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183. The Value of a Homemaker | RuthAnn Zimmerman

Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life

Homemaking is truly an art, which means each of us expresses our own personalities and interests and values in unique ways in our homes. But one thing all homemakers share in common is the value they bring to their families. In my conversation with RuthAnn, we dive into some of the whys and hows of homemaking. If you are seeking encouragement and inspiration in your role as a homemaker, you don’t want to miss this chat with RuthAnn!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How you can begin to recognize the value in a homemaker’s role

  • Identifying a housekeeping structure that works for you

  • Where to start when you have a lot on your plate

  • Recognizing what your season allows for

  • Prioritizing tasks when everything seems to need your attention

  • Weighing the cost of spending time or money

  • How we can pass down to our children many of the skills that have been lost

  • The importance of articulating why homemaking is important to you

  • Shifting our mindsets around the seasonal availability of food

  • Establishing home rhythms that fit your family and season

  • Learning from others and finding community in social media while avoiding the comparison trap

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