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The Alien UFO Podcast

UFOs, Teleportations & Mysterious Objects | Ep63

The Alien UFO Podcast
The Alien UFO Podcast
This week I am talking to Grant Cameron about his book 'Weird: Paranormal Tales of Apports and Manifestations'.

Apport: The manifestation or creation of objects by supernatural or unknown means.
How do you explain objects falling out of thin air? How is it possible that objects manifest during seances? Are we receiving things from other planes of existence or the spirit world? Is someone or something from some other reality playing tricks on us?

This book explores the bizarre subject of apports, objects moving, manifesting, and disappearing by themselves. Like a trickster in the night, they occur without any explanation.
The author delves into the strange world of physical mediumship, psychics, ghosts, and UFO experiencers. They all have accounts of apports and mysterious manifestations. In addition, there are stories of solid, physical items (including body parts) appearing, disappearing, and moving without any explanation.

The investigation includes accounts of mysterious metals gathered from UFOs, some with bizarre isotopic ratios, all of which have fallen from the sky without explanation.
This is one of the first books ever written about these bizarre manifestations and strange materializations of objects. It lends to the notion that we know much less about our reality than we thought.

Grant Cameron has been a UFO researcher since 1975. He is the winner of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. He is a world-recognized expert on Presidents and UFOs, the Canadian government and UFOs, the alien music connection, and the relationship of consciousness to UFOs.
Cameron has lectured widely in Canada, the United States and Europe. He was one of the 40 witnesses that testified in front of six ex-Senators and Congressmen in Washington for the “Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure.” He has appeared on many television documentaries on UFOs, and been interviewed by nearly a hundred radio shows including a series of appearances on Coast to Coast AM.



The Alien UFO Podcast
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