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Mental health


  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

    1.On Purpose with Jay Shetty

    I’m Jay Shetty host of On Purpose the worlds #1 Mental Health podcast and I’m so grateful you found us. I started this podcast 5 years ago to invite you into conversations and workshops that are designed to help make you happier, healthier and more healed. I believe that when you (yes you) feel seen, heard and understood you’re able to deal with relationship struggles, work challenges and life’s ups and downs with more ease and grace. I interview experts, celebrities, thought leaders and athletes so that we can grow our mindset, build better habits and uncover a side of them we’ve never seen before. New episodes every Monday and Friday. Your support means the world to me and I don’t take it for granted — click the follow button and leave a review to help us spread the love with On Purpose. I can’t wait for you to listen to your first or 500th episode!

  2. The Imperfects

    2.The Imperfects

    We’re all imperfect. On this podcast, founder of The Resilience Project Hugh van Cuylenburg, his good friend Ryan Shelton, and only one of their brothers, Josh van Cuylenburg, talks to a variety of interesting people who vulnerably share their own struggles and imperfections, or expertly pass on their wisdom on the subject of imperfection. Whether it’s in The Vulnerabilitea House, The Academy of Imperfection, or with our very own psychologist, Dr Emily, The Imperfects are here to find some valuable takeaways we can all apply to our own imperfect lives.

  3. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

    3.Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

    Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical journalist who had a panic attack on live national television, which led him to try something he otherwise never would have considered: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier. On this show, Dan talks with eminent meditation teachers, top scientists, and even the odd celebrity. Guests include everyone from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Brené Brown to Karamo from Queer Eye. On some episodes, Dan ventures into the deep end of the pool, covering subjects such as enlightenment and psychedelics. On other episodes, it’s science-based techniques for issues such as anxiety, productivity, and relationships. Dan's approach is seemingly modest, but secretly radical: happiness is a skill you can train, just like working your bicep in the gym. Your progress may be incremental at first, but like any good investment, it compounds over time. New episodes come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for free. Listen 1-week early and to all episodes ad-free with Wondery+ or Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

  4. The Dr. John Delony Show

    4.The Dr. John Delony Show

    Mental health challenges and broken relationships are a part of life—but they don’t have to define you. If you’re navigating something messy, call The Dr. John Delony Show. John shares practical advice on how to connect with people, face depression, overcome anxiety, and learn what it means to be well. Send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291, or email askjohn@ramseysolutions.com. We want to talk to YOU!

  5. Do You F*cking Mind?

    5.Do You F*cking Mind?

    Mindset hacks for a badass life, hosted by cognitive neuroscientist Alexis Fernandez. On Mondays we dive into Neuroscience episodes with facts all about the brain. Wednesdays are your pep talk and mindset hacks. I deep dive into everything from habit formation and how to live a carefree life, to friendships and heartbreak. And wrapping it up on Fridays we've got Head Noise - where I answer your questions! Email info@dyfmpod.com to submit your questions.

  6. Pursuit of Wellness

    6.Pursuit of Wellness

    Mari Llewellyn is the transformation queen. Since 2018, Mari has been on an evolving journey with all things health and wellness. Inspired by her own pursuit of wellness, Mari is diving deeper into topics such as optimal living, nutrition, exercise, longevity, mental health, childhood trauma, relationships, and more. Radical honesty, goal-setting, and self-discipline all helped Mari transform and finally feel at home in her body. But Pursuit of Wellness is really about working from the inside out, learning to believe in yourself, and knowing that you are WORTH the time and energy to become your best self. Mari is on a mission to find the best health hacks from experts, as well as tips from her closest friends and family. In addition, you’ll hear solo episodes from Mari herself, discussing her own struggles and triumphs along the way. As a listener you can expect real and raw conversations with Mari that go more than skin deep. Tune in to the Pursuit of Wellness for a weekly dose of inspiration and insight and that is like a little nudge from a friend to keep going, to keep doing the work, and to keep transforming into the best version of you.

