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  1. Just A Reddit Erotic Drama

    1.Just A Reddit Erotic Drama

    Come here and listen to what Reddit has to offer. Make your ears tingle with the sexy stories written for us by our friends from Reddit. Thank you for listening on today’s story. Make sure to rate and subscribe and spice up your day and night! Be a Member of the Realife Caption Community and enjoy erotica stories the best way imaginable! realifewriter.gumroad.com Advertise On my Other Podcasts! : https://fvrr.co/3bK8mY7 For Business Inquiries: boredwriterwrites@gmail.com Check it out on: https://linktr.ee/myfriendseroticstories Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myfriendseroticstories/

  2. Ladies, We Need To Talk

    2.Ladies, We Need To Talk

    Want to know how to close the orgasm gap? Riding your hormonal rollercoaster blindfolded? Feel like kicking your mental load to the kerb? You're not the only one. Ladies, We Need To Talk dives headfirst into the tricky topics we often avoid talking about, like our alcohol consumption, the struggles of monogamy and the wonders of our vaginas. With sensitivity, personal stories, and serious smarts, this show is for women who feel the squeeze between work, their private life, and their pelvic floor. Join host Yumi Stynes as she tears open the sealed section on life.

  3. Sex With Emily

    3.Sex With Emily

    Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily at sexwithemily.com/ask-emily. For more sexy fun, visit sexwithemily.com and our online store shop.sexwithemily.com. Order her new book today: SMART SEX: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your Pleasure. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  4. Erotic Short Stories: Read by Mia Hart

    4.Erotic Short Stories: Read by Mia Hart

    Hey there, I'm Mia. Welcome to Erotic Stories Podcast. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I tell you a sensual, erotic story. This a place to indulge and unleash your wildest fantasies. My stories are pure escapism and a chance for you to indulge in some sensual erotica when ever you feel in the mood. If you would like to send me any stories to read out, please send them to sensualroleplayasmr@gmail.com This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5713451/advertisement

  5. Front Porch Swingers

    5.Front Porch Swingers

    What’s it REALLY like to be in an open relationship? Find out as we re-tell our real-life adventures as swingers! From Brenna’s hotwife encounters to Brian’s solo fun, we share it all on our weekly show!

  6. Wanderlust Swingers - Hotwife Swinger Podcast

    6.Wanderlust Swingers - Hotwife Swinger Podcast

    An Aussie swinger couple who turned their relationship from monogamous to non-monogamous. We share our real life experiences with swinging, events, hotwifing stories, couple dating and non-monogamy We explore the swinging lifestyle as a couple and share all facets of sex positivity with our listeners Our podcast was formerly called Swinging Downunder

  7. Short Sex Stories

    7.Short Sex Stories

    SEXY STORIES TO GET YOU THROUGH YOUR DAY... EROTICA WITH FREE XXX VIDEO CAPTIONS: https://gumroad.com/realifewriter Be the next Girl of the story here! : https://fvrr.co/3bK8mY7 For Business Inquiries: boredwriterwrites@gmail.com Check it out on: https://linktr.ee/myfriendseroticstories Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myfriendseroticstories/

  8. Erotic Short Stories

    8.Erotic Short Stories

    Hey there, I'm Mia. Welcome to Erotic Stories Podcast. Every Friday I tell you a sensual, erotic story. This a place to indulge and unleash your wildest fantasies. My stories are pure escapism and a chance for you to indulge in some sensual erotica when ever you feel in the mood. If you would like to send me any stories to read out, please send them to sensualroleplayasmr@gmail.com This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5807899/advertisement

  9. Dirty Erotica

    9.Dirty Erotica

    Time to get your freak on! Wanna hear hot dirty stories that will help you connect with your nasty side, well then subscribe and give us some likes baby!

  10. Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others

    10.Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others

    Are you curious about Tantra? Maybe you have tried it a few times but are not sure how to make it a conscious practice to bring more happiness, pleasure, and peace into your life. Or maybe you've heard some Tantric stories about how Sting can last for hours - and wonder if you could too. Or you might feel that your sex and love life could and should be better, or even Sacred... This open, honest, explicit, heartfelt, and fun podcast by Anne Bland is for you if you are ready to explore your sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality through Tantra and Tantric Sex. Ancient Tantra teaches that there is a direct link between your sexual energy and your creativity and spirituality. So, are you willing to unleash your full potential through self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-expression and live the life you truly want? If yes, then join Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach, public speaker, and podcaster Anne Bland, the founder of “Selfishly Happy Revolution,” as she openly and whole-heartedly discusses her own Tantric Journey, shares real-life Tantric stories, and invites others to join her on the podcast. This could include you too! The "Asking for a Friend" episode is an opportunity to get free Tantric Sex or Relationship Coaching from Anne Bland - or you could truly 'ask for a friend.' You can also participate in the show by sending a voice message. This podcast is part of Anne Bland's Selfishly Happy Revolution, the next sexual revolution that doesn't start from barricades or burning your bras, but from within. Putting that figurative oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others gives you more energy, love, and creativity to share with others. And that oxygen mask is ‘Pleasure’! Pleasure is your birthright, and you deserve and are worthy of feeling good about yourself and your life so that you have the energy to show up in the world the way you want. And most of all, to create the life you want! Selfishly Happy Revolution is all about creating a movement, a community that celebrates pleasure and is pleasure-positive, demystifying sex and sexuality, and creating happy relationships not just with your partner but also with yourself, your communities, and the world at large. As Anne Bland says: “Happy and pleasure-positive people just don’t start wars.” "Tantra doesn't judge or exclude anything but it transforms everything" (Osho). Tantra is like inner technology that can be harnessed for your benefit be it healing, personal or spiritual growth, or amazingly juicy, delicious, and succulent life. Tantra is like having pleasure and self-love on tap! Finally, if you want to learn some Tantric Tips and Pleasurable Treats called Seven Holistic Sex Tools, this show is definitely for you. Anne shares how you can use these ancient Tantric Tools - Intentions, Presence, Focus, Breath, Movement, Sound, and Energy – for self-healing and self-pleasure but also with your lover. They will help you to reclaim your own pleasure to become authentically your True Self and create a World that you want to live in and leave behind for future generations. Selfishly Happy Tantric Revolution is ALL ABOUT YOU! If you don't feel good about yourself, don't love yourself, don't have any energy, and are at risk of burning out - how could you be there for others? How could you be the leader in the world that you want to be? Or be the world co-creator that you truly are? Tantra teaches that all is one. It means that once you start healing, growing and becoming the person you truly are, the world around you changes too: what is inside you is also outside you. Pleasure and sexual energy are not well understood in the West and often associated with something shady, dirty, sinful or secretive. Tantra celebrates sex and sexual energy being normal and natural parts of you and the very energy for creation and spiritual enlightenment. It is where humanity meets spirituality. By mastering Tantric tools you can use your body-mind, your "inner technology," to get in touch with your Higher Self, Universe, God/Goddess, Cosmos - or whatever you call the essence that is bigger than you. And at the same time you'll be raising the consciousness of the whole humanity on Earth which is the key for the survival and thriving of human beings as a race. So by changing yourself, you'll change the world for better! Enjoy the Tantric Joourney! What is better and more fun way to grow and develop yourself than sex?

