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RELOADED | 397: The Lost Gold Of Dents Run

The Confessionals
The Confessionals
In Episode 397: The Lost Gold of Dents Run, we are joined by Kem and Den Parada, a father-and-son treasure hunting duo based out of Pennsylvania. Back in the 1970s, Den was on the hunt for a lost Civil War treasure made up of 52 gold bars that went “missing” while being transported from Virginia to Philadelphia. In today’s currency, the gold bars were estimated to be worth close to $400,000,000, which would be the largest buried treasure recovered in U.S. history. One day when Den was at work, a psychic entered the store, found his way over to Den, and ended up revealing a location where he believed Den would find the gold. This encounter set off a nearly 50-year-long search for the Civil War treasure. After investing so much time and effort into their endeavor, the Paradas had the treasure pegged and proceeded to follow proper legal means of recovering it. They called in the F.B.I. and believed everything was aboveboard and ready to unearth the treasure of a lifetime – but they soon regretted it all when government agencies moved in under the cover of night and stole the gold out from under them. Kem and Den tell us everything about their incredible story, from how they found the gold, to government agencies trying to derail their efforts, to disclosing that they know where more gold is stashed – and this time they plan to get it.

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