  7. The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

    7.The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

    Gabby Logan is middle-aged and unashamed.But what does it mean to be at the halfway stage of your life? Here, Gabby talks candidly to well-known faces about their own midlife challenges and expectations, drawing on the advice of experts from sleep gurus, nutritionists, and doctors specialising on hormone treatment. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  8. Daily Meditation Podcast

    8.Daily Meditation Podcast

    Sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and feel happier about your life. If you yearn for simpler calmer days, settle yourself down to explore the rich tradition of meditation for your modern life. Journey through a weekly theme to gain insight and understanding of the biggest stressors of our time. Be guided in a brief mini-meditation using a time-proven meditation technique in each episode to sleep better, manage anxiety, and improve mental focus. Described by listeners as a daily therapy session with certified meditation and yoga teacher, Mary Meckley



    KICPOD is your D&M on the stuff that matters.. and also the stuff that doesn't! Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Kic, a health & wellness app that focuses on feeling your best, not looking a certain way. To learn more you can find them on Instagram at @kicpod, @kic.app, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or visit their website kicapp.com

  10. Stompcast


    Our mind and body can be transformed through the simple act of walking. That’s why Dr Alex George has made this new, ambient podcast.It supports his mission to get us all out stomping, so whether you’re taking the dog out, hiking up a mountain or maybe you simply need some fresh air, Dr Alex and his guests will be here every week as your loyal stomping companions.In every episode, you’ll hear Dr Alex George out on a stomp with an exciting guest, in a location of their choice, to take a meander into their lives.You’ll wind through uplifting and thought-provoking conversations with a soothing backdrop of birdsong, crashing waves or the breeze gently rustling through leaves.Each episode is split into three parts, designed to be listened to on three short stomps, or one long one.So put on your headphones, follow @thestompcast and join us on a good old stomp. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  11. Therapy Works

    11.Therapy Works

    Bestselling author and psychotherapist, Julia Samuel, invites us into her therapy room as she talks to both known and unknown voices about some of life’s biggest challenges. Therapy Works is full of therapeutic conversations which may contain difficult emotions but those that can paradoxically bring light, in all its form. Listeners will hear what the guests have learnt, failed to learn and how they have grown through their experience. At the end of each episode, Julia reflects on her session with her two psychotherapist daughters who will share their thoughts on the conversation. You’ll quickly discover that not all therapists agree on everything! Follow @juliasamuelmbe Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  12. 21 Days of Abundance - Meditation Series

    12.21 Days of Abundance - Meditation Series

    Fulfill your deepest desires and effortlessly attract anything you wish.

  13. The Minimalists Podcast

    13.The Minimalists Podcast

    The Minimalists are Emmy-nominated Netflix stars and New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Alongside cohost T.K. Coleman, they help millions of people live meaningful lives with less.

  14. Life After Diets

    14.Life After Diets

    Many people are waking up to the fact that diets don't work, but if we're not dieting, now what? How are we supposed to find balance around food and figure out how to eat? Join Sarah and Stef, a psychotherapist and a health coach, as they talk about all things related to disordered eating, bad body image and creating a life that's free from food and body obsession. The hosts draw on their own eating struggles and openly share the highs and lows of pursuing food freedom over weight loss.

  15. The Declutter Hub Podcast

    15.The Declutter Hub Podcast

    Achieving the clutter-free organised home of your dreams can be a tough, emotional journey. Decluttering is never about the stuff. It's all about the emotions that sit behind the stuff. In this podcast, we bring a bit of light-hearted fun to the serious business of decluttering with hints, tips, insights and guest experts to help you every step of the way.

  16. Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology & Advice with Jessica Lanyadoo

    16.Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology & Advice with Jessica Lanyadoo

    Ghost of a Podcast is your twice weekly Astrology + Advice podcast hosted by Jessica Lanyadoo, an astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with over 28 years of consulting experience. On Sundays, Jessica guides you through your horoscope, providing valuable insights and strategies for the week ahead — both personally, as well as from a social and political perspective. Then, on Wednesdays, she offers a listener one of her highly relatable readings which reveal the human side of Astrology + woo. https://www.lovelanyadoo.com/ghost-of-a-podcast Song: Sonny & The Sunsets

  17. The Badass Counseling Show

    17.The Badass Counseling Show

    Sven Erlandson, TikTok star, best-selling author & founder of BadassCounseling (NYC), is a CEO-whisperer & soul counselor, who kicks your ass, taking you to the dark places of life to finally heal into true ALIVENESS! Listen for new counseling sessions every Thursday, and Sven's responses to his followers' questions every Sunday. Explicit content.