  11. Friends With A Twist: A Swinger Podcast

    11.Friends With A Twist: A Swinger Podcast

    Friends with a Twist is a podcast hosted by two females who are best friends who met through a swinger's website.  We share our experiences, both good and bad, in the hopes to provide insight and direction for fellow ethically non-monogamous lifestyle individuals.  In every episode these hot wives have a "chick chat," everyday tips for life in the swinger lifestyle; we "go deep" talking about all of our scandalous and sexy swinging encounters, and we wrap it up with surprise questions from our husbands! Follow us on our social media platforms! Twitter: @FWAT_Podcast Instagram: FWAT_Podcast Email: Friendswithatwist@yahoo.com

  12. Girls on Porn

    12.Girls on Porn

    A cheeky podcast aimed at helping you find adult content that you can feel good about! Each week, Laura and Rachel - cohosts, erotic enthusiasts, and all around horny gals - traverse the wet and wild of porn. We pick popular search terms, load up on research, and review porn that features that particular proclivity. We’re here to help you find hot, ethical material to upgrade your spank bank, and spice up your “self care” routine.

  13. Savage Lovecast

    13.Savage Lovecast

    Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, record your question and send it to Q@Savage.Love, or call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit savage.love and get yourself a subscription.

  14. Vanilla To Vixen

    14.Vanilla To Vixen

    Vanilla To Vixen is the sex, relationship and swinging lifestyle podcast hosted by Mr & Mrs N. Also known as Naughtycp1. They are a happily married couple who enjoy living the swingers’ lifestyle. If you have ever been curious as to what ”swingers” get up to, this is the show for you. Mr & Mrs N dispel the myths and share their experience of this elusive and surprisingly popular pastime. True life sexy stories, interviews with colourful characters from the swinging scene and giggles guaranteed. Mr & Mrs N will lead you to ask yourself the ultimate question. Are you Vanilla or Vixen? Please be aware this podcast contains adult content and is for over 18’s only. Mr & Mrs N are not qualified councillors and this show is for entertainment purposes only.

  15. Foreplay Radio – Couples and Sex Therapy

    15.Foreplay Radio – Couples and Sex Therapy

    Sex podcast to help committed couples keep it hot! Find hope to keep your marriage and committed relationships emotionally connected and sexually erotic. Certified sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson is joined by global leader in couples therapy - George Faller, LMFT for an expert, frank and fascinating conversation about sex, love, therapy, relationship dynamics, healthy couples and marriage. We discuss everything from best sexual techniques and solving sexual problems, to building the emotional intimacy necessary for great sex in your relationship! Two therapists bring you sound, concrete tools to reframe your relationship problems and learn how to fall in-love again, rebuild trust, and feel desire. Subscribe to us today!

  16. Lesbian Sex Stories 🌈💋 Free Lesbian Erotic Audio 🔥

    16.Lesbian Sex Stories 🌈💋 Free Lesbian Erotic Audio 🔥

    Welcome to https://Audiodesires.com! Here you'll find lesbian sex stories featuring sexy tales of women who are unafraid to satisfy their appetites together in our carefully curated podcast collection of erotic lesbian sex stories. Based on sexual fantasies by our community released as free lesbian sex stories. This lesbian sex podcast lets you indulge and unleash your wildest fantasies. These sensual and free lesbian sex stories are short, erotic audio stories. Choose between lesbian and bi-sexual stories. Feel free to share your lesbian fantasies and we might turn them into an erotic audio story: hello@audiodesires.com These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Instead of fetishizing lesbian sex, we aim to normalize and celebrate it. Of course, watching girl-on-girl romance can be a fetish, but on Audiodesires we just want to celebrate all things sex, regardless of who is in our stories. In our lesbian audio stories, you will find romance, intrigue, sexual tension, chemistry, and more packed into each story, as they are told by captivating voices and accented with sounds of real pleasure and excitement.

  17. Reddit adult stories. Reddit erotic sex stories. Reddit gonewildstories.r/gonewildstories.

    17.Reddit adult stories. Reddit erotic sex stories. Reddit gonewildstories.r/gonewildstories.

    Listen most exciting erotic adult sex stories podcast. Reddit adult stories.breddit sex stories. Reddit erotic stories. r/eroticliterature, r/gonewildstories, reddit gonewildstories.

  18. Holly Randall Unfiltered

    18.Holly Randall Unfiltered

    HRU is a podcast series that sheds light on those working in the adult industry, and explores all topics of sex with authors, educators, and advocates. Hosted by world renowned erotic photographer and director Holly Randall, she interviews some of the biggest names in the adult industry, and various non-porn guests who touch on the subject of sex in one way or another. With an honest and humorous outlook on life, Holly strips away the misconceptions on people who work in the sex industry, and offers sex-positive discussions on various social and political issues. You can follow Holly on both Instagram and Twitter at @hollyrandall and drop us an email at hollyrandallunfiltered@gmail.com. Expect to be intrigued, to laugh your ass off, and to learn something new! Holly Randall Unfiltered is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact cameron@pleasurepodcasts.com.

