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About Podplay

Your home for podcasts

Podplay is your home for podcasts. Here you can find thousands of popular podcasts and to listen to your favourites amongst them. Explore content through the top list or use the search function. Keep track and of your favourites by following them and download episodes so that you can listen anytime, anywhere. When you leave the app, continued listening is easy as you can come back and play from where you last left it. For an even more personal experience, create an account, log in and listen.

Podplay is operated by Bauer Media Audio, Europe’s leading digital commercial broadcaster and audio operator. Experts in the power of sound, we are reaching over twenty-six million listeners daily through our market-leading broadcast radio, online services, and podcasts.

Listen to our radio stations on RadioPlay SwedenRadioPlay Finland or RadioPlay Norway.

Bauer Media Group also operate Zmarta Gruop in the Nordics. Zmarta is an independent comparison service that offers several different services in personal finance.

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