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Cookie Policy

Cookie policy for Bauer Media Audio Filial

What are cookies?

Bauer Media Audio Filial’s (“Bauer’s”) websites use cookies and local storage. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer when you visit a website. Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows a website or application to store information locally on your computer or mobile device. Cookies and local storage are used for certain features that improve our websites for users or give us statistics about how the website is used.

Different types of cookies

Bauer’s websites use three types of cookies. The first type are called permanent cookies and they save a file on the visitor’s computer for an extended period. They have a pre-set date on which they are deleted. These cookies store information between website visits and, for example, improve the user experience by, say, remembering which volume the user has chosen.

The second type are called session cookies. Session cookies are temporarily saved on your computer and used, for example, to keep track of settings during your visit to the website. Session cookies disappear when you close your web browser.

The third type are third-party cookies and come from a different website than the one that placed the cookie on the user’s computer. This type of cookie aims to collect statistics about visitors’ online activity.

Accept or decline cookies

Each visitor can choose whether or not to accept cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but the settings can be changed so that they do not accept cookies or so that the visitor is given the choice whether or not to accept cookies. If the cookie function is turned off, the website and Bauer’s services may be unable to function fully.

Block all cookies

Most web browsers allow you to block all cookies. Further information on how to change cookie settings in other web browsers can be found in the browser’s help menu.

Below is a list of the cookies used on Bauer’s websites.

Cookie declaration

Our own cookies

podplay.auth.refresh: A cookie issued by Bauer Media and used to automatically login a returning user.

podplay.cookie_bar.is_accepted: A cookie issued by Bauer Media and used to save whether or not the user has accepted cookies for the website.

podplay.episode_progress.{episode id}: A cookie issued by Bauer Media and used to determine how far a user has listened in an episode. (Applies to users that are not logged in)

podplay.uid: A cookie issued by Bauer Media and used to save information about the user during the session.

Third-party cookies

Google Analytics: The majority of cookies issued by Google, which are used to measure visitors to the website.

AdsWizz: The majority of cookies issued by AdsWizz, which are used to deliver and measure ads.

Information from third-party cookies is shared with the respective issuer of the cookie.

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