  19. My Friend's Erotic Stories

    19.My Friend's Erotic Stories

    Welcome to My Friends Erotic Stories Podcast: Reddit’s Best Erotica! Here you’ll be indulged by listening to your daily dose of erotica from us directly to your ear. Sit back and listen while your imagination run wild, as we dive in and well… get wild. Enjoy listening to our Friend's Erotic Stories! Be a Member of the Realife Caption Community and enjoy erotica stories the best way imaginable!realifewriter.gumroad.com ----- For Business Inquiries: boredwriterwrites@gmail.com Check it out on: https://linktr.ee/myfriendseroticstories Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myfriendseroticstories/

  20. NSFW ASMR ~ Free Erotic ASMR

    20.NSFW ASMR ~ Free Erotic ASMR

    Welcome to https://Audiodesires.com! We create short, NSFW ASMR and Erotic ASMR stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life. Erotic NSFW ASMR strories are on the rise and we couldn’t be happier about it. Putting any intense voice kink aside for a moment, Erotic ASMR stories are the best ways for women and couples to consume erotic content. Erotic ASMR stories allow you to create a world entirely your own. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy subtle and sensual stories that are crafted to enhance your imagination for the ultimate erotic experience. Audiodesires offers Erotic ASMR stories for women and couples to explore together or separately. With exciting and erotic voices, our professional speakers take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. Exploring new kinks, sexual adventures and each other has never been more enjoyable.

  21. Shameless Sex

    21.Shameless Sex

    Amy is a Sex and Relationship Coach and Sex Educator with a passion for promoting unabashed, pleasure-focused sexuality education. April is a motivational speaker, sex toy mogul, as well as one of the leading women in the sex-toy industry. April and Amy combined forces to create the Shameless Sex Podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy with a playful twist sharing real life experiences and tell all details. Visit www.shamelesssex.com for more. Shameless Sex is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact cameron@pleasurepodcasts.com

  22. PantyNectar Podcast

    22.PantyNectar Podcast

    Hi, I’m PantyNectar! In a few short years I've gone from an 'innocent' girl-next-door to being known internationally for my sexual prowess. In a sea of many great creators, I've risen to the top as an amateur by being authentic and loving. My message has resonated with so many that my community is from all over the world. Click play and join us! This podcast includes sexually explicit NSFW content. 18+ Only 😈

  23. Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators

    23.Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators

    Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators with Jordan D'Nelle is designed to give women a place to learn about women's health and sexual wellness. Tune in each week for topics that are relevant to learning how women's bodies work and how to improve your intimate life. Subscribe, tune in each week and continue to bring awareness to women health.

  24. Erotic Stories 🔥 Passionate Erotic Audio Tales of Lust & Desire

    24.Erotic Stories 🔥 Passionate Erotic Audio Tales of Lust & Desire

    Welcome to https://Audiodesires.com ! Your go-to destination for intimate audio experiences that nourish your desires. Our podcast "Erotic Stories" offers a vast array of tantalizing tales, brimming with passion, lust, and desire, featuring a collection of erotic stories that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. From steamy encounters to forbidden fantasies, we've got it all. The "Erotic Stories" podcast is designed for adults seeking an escape from their daily lives, eager to indulge in their deepest, most hidden desires. Each episode showcases a different erotic story that transports you into a realm of sensuality and seduction. Our talented team of writers carefully crafts each erotic story with meticulous attention to detail, conjuring characters and settings that captivate your imagination and immerse you in their world. While every story is unique, they all share one thing in common – they are designed to arouse your senses and leave you craving more. The "Erotic Stories" podcast focuses on providing samples from our captivating erotic audio stories, allowing you to explore the sensual narratives that suit your preferences. These intimate audio experiences are mindfully designed to help you forge deeper connections with yourself and your desires, giving you the means to explore what truly turns you on. So, if you're ready to dive deep into your wildest fantasies and explore your most profound desires, "Erotic Stories" is the podcast for you. Whether you seek a brief respite or an extended voyage, our podcast has something to offer. Tune in, turn up the volume, and prepare to embark on a journey of passion and desire with our captivating erotic audio experiences. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our listeners have to say: "I adore this podcast! The erotic stories are so well-written, and each episode is a perfect way to escape from reality for a little while." "I'm constantly searching for new ways to spice up my sex life, and this podcast has been a game changer. The stories are sizzling, and I've discovered so much about my desires through them." "I never thought I'd be into erotic stories, but this podcast has completely changed my perspective. The stories are beautifully written and offer such profound insights into the world of desire. I simply can't get enough!"

  25. Two Dykes And A Mic

    25.Two Dykes And A Mic

    Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/two-dykes-and-a-mic/subscribe ”Two Dykes and a Mic” is a weekly queer podcast dedicated to sex positivity, lgbtq dating and building a community filled with laughter and gayness. Hosts Rachel Scanlon and McKenzie Goodwin, two lesbian best friends, keep listeners up to date with “Gay News”, relationship advice with “Ask A Dyke”, dating horror stories with weekly “Bumble Fumbles” and so much more!

  26. Erotic Hypnosis for Women from Wylde In Bed

    26.Erotic Hypnosis for Women from Wylde In Bed

    Intensify your pleasure with the most intense erotic stories on the internet. A unique blend of guided visualizations, hypnosis and erotic stories, you can bring your fantasies to life, all from the safety of your own bed. Erotic Hypnosis for women is a truly unique podcast, each story crafted to enable you to explore your darkest fantasies and explore the depths of your sensuality, so you can enjoy intimate pleasure, whether alone or with a partner, in an incredibly intense way. This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5732896/advertisement

  27. Sex Tells Podcast

    27.Sex Tells Podcast

    A place where I tell listener submitted sexy stories. You get to listen and maybe play a little. If you have a kinky, naughty, even vanilla story you want me to tell or simply want to connect, send an email with your story to sextellspodcast@protonmail.com. I’d love to hear from you. -Si

  28. Room 77 Swinger Podcast | Lifestyle Podcast For Swingers

    28.Room 77 Swinger Podcast | Lifestyle Podcast For Swingers

    New to the lifestyle? Want to talk to your partner about joining the swinger lifestyle? A podcast about sex, debauchery, and the humor in it all. Richard and Lauren moved to Cancun, Mexico to do what they love: work party, and play in paradise. Come to Room 77, where and discuss sex, open relationships, hotwives, cuck, BDSM, exhibitionism and much more. Let's play!

