDesertVixen & TheGeekyCuckold


This is a follow-up to Episode # 23 when TheDesertVixen and I attended her very 1st Meet & Greet with a very positive review. Not so this time around. In fact the EXACT opposite experience when the 3 of us (TheDesertVixen, TheGeekyCuckold and myself) attempted to attend a "Lifestyle Meet & Greet" only to discover it was glaring example of what the lifestyle is NOT about with some very frank and candid insights and experiences from all of us. This episode is for EVERYONE and should be heard by the entire lifestyle community as an example of the attitudes and stereotypes we need to purge in order to make this a more inclusive, less cliquish and secretive and ever evolving and growing community.

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Episode 25

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