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How To Stop People Pleasing and Codependency at the Holidays

The Adult Chair
The Adult Chair

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are officially upon us!

This is a happy time, but it can also be really triggering…especially for those of us who struggle with people pleasing and codependency.

This time of year puts us around more people than usual, and more demands are placed on us during this time…a combo that is like kryptonite for those who are addicted to other people. No wonder the holidays are so exhausting!

On today’s show, I’m helping you figure out how to stay in balance this holiday season, with practical steps you can take today (yes, before the first family gathering even begins!).

We’re talking about how to catch ourselves when we’re getting pulled into others’ wants, needs and demands; 3 tips to connect back to self and how to set boundaries – with scripts for common, uncomfortable holiday situations.

This is not about healing this tendency overnight, but it is possible to get activated less, even over the next four weeks of the holiday season. And with time, these practices can totally transform you out of people pleasing and codependency…and into a life of peace!

Listen to discover:

  • Why the holidays can be such an exhausting time for people pleasers and codependents
  • What codependency is
  • How to bring people pleasing and codependency into balance
  • Three practices you can use to avoid exhaustion this holiday season (and how to implement them in tangible ways)
  • Boundary scripts for holiday gatherings

The tricky thing about people pleasing and codependency is that they make us so focused on others that we might not even know we have these habits!

If you’re always exhausted and you don’t know why, take a look around and ask if this could be you. As I share in this episode, the first step towards healing this is awareness, so why not try the steps and see how you feel when you do? This might just be your best holiday ever!

“I don’t believe that we can ‘heal’ or transform our codependency in just a few short weeks…but you can begin the journey of transforming these habits.” - Michelle Chalfant

“What we really want to do is rewire the brain for balance.” - Michelle Chalfant

“Codependency, it’s an addiction.” - Michelle Chalfant

“We’re just living our lives exhausted and putting our attention outside of self.” - Michelle Chalfant

“It’s really about connecting back to you.” - Michelle Chalfant

“We are doers instead of just being and being ok with self.” - Michelle Chalfant

“I’m not suggesting that you stop being a caring person. What I am suggesting is that you start with you first.” - Michelle Chalfant

“It’s going to feel uncomfortable, but this is where the rewiring of our brains begins…It’s beautifully uncomfortable.” - Michelle Chalfant

“The practices are going to change how you act and react and respond.” - Michelle Chalfant

“If you practice these things I just mentioned to you, boundaries become easier.” - Michelle Chalfant

“[Boundaries are] sharing with others what I feel and what I need.” - Michelle Chalfant

“Boundaries are your right.” - Michelle Chalfant

“The authentic you is in there. It’s just covered up. This is how you uncover and discover the true, authentic you.” - Michelle Chalfant


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