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How to Lend Money to Strangers

Your interest paid in fine wine, with Maxime Debure (WineFunding)

When you lend someone money, you give up the usage of those funds - temporarily if things go well, permanently if they don't - and so, to make it worth your while, you charge the borrower interest. That's just business. But sometimes business is good to you, and instead of your interest being paid in boring old Euros, you get paid in fine wine!

That's the concept behind WineFunding, the world's first crowdfunding and alternative financing platform specifically for wine companies. With equity and debt-based model, any wine lover can now also become a wine producer, and drink the glorious rewards of that work.

"It's a passion investment, but it doesn't need to be irrational or risky."

WineFunding's home page is at https://www.winefunding.com/en, with the list of available and funded projects at https://www.winefunding.com/en/projects/explore (I picked this one essentially out of the hat for the episode, https://www.winefunding.com/en/domainebaudon but you're just out of time to participate now)

You can also find videos of those projects on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/c/Winefunding

WineHub, the co-working and events space dedicated to the wine industry and whose seed funding was raised on the WineFunding platform, can be found here: https://winehub.fr/ >>> And if you would like to get involved in any of those wine projects, use the code HTLMTS at checkout to save €20 on any investment or €100 if you invest over €1,000!

If LinkedIn is more your pace, you can find Maxime there (https://www.linkedin.com/in/maximedebure/) as well as pages for WineFunding and WineHub. While you're there, send me a connection request, too.

The wine estates that were bought by the other Pierre's aboard the Berg China were https://cabriere.co.za/ and https://www.la-motte.com/, and are both worth a visit

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page, my action-adventure novels are on Amazon, some versions even for free, and my work with ConfirmU and our gamified psychometric scores is at https://confirmu.com/ and on episode 24 of this very show https://www.howtolendmoneytostrangers.show/episodes/episode-24

If you would like to participate in the show, reach out to me at https://www.howtolendmoneytostrangers.show/contact-us

Regards, Brendan

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How to Lend Money to Strangers
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