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by alekxandria
This Proletarian Life

Leftist Origins Story 7: Talia (is da best)


HI! Welcome back to This Proletarian Life! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy -- maybe this will be something to help with the boredom that some of y'all are facing due to self-isolating and quarantine. This episode is a conversation with our great friend and comrade, Talia (twitter: @Leela1337; instagram: TaliaLux1917) from Minyan and Tolerant Left! Please enjoy the origins story of this amazing and wonderful comrade. :) As always, solidarity forever!


"So Whatcha Want" - The Beastie Boys

"Dotara Song" - Coubo

"Drugs" - Coubo

"Still Sleeping" - Oddisee

"Long" - Molife

"Double Dare Ya" - Bikini Kill



by alekxandria