  29. 2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

    29.2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

    Two girl friends in open marriages explore unconventional sex: including swinging, sex toys, kink, hall passes, unicorns, impact play, swinger / lifestyle parties, bdsm, hot wife experiences, BDSM, threesomes, cosplay, nude resorts and more! In each episode, they choose a sexy experience: live it, love it, fuck it (or not!), and tell you how it goes. Website: www.2hotwives.com Instagram / Twitter: @2hotwives Email: info@2hotwives.com

  30. Erotic Stories

    30.Erotic Stories

    Enjoy erotic stories every week for your pleasure! Indulge your wildest fantasies as I read you tantalizing erotic stories every week. A chance to escape and unwind. Enjoy! This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5923896/advertisement

  31. Playful Podcast

    31.Playful Podcast

    A podcast about Sex positivity, Electronic music and underground culture. New episode every Tuesday. We introduce the underground scene and interview the biggest techno- and electronic music artists, talk to fetishists and other kink personas to discover how they found the love for what they do and what rules they play by. Playful podcast’s host Amanda digs deeper and invite’s you into our world.Hit the subscribe button and don’t miss out! Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  32. 4OURPLAY - A Swinger Podcast

    32.4OURPLAY - A Swinger Podcast

    Join the journey, experiences, and sexual adventures of two high school sweethearts navigating through the swinging lifestyle as millennials. Bella and Jase share their stories and conversations in a fun and candid way, making you feel like you've been friends for years. Come along for the ride. Let's play!

  33. Spanko! Podcast

    33.Spanko! Podcast

    Join a group of friends as they explore the world of Adult Consensual Spanking. This unique kink offers much more than many realize. Come join in the fun. There are many lessons to be learned.

  34. Sex Stories

    34.Sex Stories

    Real stories from everyday people and industry professionals to learn from each other and fill in our sex ed gaps in adulthood. Guests share sex-related thoughts, experiences, desires and wisdom with Wyoh, the curious host who is endlessly full of sex-related questions. Submit your questions, story quickies, apply to be a guest or ask your partner all the Sex Stories questions at sexstoriespodcast.com ( http://sexstoriespodcast.com ). For more ways to play, visit wyohlee.com/links (http://wyohlee.com/links ). Let’s co-create a world where taking care of each other is the norm, let's express our original creativity, and let's lead better-laid lives 😎

  35. Swinger Stories

    35.Swinger Stories

    Asap Hardwood - Presents Swinger Stories In the lifestyle everyone has a story what is yours?

  36. Cum With Us: Erotic Audio Stories for Women

    36.Cum With Us: Erotic Audio Stories for Women

    Connecting women with free erotic audio stories that are both ethical and arousing because we believe you deserve a safe space to seek pleasure and sexual exploration through imagination, so, cum with us... New episode released every Wednesday! To keep the free erotic audio stories cumming please rate, review, subscribe, and share this episode. Connect with us: www.cumwithus.co.uk https://www.instagram.com/cumwithusofficial/ This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5950513/advertisement

  37. The Sexual Wellness Sessions

    37.The Sexual Wellness Sessions

    The Sexual Wellness Sessions Podcast is a series of interviews hosted by Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist Kate Moyle. So many of these conversations about sex and relationships are happening behind the therapy room door; and Kate wants to bring them into the mainstream so that sexual wellbeing can get the attention it deserves. This series of interviews is about changing narratives, challenging beliefs, breaking away from feelings of shame and helping people to normalise talking about sex and relationships; all of which can get in the way of people having the sex lives and relationships that they want. These discussions are about opening up the conversation, and showing the normality of an imperfect sex life and exploring themes such as desire, fantasies, sexual difficulties, relationship models, mindful sex and more, with a series of guests and experts from the sexual wellness space. Follow Kate on Instagram at @KateMoyleTherapy

  38. Naughty Audio for Men Podcast - The Best Gay Audio Erotica

    38.Naughty Audio for Men Podcast - The Best Gay Audio Erotica

    Do you like hearing AUDIO EROTICA for about gay/bi/queer? Do you listen to and have your own MM sex stories, fantasies, confessions, or even ORGASMS you want to share? If so, then this is the podcast for you! Here, I will be reading hot TRUE STORIES and fictional GAY EROTICA, SEX FANTASIES, AND CONFESSIONS for your listening pleasure! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! I want to hear YOUR stories. If you want to ANONYMOUSLY tell your own stories, fantasies, sex confessions, or just share an orgasm for our listening pleasure, email me at naughtyaudioformen@gmail.com! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!

  39. ask a sub

    39.ask a sub

    Ask a Sub is an advice podcast for the kink-curious to take themselves from dreaming to doing. Our host Lina Dune is bringing wellness kink to the masses, and equipping every would-be kinkster with the tools to become their own BDSM BFF.

  40. Relationship Advice

    40.Relationship Advice

    I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. Hosted by Chase Kosterlitz and produced by Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. The weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode Chase interviews amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love. The guests provide daily tips to improve your relationship, advice for young couples, amazing books and resources and much more.

  41. Loving BDSM

    41.Loving BDSM

    We help kinksters have happy, healthy power exchange relationships.

  42. Lovelyveeee


    Erotic stories and orgasmic meditations Send me voice messages 💋 CashApp: $LovelyVeeeee https://www.patreon.com/PanTeaTalk https://anchor.fm/panteatalks/message

  43. Tea For Two Dominas

    43.Tea For Two Dominas

    An intimate conversation with two Dominant women navigating the world of BDSM. You will feel like you are eavesdropping on a conversation between two very kinky dominants from the Melbourne scene, discussing kink, risk-aware consensual kink (R.A.C.K.), safe, sane and consensual kink (S.S.C.), Domination and submission, and all sorts of kinky fuckery. Our goal is to create relatable kinky content from the female dominant's perspective, so that you, our lusty, delicious listeners will hear the private thoughts of fun and debauchery that wait behind the dungeon door.

  44. Brat Perversions Podcast

    44.Brat Perversions Podcast

    MissBratDom Talks with some of her friends' subs, sissy girlfriends, crossdressers, and married men about their fetish fantasies and experiences.

  45. Hotwife Diaries Podcast

    45.Hotwife Diaries Podcast

    Welcome to the Hotwife Diaries Podcast, a look into the frisky, sexy and fun life of 2 hotwives in the swinging lifestyle. Get comfy and listen in on our hotwife adventures.

  46. Off the Cuffs: a kink and BDSM podcast

    46.Off the Cuffs: a kink and BDSM podcast

    Welcome to Off the Cuffs: a Kink and BDSM podcast, for those in the lifestyle and those who are curious. Each week, hosts Bidaily, Dick Wound, and occasionally minimus maximus sit down for a discussion with a new guest, covering topics such as their journey into kink, scenes they’ve been involved in, and the importance of consent and communication. Episodes tackle the entire spectrum of kink, from the sensual to the sadistic, and the bizarre to the vanilla.

