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Grow Your Voice, Overcome Your Fears

Let Love Win


Remember the days when you were little, and you wanted to do something? You were either encouraged or discouraged right? Fast forward to now. How does that resonate with you? Raising children comes with challenges and there is no one size fits all. There is though, a way to empower children and adults so that they can have a meaningful life if we ‘let love win’.


Kathryn spent the first half of her work life working in clerical/admin (i.e. clerk, receptionist, administrative assistant…) and the second half, beginning in the early 1990’s, working in the human services/support field as a residential counselor, lead residential counselor as well as a recreation leader and para educator.

In 2008 Kathryn was injured at work. Two years later, she was rear-ended. She went back to school, working to reinvent herself. Her professor kept questioning her though because he felt that she already had the skills for her new self. However, Kathryn didn't see it, nor paid any attention to the professor’s comments. Not until much, much later.

This odyssey, which lasted 12 years, was full of physical struggles, trials and challenges. Did you know that there is divine power in the number 12? Kathryn didn't then either. You see, she always had believed in the good that God could bring through everything when someone perseveres in Love and trusts Him with outcomes. At that time, though, Kathryn just didn't connect the dots. She was, in her words, too wrapped up in reinventing 'me'.

One of the new discoveries in Kathryn’s odyssey has been “coaching”. She began learning and training in 2018 (ten years later) at Western Seminary in a Coaching Program growing many positive progressive and transformative relationships. Then in 2020, during the pandemic, the many connections helped her discover writing...or maybe re-discover it. You see, now Kathryn had had learned to bloom where she was planted and wants to share her journeys, the lows and the highs so that you too can grow and transform with a purpose.

Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Kathryn Strong? 2:15
  • The 12-year journey 5:13
  • Finding her voice 11:36
  • EQ 17:15
  • Social Edge 23:53
  • A unique experience 25:14
  • Parent Workshops 28:07
  • Let Love Win 30:11



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