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How to Lend Money to Strangers

Flexible and adaptable loan terms, with Damien Burke (Custom Credit)

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Paydown curves are one of my favourite things. Get a few glasses of wine in me and the right audience at an industry event, and I'll happily chat about them long into the night. The thing is, they can create the impression that there's only one route to Present Value = 0

And that really doesn't need to be the case. After all, everything else in life fluctuates, so why can't your loan balance follow a more fluid path downward? That's not the most elegant way of describing Custom Credit's philosophy, but it's not that far off.

Custom Credit was set up with three mission statements in mind: (1) to become the most customercentric fintech in the UK; (2) to ensure our colleagues better reflect our customers; and (3) to improve financial literacy, both in terms of our customers and the broader community.

Join us as we chat about spending time to understand customer needs, staffing to reflect customer needs, and, ah, designing products that react to customer needs.

Custom Credit is at https://www.customcredit.co.uk/

Custom Credit are also on Linked in at - https://www.linkedin.com/company/custom-credit/ - and as Damien said, you can find him on LinkedIn, too (just tell him the podcast sent you)

You can learn more about myself, Brendan le Grange, on my LinkedIn page (feel free to connect), my action-adventure novels are on Amazon, some versions even for free, and my work with ConfirmU and our gamified psychometric scores is at https://confirmu.com/ and on episode 24 of this very show https://www.howtolendmoneytostrangers.show/episodes/episode-24

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How to Lend Money to Strangers
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