  47. Sex and Psychology Podcast

    47.Sex and Psychology Podcast

    The Sex and Psychology Podcast is the sex ed you never got in school—and won’t find anywhere else. Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller takes you on a journey through the psychology of sex and relationships, offering practical tips along the way that can help you take your intimate life to the next level. Learn more on Dr. Lehmiller’s blog at sexandpsychology.com

  48. Pillow Talks

    48.Pillow Talks

    Meet Vanessa and Xander Marin, your new BFF couple friends! She’s a sex therapist with 20 years of experience and he’s a regular dude. Together they’re the shockingly open, slightly nerdy, and seriously funny couple you want to grab sushi with. They share the ups and downs in their relationship while giving you step-by-step techniques for improving yours. Subscribe for your weekly double date full of totally do-able sex tips, practical relationship advice, hilarious and honest stories of what really goes on behind closed bedroom doors, and so much more. It’s the sex education you WISH you’d had!

  49. Gayish Podcast

    49.Gayish Podcast

    Featured in Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Esquire, and Queerty, Gayish is an award-nominated podcast that breaks down one gay stereotype each week. Mike and Kyle bring humor, honesty, and irreverence to topics like the hanky code, depression, and open relationships. Past guests have included Jinkx Monsoon, YouTuber Davey Wavey, gay porn star Calvin Banks, disability activist Andrew Gurza, a gay priest, a trans atheist, and Mike’s wildly supportive mom.

  50. Hot Wife Podcast

    50.Hot Wife Podcast

    We explore the lifestyle of a Hot Wife and that of a couple that enjoys the Lifestyle (swinging). We explore the events and situations we enjoy and some we don't. We share more incite into Swinging and Fetishes. We post the show on Monday Mornings at 6 am (New York time). We invite all the listeners to email into the show at Hotwifepodcast@gmail.com with any comments, questions or suggestions for the show. The shows and content will be graphic so we do not recommend audiences under the age of 21.

  51. Audio Porn by Audiodesires.com

    51.Audio Porn by Audiodesires.com

    Welcome to https://Audiodesires.com! We create short, audio porn stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life. Audio porn stories allow you to explore your deepest desires in a way that is fun and effortless. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy steamy, audio porn porn stories that bring your wildest fantasies to life. Here you will find various types of stories, from soft and sensual to bondage and fetishes. All of our stories are made for women and couples to explore together or separately. Our professional narrators allow you to get lost in your fantasy and explore a world entirely your own. Our stories incorporate real sounding sexual cues like moaning, heavy breathing and kissing to ensure you have a completely immersive and pleasurable experience. You will like this audio porn podcast if you're interested in sexy audio clips, 69porn, dporn, audiobook porn, bestofporn, audio porn clips, porn sound only, british audio porn, audio porn sounds, audio porn sounds, porn audio video, sound only porn, free Audio Porn sounds, porn audio files, english audio porn, audio of women talking dirty, audio from porn, audioporn for women, porn audio sounds, porn sound files, porn sound audio, dirty talk men audio, streaming audio porn, porn audio recordings, audio of girl talking dirty, sexy moans audio, porn audio samples, male talking dirty audio, guys talking dirty audio and real porn sound.

  52. Orgasm Live

    52.Orgasm Live

    Listen to pro and amateur Porn Stars and Starlets bringing you eargasms thru reality porn at your finger tips!! Log into onlyfans.com/porshacarreraxxx

  53. Sound Erotica Podcast

    53.Sound Erotica Podcast

    An audio escape sure to fuel your fantasies.  Sweet romances, to border pushing sensual play. We are so glad to play.  We are Sound Erotica, where sex meets storytelling. We put this together to leave you hot and bothered.  Join us for the fun at www.SoundErotica.com.

  54. Bisexual Behavior

    54.Bisexual Behavior

    A questioning podcast exploring the bi+ identity. Join Upstate New York-based writer Talia Cass as she delves into queer life and bisexual culture with different LGBTQ+ guests. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bisexual-behavior/support

  55. Such FFun

    55.Such FFun

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Fisting! Artist Bigbuttgeek and blogger Jazzmatazz take an in depth look into this extreme sexual kink. Dedicated to the discussion, education and celebration of all things fisting.

  56. Erotic Audio Stories 💋 by Audiodesires.com

    56.Erotic Audio Stories 💋 by Audiodesires.com

    Welcome to https://Audiodesires.com! We create short, erotic audio stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life. Erotic audio strories are on the rise and we couldn’t be happier about it. Putting any intense voice kink aside for a moment, erotic audio stories are the best ways for women and couples to consume erotic content. Erotic audio stories allow you to create a world entirely your own. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy subtle and sensual stories that are crafted to enhance your imagination for the ultimate erotic experience. Audiodesires offers erotic audio stories for women and couples to explore together or separately. With exciting and erotic voices, our professional speakers take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. Exploring new kinks, sexual adventures and each other has never been more enjoyable. Our erotic audio stories are available in podcast format, so you can listen on the go, and our website provides an easy-to-use platform for exploring and discovering new stories. Join us today and discover the world of erotic audio stories that are guaranteed to leave you breathless.

  57. The Prude And The Pornstar

    57.The Prude And The Pornstar

    Madison Missina loves sex. Carla GS can barely say the word without blushing. Meet The Prude and The Pornstar: your new best friends. This is the podcast that takes your questions about sex and relationships. It's everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex, but have been too afraid to ask. Hosted by sex-worker and award-winning porn star Madison Missina, and Christian mum from the suburbs Carla GS, it’s the intricacies of our sex lives laid bare. If you have a question you’re afraid to ask, email us: prude@mamamia.com.au You can be completely anonymous.

  58. Why Are People Into That?!

    58.Why Are People Into That?!

    Exploring sex, kink, gender, and love with Tina Horn. Subscribe to ACast+ for Exclusive Bonus Content! Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/yapit. Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/yapit. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  59. Orgasmic Enlightenment

    59.Orgasmic Enlightenment

    Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

  60. Honeydew Me

    60.Honeydew Me

    Welcome to Honeydew Me, a podcast that goes into the bedroom and beyond with your hosts Emma Norman and Cass Anderson. We believe that everyone deserves to have great sex, feel good in their bodies and love themselves and while we may not be experts, our guests are. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of sex, bodies, confidence, and all those burning questions you've been dying to get answered.

