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Candle In A Dark Room

Candle In A Dark Room

Candle In A Dark Room

About Candle In A Dark Room

Welcome to the Candle In A Dark Room Podcast with your host Desi Garcia who is the President and founder of The Candle In A Dark Room Foundation. CIADR is a nonprofit organization that helps survivors of physical and sexual trauma, as well as mental health that stems from trauma. We help guide survivors through the healing journey so they never feel alone. We show survivors that regardless of your situation and the trauma you have experienced, you can still find the light, and be a light.

I started this podcast to tell you the story of my life, how I survived physical and sexual trauma, & the mental health issues I've dealt with because of my trauma including PTSD and D.I.D (Disassociation Identity Disorder). But in spite of all of that, I talk about how I live in recovery today. I will also have discussions with experts in the trauma field as well as other survivors who will share their experiences with trauma & give advice on how they found light in their darkness. Survivors of all sexual violence, mental health, eating disorders, sex trafficking, & anything else trauma related. This is to help survivors take their power back by using their voices.
We talk about all of the "off limit" subjects that society has taught us to feel shame about & ignore. We help survivors take their power back & find light.

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Please show support by following our foundation on social media and subscribe to our website and Youtube because you will see all of the resources our foundation has to offer for survivors including coaching, support groups, group coaching courses, healing retreats and so much more.

Desi is a 32 year old wife and mother
•She is a survivor of physical & sexual child abuse
•She is the podcast host and CEO of the C.I.A.D.R foundation
•She is a sexual assault, trauma & mental health counselor
•She has worked with adolescents and adults
•She is a crisis worker and has worked in crisis intervention
•She does court advocacy
•She has 13 years of professional experience and a lifetime of personal experience
•She is a motivational speaker
•She is a trauma informed coach and offers 1:1 coaching with her unique program which is a mix of therapy and trauma informed coaching
•She works with all forms of trauma; acute, chronic, and complex trauma

Instgram: @candleinadarkroom
Faceboook: Candle In A Dark Room

✨Remember, you can ALWAYS find light in the darkest of darkness✨
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