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Programming Throwdown

138: Fixing the Internet with John Day

00:00:24 Introductions

00:00:49 IP v6

00:04:50 OSI

00:12:53 The IP v7 debate

00:20:18 The definition of an address’s scope

00:21:38 Why John feels DNS was a mistake

00:26:40 How IP mobility works

00:32:13 Bluetooth

00:41:41 Where will Internet architecture go from here

00:49:49 Understanding the problem space

00:59:04 The angels in the details

01:00:53 Scientific thinking vs engineering thinking

01:04:01 Victorian architecture

01:06:11 John’s career advice

01:11:18 Garbage Can Model

01:14:38 How to make the most out of college today

01:27:05 Farewells

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Professor John D. Day:


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