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The Alien UFO Podcast

The Alien UFO Podcast Ep24 Lisa Savoy


This week I'm talking to Lisa Savoy about her book 'Living in Two Worlds: A True Account of Alien Encounters'.

"I urge you to read her book with an open mind and heart, and ask yourself: ‘What if it were true?’ A brave woman, and one who needed to get her message out. Extraordinary? Yes. Terrifying? Definitely. If you eliminate all other explanations you may be left with one that, however fantastic, is probably true.”

Wes G, Roberts. Abductee + Experiencer, Consultant, Author of
Intersections and An Experiencer’s Garden.

“With the release of her debut book, Lisa Savoy has peeled the veneer off of extra-terrestrial experiences, and fearlessly explored the “duality” of the fascinating and complex lives that Experiencers lead. As research shows, most individuals who have had encounters of high strangeness are, in fact, lifelong experiencers.”

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist,
Author and Co-Host of “CONTACT TV”, Researcher.

Lisa Savoy lives in Windsor, Ontario with her two boys and her beloved husband. She encountered the Greys, whom she called “the little people”, during childhood. She has also had contact with the Reptilians, the Men in Black, and a Nordic, Angie. As she grew older, her experiences became more intense and traumatic, but she has managed to take care of her kids and move forward. She has the steadfast support of her husband and family.