  18. Heartbreak Podcast

    18.Heartbreak Podcast

    Heartbreak Podcast is a series of audio episodes made specifically for anyone dealing with the pain of heartbreak from a broken relationship.

  19. Listen To Sleep - Quiet Bedtime Stories & Meditations

    19.Listen To Sleep - Quiet Bedtime Stories & Meditations

    Fall asleep to quiet stories and meditations read from a cozy mountain cabin. For just $4.99/month, supporters get the weekly bedtime stories and meditations ad-free, a day earlier. Access over 400 sleepy episodes, including nature sounds and classic audiobooks like Winnie the Pooh. Join us at https://www.listentosleep.com/support/ for a better night's sleep. 💜 Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  20. ASMR by GentleWhispering

    20.ASMR by GentleWhispering

    Maria Gentlewhispering ALL PLAYLISTS ➡️ https://open.spotify.com/user/31oadyllbsrjpehgc SPA/Haircut/Makeup https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70RsOQMMX9BVraS9UdOaXk Doctor Exams https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ya64raKmBrbEwQ382AwPt Sounds and Visuals https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63pcVoMtfHsaQ3XaBYVOL7?si=DrV_8L1xSSGvph7D_U2i0A Professions https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1flFDtvKD5P2AwIOvzPYrC?si=VHN_zwGMRYuiWOgbzlIDwQ Color Analysis https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6LnQzSaaivdJBhCAymAbCq?si=wjNRYTDQRAawOIYtT Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/maria-gentlewhispering/support

  21. Bible Sleep

    21.Bible Sleep

    Fall asleep to the very source of all peace, the words of God. Life can be stressful. Bible Sleep provides the listeners with a peaceful narration of the Biblical text with music to aid in drifting off to a restful nights sleep. If you have any prayer requests, please contact us at 401-47-BIBLE. Check out our other podcasts, Bible Kids, Bible Light, Bible Detox, and Bible Academy.

  22. Hypnosis, deep in the mind

    22.Hypnosis, deep in the mind

    Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/theclinicalhypnotherapist/subscribe Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Mental Health

  23. ADHD Explorers - By ADHDoers

    23.ADHD Explorers - By ADHDoers

    Fun conversations around crowdsourced ADHD hacks ( from our Instagram @adhdoers @adhdexplorers ). Youtube: @NeurodiveShows We're digging into our "hunter-gatherer" brains and exploring all topics related to ADHD. https://adhdoers.com/

  24. The Overwhelmed Brain

    24.The Overwhelmed Brain

    Get to the root of emotional issues and learn the best way to relate to yourself and others by honoring your personal boundaries and making decisions that are in alignment with what's most important to you. This is not a "common-sense" personal growth and development show. You won't be told to think positively or create affirmations. The Overwhelmed Brain is about accessing that deeper mental and emotional strength inside you so that you can decrease or even eliminate old fears and evolve into the person you want to be. Learn what your parents or caretakers never taught you about emotional wellness and creating strong, non-toxic bonds with others. If you want the exact instructions that will help improve your life, you're in the right place.

  25. ADHD Chatter

    25.ADHD Chatter

    Join Alex, founder of UNILAD and LADBible, as he chats all things ADHD with a variety of guests. The chats are unfiltered, unedited and unpredictable and they will give you the wisdom you need to live your best ADHD life.Brand new shiny episode released every Tuesday. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  26. Master Your Relationship Mind Drama

    26.Master Your Relationship Mind Drama

    Feeling anxious and insecure in your relationships? Showing up in ways you don't love and struggling to manage your mind and emotions? Relationship coach, Rebecca Ore is here to help. 

  27. Meditation Station (Sleep Hypnosis)

    27.Meditation Station (Sleep Hypnosis)

    Sleep hypnosis and all things meditation when it comes to relaxing you and putting you to sleep peacefully every single night. Join Mr. J Black from YouTube's Meditation Station channel as you drift off tonight.

