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The Alien UFO Podcast

UFOS and Nuclear Weapons | Ep69

The Alien UFO Podcast
The Alien UFO Podcast
This week I'm talking to Dr. Richard O'Connor about his book 'UFOS, Nuclear Weapons, and a New Age of Reason'.

In UFOs, Nuclear Weapons, and a New Age of Reason what has become obvious is stated as fact - our civilization is realizing ongoing contact with a separate, intelligent, technologically advanced, other-than-present-day-human civilization referred to in this book as "the Others". Recent admissions by semi-official Pentagon spokespersons are corroborating what previous US military officers, acting as whistleblowers, have been espousing for more than two decades. That is, these "Others" have been temporarily disabling both US and Russian nuclear weapons over a period of five decades at multiple nuclear weapons installation sites on numerous occasions. How the nuclear weapons-armed nations, and especially the US and Russia, choose to interpret and respond to these interventions may and likely will be critical to the future of our civilization.
This book presents new evidence, written in crop circles, that supports Dr. Michael Masters' contention that "the Others" may well be time travelers from our future. It also explores our current nuclear weapons conundrum and suggests a new path we can follow to help ensure the forward progress of human civilization on Earth for generations to come - one that will take us toward a "New Age of Reason."

Dr. Richard O'Connor is a retired physician. For most of his career he worked as an anesthesiologist. He runs The Jesse A. Marcel Library in Montana. The library exists to enhance public awareness and understanding of the UFO phenomenon.



The Alien UFO Podcast
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