  61. Coffee and Cleavage

    61.Coffee and Cleavage

    Welcome to Coffee and Cleavage the tantalizing podcast that bares it all when it comes to sex, dating, relationships, and everything that lies beneath the surface. Let your curiosity run wild as vivacious hosts Lynnie Marie and Shantal Monique, alongside their witty studio producer Gary, embark on a no-holds-barred journey into the world of sex, love and kink with with an irresistibly engaging and comedic twist. Together, they'll shatter taboos, tackle the most risqué topics, and leave you craving for more. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and join Coffee and Cleavage every Wednesday! ASK QUESTIONS & SUBMIT STORIES:  https://www.coffeeandcleavage.com/ JOIN Coffee and Cleavage: https://onlyfans.com/coffeeandcleavage WATCH (video episodes): https://of.tv/creators/coffee-and-cleavage SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/coffeeandcleavage FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/coffeeandcleavage/ BUSINESS INQUIRIES: CoffeeandCleavage.podcast@gmail.com 

  62. Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast

    62.Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast

    Everyone's a critic, even with porn. Alice Vaughn and co-hosts, discuss the holes and the plot holes of your favorite porn. They're joined by comedians, porn stars, scientists, authors to review films, discuss the industry, and topics that are porn/sex adjacent. Support us: Patreon.com/twogirlsonemic

  63. Orgasmic - Journey into Amateur Porn

    63.Orgasmic - Journey into Amateur Porn

    Orgasmic will captivate you; it will take you on a raw, intimate adventure with Isla Cox. Listen to an unfiltered exploration into the seductive world of porn. Orgasmic will discuss the steamy filming, surprising behind the scenes, and the tremendous work that goes into becoming a thriving amateur pornstar.

  64. Like A Virgin

    64.Like A Virgin

    Join Comedians Meredith Jacqueline and Mateen Stewart as they interview some of their favorite people about losing their virginity.

  65. Tantalizing Nature: Stories by Nicole

    65.Tantalizing Nature: Stories by Nicole

    Do you enjoy listening to tantalizing stories? Is romance your passion? How about drama with a sexual twist? Relax and listen as your host Nicole takes you on a lustful journey filled with stories of passion and erotic endings. Please also support the show starting at just $3 a month, no commitment cancel anytime. https://www.buzzsprout.com/2129062/support https://www.facebook.com/TantalizingNature  Sexy, romantic, romance, erotic, erotica, bedtime short stories.

  66. The Euphoria Chronicles

    66.The Euphoria Chronicles

    It's an orgasm for your ears.

  67. Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

    67.Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

    Passionate & Compassionate conversations about all areas of sex, love & connection with The Pleasure Mechanics. Explicit, soulful, candid conversations rich with erotic knowledge and know-how.

  68. The Bad Girls Bible - Sex, Relationships, Dating, Love & Marriage Advice

    68.The Bad Girls Bible - Sex, Relationships, Dating, Love & Marriage Advice

    Each week on the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, your host Sean Jameson interviews experts and professionals and everyone in between to teach you the tips and techniques you can use to improve your sex life and relationship or marriage. You'll also learn powerful insights on how to improve your dating and love life.

  69. The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast

    69.The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast

    Can we talk... foreskin? An enlightening discussion about both current and historical events involving the issue of circumcision by experts on this important topic. We will empower you with knowledge of the amazing Four Powers of Foreskin! We also take a deep dive into the obsession some American's have to rid themselves of foreskin, harming themselves and their children in the process. The Circumcision Chronicles Podcast is produced by Intaction. Visit our website http://intaction.org

  70. Great Sex with Helena

    70.Great Sex with Helena

    Sex tips and techniques for modern lovers who want to create more passion, love and playfulness. Great Sex with Helena is a modern, informative and relevant podcast for singles and couples desiring more pleasure, fun and fulfilment in their bedrooms. Helena Nista is a gifted sex therapist and educator. She brings together passion, vision and a desire to educate. Helena's approach is both insightful and practical. She is also a Tantra practitioner with a deep passion for ancient ecstatic practices. Visit Helena's website for more: https://helenanista.com/

  71. Hormonal


    Hormones affect everyone and everything: from our skin, to stress, to sports. But for most of us, they're still a mystery. Even the way we talk about hormones makes no sense. ("She's hormonal.") So let's clear some things up. Each week, Rhea Ramjohn is asking scientists, doctors, and experts to break it all down for us. And this season? We're talking about birth control. Season 2 launches Oct 13 with eight weekly episodes.

  72. Average Swingers

    72.Average Swingers

    Life Is Short Party Naked!

  73. The Fearless Submissive

    73.The Fearless Submissive

    A weekly BDSM podcast. Listen to julie_R as she talks about serving without fear and her life as a 24/7 slave.

  74. Lazy Dirty Talk

    74.Lazy Dirty Talk

    Lazy Dirty Talk, for Lazy Dirty People. The podcast all about sex, lube, and good vibes.

  75. HER with Sophie Cachia

    75.HER with Sophie Cachia

    Sophie Cachia was a married mum-of-two when her life changed unexpectedly after meeting… HER. And she isn’t alone. Join Sophie over six episodes, as she speaks to women from different walks of life, whose lives changed when they discovered they were attracted to women.

  76. The Flaming Yoni

    76.The Flaming Yoni

    We are sexually liberated unshamed & transformed women, and we believe our highest calling is to journey with other femmes in their exploration and embodiment of their own sacred and sovereign sexuality. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to mean the "womb", or the "source". For yoni-bearers, the yoni also is the anchoring point for the root chakra, where our kundalini - or life force energy - lies coiled like a serpent. When our Kundalini is activated through sexual energy, a fire is lit deep within that illuminates a profound understanding of the Yoniverse. TFY is about the uniquely feminine experience of sexual empowerment rising from the ashes against all odds. Systems of power have conspired to keep women from the full embodiment of our sexual agency for centuries. Our mission is not new - it is eternal. Sex and Pleasure deserve to be in the heart center of our life's journey. The Flaming Yoni is a celebration of the beautiful & unique expressions of female sexuality - from asexual to megasexual, from life-long monogamy to relationship anarchy, from deep spiritual bonds of sacred union to spur-of-the-moment flings - it is ALL infused with Yoni Energy. So dive deep with us as we invite incredible guests to share their burning passion for embodied, liberated sexuality. Welcome to the Yoniverse. You will not leave the same as when you came.



