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Looking To The Future | Joseph Granda and Joel Thomas

The Confessionals
The Confessionals
Here is a Friendly Friday Feature with some friends of Tony's. We start out with Joseph Granda who is the Head of Film and Streaming Development at Merkel Media. He and I wanted to share a little about what happened in Washington state as we hunted for the infamous bigfoot clan in the area of Wes Germer of Sasquatch Chronicles' encounter location. Then we talk about a film shoot coming in two weeks where Merkel Media will be beginning the process of putting out our first feature-length film called "Sasqualogist". After Joseph, we bring on Joel Thomas of VanTesla Music. He and I talk about the bigfoot hunt in Washington as well as his new single that releases today entitled, "Adios". This final single to drop off the soundtrack made for Merkel Media's film "The Shape of Shadows" which is set to release this summer of 2023.

Joseph Granda:
Instagram: @josephgranda4
Website: josephgranda.com

Joel Thomas:
Instagram: @vanteslamusic
Latest Single: Adios
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The Confessionals
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