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179. Pursuing Minimalism and Conscious Consumerism in a Materialistic World | Stephanie Seferian of The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast

Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life

Many of us strive to live a more minimal lifestyle in order to simplify our homes and lower our stress, but minimalism can also be good for the world around us! In this conversation, Stephanie and I discuss what it looks like to become more conscious consumers as we continually minimize our homes. If you are on a minimalism journey of any kind, this episode will inspire you to contribute to a more sustainable world through minimalist practices.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What it means to prioritize sustainable minimalism

  • How our emotions impact our buying behaviors

  • Shifting our mindsets about the cost of what we buy

  • Where to start when sourcing quality clothing

  • Reasons to prioritize natural fibers over synthetic materials

  • The value of repairing items instead of replacing them

  • A sustainable minimalist approach to kids’ clothing

  • Navigating gift giving from friends and family in a positive way

  • Strategies for storing kids’ clothes for future sizes and seasons

  • Pursuing minimalism in your home when your spouse is not on board

  • Avoiding clutter in your holiday decor

  • How to adjust your mindset so you don’t continue bringing clutter into your home

View full show notes on the blog + watch this episode on YouTube.

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