  28. These Fukken Feelings Podcast©

    28.These Fukken Feelings Podcast©

    Are you tired of feeling like you're the only one struggling with your emotions? Do you want to hear from real people who are dealing with the same issues as you? Then tune in to These Fukken Feelings Podcast©! Hosted by a team of mental health advocates, These Fukken Feelings Podcast© is a weekly show that explores the ups and downs of life, from navigating relationships and dealing with anxiety to coping with loss and finding happiness. With honest and relatable conversations, you'll learn practical tips and strategies for managing your emotions and living your best life. Join us every week as we dive deep into the issues that matter most to you. Whether you're looking for inspiration, motivation, or just a little bit of humor, These Fukken Feelings Podcast© has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and start feeling better today! These Fukken Feelings Podcast" is a mental health advocacy podcast that provides a safe space for individuals to discuss their personal experiences with mental health issues. It is important to note that the podcast is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. If you are feeling at risk of harming yourself or others, we urge you to immediately seek help by contacting your local emergency services. It is important to find a safe place and seek professional assistance. Remember, there is no shame in seeking help for mental health issues.

  29. Teal Swan

    29.Teal Swan

    A podcast for everyone who wants to get inspired towards authenticity, freedom and joy. Featuring the "AskTeal" episodes, meditations and inspiration by author and public speaker Teal Swan.

  30. Guided Meditation

    30.Guided Meditation

    Hello my friend! Welcome to Guided Meditation. We are so glad you joined us here today. And we invite you to make this Your place to find inner peace, strength and relaxation.  Our intention is to create meditation practices that will benefit you and to develop strengths, flow and personal growth. SUPPORT US ❤️ Patreon: https://patreon.com/GuidedMeditationCommunity PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=GTA23P6TW7F82 Contact us: immersive.meditation@gmail.com Much love and peace Guided Meditation

  31. The Terri Cole Show

    31.The Terri Cole Show

    Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and expert at turning Fear into Freedom. Helping people all over the world face their fears, get unstuck from the past, move past their limiting beliefs, and start living the lives they desire. This show is for anyone who wants to learn more about practical psychology, achieving personal freedom, self-improvement, meditation, mindfulness practices, harnessing the power of intention, and real-life strategies for personal transformation. Episodes feature expert interviews, discussions, Terri's observations, listener Q&A, and how to apply practical strategies to create more freedom in all areas of your life.

  32. Healing Trauma

    32.Healing Trauma

    A podcast by the Trauma Institute

  33. Almost Adulting with Violet Benson

    33.Almost Adulting with Violet Benson

    Find out why everyone’s talking about Almost Adulting Podcast. Get read to immerse yourself in the largest self-love podcast and movement - your #1 destination for personal growth and mental health. I'm your host Violet Benson, known as Daddy Issues meme queen, comedian, and motivational speaker, but most importantly, I'm YOUR big sister.  Each month, we explore a new topic with amazing guests, inspiring conversations, and life-changing solo episodes. Drawing on my own personal experiences (where I learned everything the hard way) and researched expert advice, we'll tackle critical areas like self-improvement, mental health, and relationships with plenty of useful tools, relatable humour and candid advice. Get ready to feel empowered, liberated, and seen like never before! Don't wait another moment to become the best version of yourself - Change your life and subscribe to Almost Adulting! Welcome to the #AlmostAdulting movement. Your healing journey starts NOW. Podcast drops every Tuesday and Thursday.

  34. Daily Affirmations Meditation for Women

    34.Daily Affirmations Meditation for Women

    Affirmation Meditations that will infuse your day with calm, inspiration and connection. These daily morning affirmation meditations are short and easy to fit into your morning routine. Every morning, you’ll receive an episode that is dedicated to one specific affirmation, so you can have the space to reflect on it and receive the power within it. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and guided by the incredible Jody Agard. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

  35. Mayim Bialik's Breakdown

    35.Mayim Bialik's Breakdown

    Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.

  36. The Healing Trauma Podcast

    36.The Healing Trauma Podcast

    Become a friend of the podcast! Your support goes directly towards keeping the healing conversation going. Get access to extended and or bonus episodes. https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/monique34/subscribe The Healing Trauma Podcast brings you conversations around trauma healing. This season features a new "Faith" edition where conversations around trauma healing and emotionally healthy spirituality meet. Disclaimer: The information is not intended as a replacement for medical and mental health advice. Follow the advice of your licensed mental health professional.

