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by Caitlin Casey
Your Day, Your Way Weddings + Events Podcast

05. Planning 101: Pros and cons of a wedding venue vs a blank canvas space or property


in today’s episode I’m going to give you the low down on traditional wedding venues vs naked spaces or private properties and how each brings a unique set of plusses and minuses. By the end of this episode, you will have a good overview of these 3 options and it will help you and your partner decide which avenue you want to go down.

In this episode I share:

  • An overview of the 3 types of venues you have to choose from and what they each offer
  • The pros and cons list for each of these 3 types of venues
  • A summary of the pros and cons and the main things you need to take into consideration when making your decision.

This episode's “Quick Tip” is -  if you are creative, resourceful and love the idea of doing a bit of DIY, then a private property or naked space wedding is a great way for you to be able to put your personal stamp on the day. Don’t be deterred by the hard work that is involved, as the planning process is a fun one, especially if you love organising and getting your hands dirty. I certainly loved the entire process and I would honestly do it again in a heartbeat. Also remember that you always have the option to hire a Wedding Planner or Stylist to help you pull everything together, so if you still want to go down this route, but you don’t want to organise everything yourself, then look to hire a professional. I certainly love doing this job for my clients, it really is the work that sets my soul on fire!

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Thanks for tuning in and until next week, happy planning people!


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Episode 5

Season 1

by Caitlin Casey