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169. You Can Grow Thriving Houseplants! | Maria Failla of Growing Joy Podcast

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In the middle of winter when the Christmas greenery has been taken down but it’s not yet time for spring planting, I find myself craving the color and life found in houseplants.  This is a perfect time of year to dive into what it takes to create a home full of thriving houseplants, and there’s no one better to discuss this with than Maria of Growing Joy Podcast, a self-proclaimed Plant Lady.  If you consider yourself a plant killer, you are in good company because both Maria and I have had our fair share of plant fails.  May this episode inspire you to try a new plant variety or tending method as you grow your houseplant collection.

In this episode, we cover:

The top two mistakes people make when it comes to houseplants

What your personality + lighting in your home say about what kind of plants you need

Breaking down some popular houseplant varieties and why they are not as easy to grow as you might think

Options for creating more light in your home if you don’t get enough natural light

Everything you need to know about growing plants in your window sill

Why you might want to propagate a plant and how to do it

How you can grow beautiful blooms in your home when it’s too cold to grow outside

Making sure your houseplants are getting adequate nutrition

Should you transition your plants between indoors and outdoors as the seasons change?

How you can grow herbs and vegetables indoors all year long

Creating the right outdoor garden for you and your family

View full show notes and transcript on the blog + watch this episode on YouTube.

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