    Do you want to learn about how your sexuality affects all aspects of your life? Join Naomi Slater from www.divinecouples.com, an experienced tantra educator, yoga teacher, and bio-energy healer, as she interviews guests and dives deep into understanding the power of our sexual or life-force energy. Naomi is the creator of the revolutionary online course “Awaken Your Desire” for women that help women reclaim their wild and powerful divine feminine through yoni egg practices, emotional alchemy, meditation, and psychoanalytic tools. To claim your free mini-training, visit www.awakenyourdesire.com. In addition to having studied with various gurus worldwide, she holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Conflict Management & Resolution. Through these lenses, she explores sexuality from a conscious perspective and talks about how our experiences and culture affect our perceptions of self and intimate relationships. If you want to invite passion into your life, boost your energy, heal and access higher levels of consciousness and pleasure, this is the podcast for you. Follow her on Instagram @divine.couples or join her private Facebook group, Divine Couples.

  78. Erotic Renaissance

    78.Erotic Renaissance

    Join us for an Erotic Renaissance -- the Rebirth of the Sensual Soul & the Dark Desires within us all. Follow Meg, your Linguist of Love, as she examines love, relationships, and sensuality and journeys into a new world of healing, love, and erotic art as she dives further into the sex industry. As a writer, Meg adores mixing Fantasy with Realism. Should you want a little erotic humming on a languid evening, this Siren wants nothing more than to seduce you to towards a more liberated life. LINGUISTOFLOVE.COM/PODCAST

  79. Sex Talk Podcast

    79.Sex Talk Podcast

    Sex Talk is a podcast starting an honest conversation about sex. Presented by Adele Roberts and Hilary Ineomo-Marcus, the series will cover a wide range of sex-related subjects, such as Sexual Health, HIV, Dating, Sex Addiction, Sexuality and Religion, Sex and Alcohol and Sex Work. The podcast will feature various guests, from Sexual Health specialists, Sexperts, Volunteers, Charity Staff, and people with lived experience sharing their own sex stories. Sex Talk. Real Stories. Real Issues.

  80. Delight Your Marriage

    80.Delight Your Marriage

    Husbands and wives are different. You want different things in marriage and intimacy on every level (emotional, spiritual, and physical). Whether you're a wife or a husband, whether you're suffering or pretty good... and you're looking for bible-based insights and scriptural practical guidance on how to transform your marriage, you've found the right podcast! We have "transformation stories" that will inspire hope that putting into practice these principles, by God's grace, can truly change your intimacy completely. If you're looking to see how to transform your marriage sign up for a free Clarity Call ($300 value), we can hear your story and work with you to determine if we are confident we can help you: https://www.delightyourmarriage.com/cc

  81. Private Parts Unknown

    81.Private Parts Unknown

    Private Parts Unknown (FKA Reality Bytes) is a Bourdain-style podcast exploring sex, love, relationships, gender, and seductive subcultures around the world. Join host Courtney Kocak and expert guests for hilarious, sex-positive conversations — destigmatizing everything from abortion to Ashley Madison, polyamory to PMDD, sex work to Shibari, and more. Travel series include Helsinki, Finland; Mexico City, Mexico; and Tokyo, Japan. Private Parts Unknown is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact cameron@pleasurepodcasts.com.  Currently raising money for a reporting trip to cover Abortion in Post-Roe America, BUY A PRO-CHOICE SHIRT HERE: https://www.bonfire.com/store/private-parts-unknown/

  82. We Go There Podcast

    82.We Go There Podcast

    Where there is no such thing as TMI... We're 2 women going there on so many hot and taboo topics. You can trust us to be your reliable source for wellness information and pure entertainment as we interview experts, test products and procedures. We’ll ask all the questions you want to know but may be too afraid to ask. So, what do you want to know… We’ll Go There!

  83. Erotic Stories With Lexi Diamond

    83.Erotic Stories With Lexi Diamond

    I’m Erotic Novelist. I’m on OnlyFans link at the bottom. Im currently on my first book, eleven chapters so far. Want to do this podcast to stay motivated and share some exciting stories I can conjure up while mentioning my book. https://onlyfans.com/lexidia66404287

  84. Sexucation for Men Podcast

    84.Sexucation for Men Podcast

    My name is Sebastian and this is sex education for men. If you always wanted to know how to have sex, how to last longer in bed, how to make a woman squirt, how to cure premature ejaculation, and how to increase your testosterone, you will love this podcast. I provide you with sex tips for men that allow you to please and to satisfy your wife or your girlfriend and to overcome your sexual performance anxiety. Are you interested in working with me as your sex coach or do you have a question? Contact me at sebastian@ sexucationformen.com.

  85. Just A Little Torture With Mistress Victory Von Stryker

    85.Just A Little Torture With Mistress Victory Von Stryker

    I am Mistress Victory Von Stryker: your Favorite Southern Sensual Dominatrix and this is My Video Podcast where I get to tell you about My Wild and Wonderful Life as a Dominatrix and Pagan Witch. I can Torture you Erotically or Literally. It's up to Me. Call me on Niteflirt.com to share your BDSM Fantasy and buy My Goody bags. https://www.niteflirt.com/MistressVictory Go to Amazon.com and Grab My New Book, FEMDOM GLORY https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQ9C35WF

  86. The Game EXPOSED: Relationship, Dating & the Narcissist

    86.The Game EXPOSED: Relationship, Dating & the Narcissist

    Yaz gives you the Juice on Relationship & Dating Advice. Toxic relationships, the narcissist and red flags. A place to listen about narcissists, dating advice, cheating, and relationships gone wrong. Real life issues and Hot Topics. To Follow on social media - https://linktr.ee/thegameexposed. For Business Inquiries & Advertising, please email The Game Exposed at: thegameexposed@aol.com. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/yaz707/support

  87. Dirty Talk

    87.Dirty Talk

    “Dirty Talk” is a sex and romance podcast hosted by Chapman Croskell and Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick. On the show presented by 90.5 KCSU, Chapman and Tati share personal experiences, discuss feminist theories and interview professionals to gain a better understanding of the realm of relationships.

  88. Kinky Fans Only

    88.Kinky Fans Only

    Crazy married couple speak about their own sexual experiences and interviews with other kinky people. We started an only fans just for fun. For feedback go to our Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/KinkyFansOnly/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kinkyfansonly/support

  89. Sluts and Scholars

    89.Sluts and Scholars

    Sluts & Scholars is one of Cosmopolitan's "Hot Podcasts to Listen To." Nicoletta Heidegger is a licensed marriage and family therapist and sexologist and she chats with folks from across sexuality, kink, and professional spectrums about desire, pleasure, shame, stigma and (of course) bodily functions. Combining irreverence and expertise, on the docket is anything remotely related to sexual, reproductive and bodily autonomy; from the indigenous menstrual practices of the Hupa Valley tribe, to beauty confidence advice from Dita von Teese, and anal sex pro tips from Jessica Drake. Sluts and Scholars is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact cameron@pleasurepodcasts.com *Sluts and scholars is a sex positive, shame free, educational podcast where we try to help make your sex smarter and your smarts sexier. While we love to give advice and resources, please note that this podcast is not intended to be therapy or a replacement for therapy. Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy!

