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by Witchful Thinking
Witchful Thinking

A Hot Minute: We're Back! - Ep. 62


Sorry we've been gone so long --- it's been a wild ride...

In this episode of The Witchful Thinking podcast, we're catching you guys up on where we've been: surgery, new art studios, making new merch, and more. Life has changed drastically for the both of us and we really just needed a minute to adjust to new schedules and routines. We also talk about how strange it feels to kind of be back in March of 2020 with the Delta variant -- why are people STILL not wearing masks?

Those of you who have been sending in DM's and emails: A LOT of them were addressed/answered in this episode, so listen until the end! Thank you so much for your love and support. Over 8.4k strong! <3

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Episode 62

by Witchful Thinking