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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary

Cyclical living with Tricia Walker

Tricia Walker has inspired a lot of people. From her decade-long work blogging about sustainable living, to her more recent role of nature connection facilitator, she is leading the way in what it looks like to live a truly nature-connected life.

Recently returned from what she calls a ‘midlife gap year’, in today's episode, Tricia talks about the potency of stepping back from the status quo of life, and how to do that even when our circumstances won’t allow a full gap year. 

Brooke and Tricia then dive into the topic of cyclical living, the power of using moon cycles to structure our lives, and why the gap year (or gap day, or gap moment) can help us to process the stresses of our busy modern lives, and, by extension, help us to avoid the worst emotional symptoms of PMS and even menopause.

They also discuss:

  • heading in to the bush with no food or shelter for days a time

  • lessons learnt in solitude

  • how to structure your life around the waxing and waning of the moon

  • why every cycle of nature is an invitation to clear out the crap in our lives

  • the role that busyness plays in PMS and menopause

  • the realities of living in a one-room home with a family


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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary
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