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Terms of Use

Terms of use for Bauer Media's digital service Podplay


These terms of use describe the terms and conditions that apply between you the user (hereinafter “the User”) and Bauer Media Audio Filial (hereinafter “Bauer Media”) as service provider of Bauer Media’s digital services, such as RadioPlay Sweden and Podplay (hereinafter “the Services”).

Description of the services

The Services refers to the digital services controlled by Bauer Media as well as any use of radio streams, on-demand files, or RSS flows, chat functions and features distributed via Bauer Media, irrespective of from which service such use occurs. The Services are financially supported by advertising. To use the Services, the User must have a functioning internet connection. Note that operators’ fees for data traffic may apply. If in doubt, contact your operator for information.

In addition to on-demand files distributed via Bauer Media, the service Podplay gives access to embedded on demand files from open RSS-feeds. All files, descriptions, artwork and other metadata from such RSS-feeds is the property of the podcast owner and not distributed by, affiliated with or validated by Bauer Media.


In order to access certain features of the Services, the User must register by creating an account. The User is obliged to provide correct information about him/herself at registration and to update the information so that it is always current. By completing the registration, the User certifies that the information is correct.

The login details are personal and may not be disclosed to anyone else, and the User is responsible for storing the login details so that they cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. The User shall also indemnify Bauer Media if someone else uses the User’s login details. Legal action shall be taken against improper use. Bauer Media reserves the right to suspend/block users who violate any of the terms of use in this Agreement and/or applicable law.

Handling of personal data

Bauer Media processes the personal data that is collected when you use Bauer Media’s digital services and/or the personal data you provide when you register an account with us. For complete information about how we process personal data, please refer to our privacy policy.


We use cookies on the websites that you visit to use the Services. For more information on how we use cookies, please refer to our cookie policy.

Intellectual property rights

Material accessed by the User via the Services is protected by Swedish and international copyright law. The User is entitled to access the Services only for private use and is responsible for ensuring that neither the User him/herself nor anyone else uses or disposes of the material in violation of copyright or other legislation, or in violation of these terms of use. This means, for example, that the User is not entitled to distribute or copy the material, let anyone else use the User’s login details, attempt to circumvent the copy protection, make works available through public delivery, or use the Services for a commercial purpose.

The user's responsibility

The User may not attempt to circumvent Bauer Media’s security system, for example, by using another visitor’s login details or by trying to test the security of the Services. Neither may the User use the Services in a way that could damage, overburden, or impair the Services; interfere with other users’ use of the Services; or misuse the intellectual property rights as set out under the heading “Intellectual Property Rights” above. Further, Users of the chat function and features available within Podplay live undertake to not to be misleading about their identity, for example by giving a wrong impression of their identity by way of their username, and/or post messages which might cause harm to Bauer Media’s reputation, defame Bauer Media or others or which could otherwise bring Bauer Media or others into disrepute. Bauer Media reserves the right to monitor all chats and at our full discretion block Users from the chat as well as redact and delete any usernames and/or messages.

The User may not use any web scrapers, robots, spiders, or other automatic units, programs, algorithms, or methods, or any similar or corresponding manual processes to access, retrieve, copy, or monitor any part of the Services or any content, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigation structure or presentation of the Services or any content with the aim of fetching in any way any material, documentation, or information that has not knowingly been made available. Bauer Media reserves the right to block such activity.

In the event of breaches of the terms of use, Bauer Media is entitled to deny the User access to the Services. In addition, the User shall compensate Bauer Media for any damages suffered by Bauer Media as a result of the breach, including any third-party claims.

Necessary Performance

To be able to access the Services, you must have equipment and a broadband connection of a certain capacity as follows:

Operating system 

  • Windows – the latest version
  • Mac OS – the latest version
  • iOS – the latest version
  • Android – the latest version

Older versions of operating systems may work but are not recommended.

Web browsers

  • Firefox – the latest version
  • Internet Explorer – the latest version
  • Chrome – the latest version
  • Safari – the latest version

Older web browsers may work but are not recommended.

Internet connection

  • Broadband, at least 1Mb/s.

Bauer Media’s responsibility for faults

Bauer Media will do its utmost to keep the Services in operation. Some technical difficulties or maintenance may, however, result in temporary interruptions. Bauer Media reserves the right to change or cancel, temporarily or permanently, features and components of the Services at any time with or without notice.

Bauer Media is not liable for faults or damages caused by the User or caused by faults or defects in the User’s equipment or in other technical equipment not belonging to Bauer Media.

Furthermore, Bauer Media bears no responsibility for any damages – whether direct or indirect damages or consequential damages – resulting from faults or defects in the Services. This means, for example, that Bauer Media is in no case responsible for damages in the form of data crashes or loss of data.


The Services and their content are delivered as is and if available. Bauer Media cannot guarantee that any file or other data that the User retrieves from the site will be free of viruses, contamination, or malicious functions. Bauer Media disclaims guarantees of any kind, apparent or implied, including guarantees of conformity, commerciality, or fitness for any particular purpose. Bauer Media disclaims all liability for measures, omissions, and conduct of third parties in connection with or related to the User’s use of the site or any service from Bauer Media. The User takes full responsibility for his/her use of the site and all linked sites. The User’s only possible action against Bauer Media and the Services if the User is dissatisfied with the Services or any content is to stop using the Services or such content.

Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, official decisions, and comparable events outside of Bauer Media’s control that could not reasonably have been foreseen, which mean that Bauer Media is unable to fulfil its obligations, Bauer Media shall be exempt from the commitment to fulfil such obligations. Bauer Media shall, if possible, inform the User when such circumstances occur or cease.

Choice of law and disputes

These terms of use are subject to Swedish law. Any disputes regarding these terms of use shall be resolved out of court. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement regarding a dispute, it shall be referred to the appropriate dispute resolution body or general court under Swedish law.

Amendments to the terms

The terms of use applicable at any time are published on www.podplay.com and are valid until further notice. Bauer Media reserves the right to amend the terms. Significant amendments to the terms are notified by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the User when he/she registered the account. Amendments come into effect no earlier than the turn of the month after the month when notification of the change is provided. Continued use of the Services after the new terms have come into effect means that the User has accepted the changed terms.


If you have any questions about the Services or Bauer Media, feel free to contact our customer service on support@radioplay.se.

Last Updated-January 2023

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