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171. Finding Contentment in Your Home Decor & Homemaking | Kali Ramey Martin

Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life

There is no such thing as a perfect home.  Even when we finally get all the projects checked off of our list, new things are constantly popping up!  In my conversation with Kali, we chat about fighting for contentment in our homes no matter what they look like.  Kali also shares some practical tips for making small changes in your home decor even when you don’t have the time or money for a big renovation.  And we also touch finding a style you truly love even amidst the noise of decor trends.  This episode was such a fun one for me, and I hope it encourages you in your homemaking!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Taking a break from creative work
  • Living in the tension between envisioning what your home could become and being patient in the process
  • What people don’t realize about finally getting their dream home
  • Are you following trends or is your taste truly changing?
  • Identifying the three factors that determine your personal style
  • Are you missing the perfect solution for your home decor?
  • Making the most of your home when you can’t overhaul it
  • Taking pride in caring for your home even when it is imperfect
  • How to approach decluttering and organizing when you are not naturally organized
  • Keeping seasonal decor practical and minimal
  • Changing your mindset about the repetitive tasks of homemaking
  • Narrowing down what decor style you truly love
  • Different home decor personalities
  • Simple ways to spruce up your home without spending much time or money
  • The impact of choosing contentment in your home no matter what it looks like

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