  90. FreeDom Love Podcast

    90.FreeDom Love Podcast

    Viral Tik tok sensation Max Montana 420 aka Digital Dom is bringing some of his best adult content Tik Tok won’t allow. Bringing you amazing erotic kinky Dom Sub fantasies to captivate your freaky side.

  91. Boyfriend On Demand

    91.Boyfriend On Demand

    Immerse yourself in the ultimate boyfriend experience with Boyfriend On Demand- an ASMR and roleplay podcast voiced by Joshua Von Drake. For a more immersive experience, please use earphones or a headset. Have a scenario you want me to play out? Shoot me an email at joshuavondrake@gmail.com. Get #boyfriendondemand updates on https://linktr.ee/joshuavondrake Support #BoyfriendOnDemand and unlock more scenarios for your pleasure by becoming a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/boyfriendondemand

  92. Sexplanations: An escort's A to Z of sex

    92.Sexplanations: An escort's A to Z of sex

    I'm Ginger, an escort and avid fan of pleasure. Join me as I go through the A to Z of sex, offering tips and tricks, as well as stories from my life in sex work.

  93. Naudia Reads Erotica

    93.Naudia Reads Erotica

    Sexy, soothing, and arousing are just a few words that define the sound and vibe of the Naudia Reads Erotica podcast. Whether you’re in the mood to relax, share an intimate moment with a loved one, or get down and dirty; Naudia Reads Erotica showcases stories and poetry that tantalizes all intimate appetites. Once you hear Naudia’s voice and feel the love, you’re hooked. Cheers to arousing your sexual desire! For promotions, bookings, or if you would like your content to be shared on The Erotica Reads Erotica Podcast, please send all emails and inquiries to naudiareadserotica@gmail.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/naudiareadserotica/support

  94. Friday's | Hot Passionate Sex Stories to Heat Up Your Nights

    94.Friday's | Hot Passionate Sex Stories to Heat Up Your Nights

    Friday Nights will never be the same, every week we will share a HOT new PASSIONATE story with you. Just the thing to bring your weekend alive. And our sponsor www.AdamandEve.com has a special offer, if you use the offer code FRIDAY at the checkout you get 50 percent off almost any item, FREE SHIPPING, FREE DVDS and a FREE Mystery Gift!

  95. 12 - Honouring female sexuality

    95.12 - Honouring female sexuality

    The truth is that I am not getting enough sex and I can no longer ignore this gnawing feeling that I have barely begun to experience the kind of pleasure my body is capable of. Connecting with my erotic self has became a matter of urgency. And I know that I am not alone. In my heterosexual, cisgender, white British context female sexual pleasure remains shrouded in mystery and borderline taboo. The more I learn about the connection between the treatment of the vulva and women’s ability to relax, create, explore, lead and excel the more fascinated I am. That is why I am launching 12, a podcast series exploring the twelve different ways a woman is apparently able to orgasm. I want to start a conversation. A conversation that honours women’s sexuality and their sex. A conversation which challenges the status quo of a culture with an overwhelmingly male sexual gaze. A culture which overlooks female sexual anatomy in mainstream scientific reference books and tolerates an industry where women are reduced to sexual objects. Each episode of 12 focuses on one of the ways a woman can apparently orgasm, from the g-spot to the blended orgasm, the cervix to the mind. The series delves into the elements that come into play when women have sex; the psychological, the historical, the biological, the sociological and cultural. Each episode also includes an insight into what happened when my partner and I tried to find the orgasm. 12 is packed full of honesty, vulnerability as well as practical advice.

  96. Evolve Your Intimacy w/ Dr. Stephanie

    96.Evolve Your Intimacy w/ Dr. Stephanie

    Evolve Your Intimacy LLC provides Guidance and Counseling with Sex Therapist Dr. Stephanie Sigler, a board-certified intimacy, relationship, and sex educator. Dr. Stephanie, ABD also owns a private practice in Harker Heights, Texas with licensed counselors and professional educators; for those seeking to elevate their relationship, intimacy, and sexuality. (Previously known as 'The Kinky Koach'). Learn More at Evolveyourintimacy.com



    Welcome To Unapologetically Feminine, the space where ALL of you is welcomed & celebrated. My intention is support, empower & celebrate women to say Yes to the most epic, radiant turned on & juicy AF version of themselves and to experience the most orgasmic-ecstatic-open to God-kind of relationship & intimacy. This is the space where we touch on different topics & teachings, from the heavenly realm to the taboo and the inhibited dark; from spirituality, tantra, Masculine & Feminine polarity, love, and sacred sexuality to the day-to-day mundane of life & motherhood... Trust me when I say nothing is off limits here. Join me in this show will be some of the most amazing souls, revolutionaries, potent creatives, teachers & devotees of the Feminine art. This is a space with potent transmissions open-hearted conversations, laughter, tears everything in between. So let’s go & let's play!!! You can visit my website www.sacredfemininedevotion.com and download your free Ebook 'Embody Your Feminine Power' with over 50 pages of teachings & practices.

  98. Dahlilia Deleon

    98.Dahlilia Deleon

    Welcome to Unavowed Bliss a open platform composed of short erotica stories, poetry, pillow talk and sex advice. A non disclosed feeling of secrets while providing joy, ecstasy and everything beautiful pertaining to love and lust. Explore with us as two devoted writers interact through fictional dialogue of various sexual encounters. Take a walk down lovers lane as you are sure to fulfill your fantasies. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/unavowed-bliss/support

  99. Between The Sheets (BTS)

    99.Between The Sheets (BTS)

    Bringing my BTS stories as well as my special guest & Friends talking about the process the victories the fumbles the comebacks the one’s that still owe me Kat the hottest BTS stories the Funniest BTS stories that you will not believe. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ademu/support

  100. Sexperience


    What’s up all you freaks and geeks it’s your Fairy Sex Mutha. Time to get down and dirty whether it’s controversial or flirty. This is the Sexperience podcast.

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