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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast

Podcast Rival - Ed Gamble

Smack your lips and wiggle your hips, it's another tasty episode of Taskmaster: The People's Podcast. You might even say that this is the episode you've all been waiting for, the greatest crossover since that episode of Power Rangers when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned up. Our arch-rival and all round good guy Ed Gamble is joining us this week and boy does he not hold back. Head launching into space, tick, potentially offending children, tick, beef with Jack from three months ago, tick, sex pollen DOUBLE TICK.

Did I mention it's the first episode of series fifteen? (I did not). Jack's going to town this week with a dissection of the episode that would make Dr. Nicolaes Tulp proud. And as if that weren't enough the Andys are back! This time to answer the goofs, bloops and scoops sent in by the most eagle-eyed of listeners.

If you want to share your Taskmaster obsession, whether it's talking about your favourite task, what you loved from the latest episode or that you've decided not to blink for the next ten weeks just in case you miss any Taskmaster content, we're all ears. As always, you can leave a voice note on the Fanswering machine. The number is 07810 025570. Alternatively send us an email at the address below. Your time starts... NOW!

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Taskmaster: The People's Podcast
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