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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast

International Guest - Nina Oyama

Reply 'NO!' to all your emails, bolt the door shut and turn up the volume for another episode of Taskmaster: The People's Podcast. What an extraordinary guest we have for you this week. The absolutely delightful Nina Oyama will be joining us all the way from the other side of the planet to discuss failure, secrets and humiliation (a typical Tuesday night out for me) and answer the question on every listener's lips, what are Jack's babies made out of?

The Andys are back with a vengeance to dispel myths and start a few of their own and of course Lou and Jack are tearing apart the latest episode and gobbling up any morsel of opinion that falls out. Plus, Lou has been sniffing around the back of time and found a little sclusie of her own.

If you want to share your Taskmaster obsession, whether it's talking about your favourite task, what you loved from the latest episode or that you hold the world record for number of mentions of Taskmaster live on air in Norway, we're all ears. As always, you can leave a voice note on the Fanswering machine. The number is 07810 025570. Alternatively send us an email at the address below. Your time starts... NOW!

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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast
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