  37. Mad in America: Rethinking Mental Health

    37.Mad in America: Rethinking Mental Health

    Welcome to the Mad in America podcast, a weekly discussion that searches for the truth about psychiatric prescription drugs and mental health care worldwide. Hosted by James Moore, this podcast is part of Mad in America’s mission to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care. We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, calls for profound change. On the podcast we have interviews with experts and those with lived experience of the psychiatric system. Thank you for joining us as we discuss the many issues around rethinking psychiatric care around the world. For more information visit madinamerica.com To contact us email podcasts@madinamerica.com

  38. The Psychology of your 20s

    38.The Psychology of your 20s

    A podcast that explains how everything is psychology. Even your 20s. New episodes every Friday! For business enquires please email thepsychologyofyour20steam@unitedtalent.com New merchandise here: https://the-psychology-of-your-20s.myshopify.com/

  39. Sleep With Me

    39.Sleep With Me

    Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.

  40. Selective Mutism HELP

    40.Selective Mutism HELP

    This podcast is for those that have someone in their life affected by Selective Mutism. Whether you are a parent of a child with Selective Mutism, a teacher with an SM student, or a medical professional working with an SM patient, this podcast will give you an inside look at what Selective Mutism is and how a child can be supported to help them overcome this anxiety disorder. As a mom of a child with SM, this podcast will be a way for me to help others on the same journey. I will share the ups and downs of our journey and hopefully help you avoid some detours along yours. New episodes will be released the 3rd Thursday of every month. I hope you join me! www.smhelp.org

  41. Narcissistic Abuse No More

    41.Narcissistic Abuse No More

    Helping people to admit what they feel in order to heal from the effects of Narcissistic Abuse from a Biblical and Psychological perspective. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/narcissistic-abuse-no-more--2855898/support.

  42. Sleeping Sounds

    42.Sleeping Sounds

    Fall asleep relaxed everynight!

  43. The Truth and Our Trauma

    43.The Truth and Our Trauma

    You don't have what it takes. You're not good enough. It's always going to be this way. We've heard what trauma has to say– now it's time for the Truth. Trauma inflicts a wound that allows shame to infect the soul. At its core, shame lies to us about who we are and Whose we are – it tells us we are unloved and on our own. And I don’t know about you, but I’m SO tired of listening to all of that. The Truth & Our Trauma is a podcast dedicated to discovering how sacred reconnection breaks the bondages of trauma & shame. We explore ways to practically encounter the Spirit of Truth on the journey to healing, and discuss how to live from our truest identities as daughters & sons of the Living God. For more on faith + emotional wellness, visit us at www.UncommonValor.co

  44. Neurology Minute

    44.Neurology Minute

    The Neurology Minute podcast delivers a brief daily summary of what you need to know in the field of neurology, the latest science focused on the brain, and timely topics explored by leading neurologists and neuroscientists. From the American Academy of Neurology and hosted by Stacey Clardy, MD, Ph.D., FAAN, with contributions by experts from the Neurology journals, Neurology Today, Continuum, and more.

  45. HealthyGamerGG


    The Podcast form of HealthyGamerGG! Tune in for weekly updates from the channel to learn more about mental health, wellness, and how to become a Healthy Gamer!

  46. Unleash the Badass Within

    46.Unleash the Badass Within

    Unleash the Badass Within is hosted by Sofia von Celsing, international wellbeing and performance coach for high-achieving women leaders.  Her show offers practical guidance and inspiration to women leaders who want to find harmony in life and excel in their careers.  Episodes will cover how to perform at a high but sustainable level and how to work with your thoughts and mindset to feel more powerful.  The show will also delve into stress reduction through meditation and mindfulness, client challenges, well-being, self-esteem, sleep, mindset, hormones, and confidence.  In addition, Sofia will also be interviewing interesting leaders and experts to share their tips and tricks on being healthy AND successful. Sofia has extensive experience in HR, startups, scale-ups, psychology, mindfulness, and yoga and hacked her own health back from severe burnout.  Learn about her VIP program: https://www.sofiavoncelsing.com/work-with-me

  47. PTSD Bytes

    47.PTSD Bytes

    Welcome to the VA podcast series, PTSD Bytes! In each episode, host and clinical psychologist Colleen Becket-Davenport from the VA National Center for PTSD talks to an expert or innovator about how technology can support people with PTSD or other mental health concerns. There are many resources out there, so join us for “bite-sized” episodes featuring practical information you can use or share. Visit www.ptsd.va.gov/podcast for more information.

  48. HER Morning Meditation

    48.HER Morning Meditation

    Join Marjolaine, a confidence and empowerment coach, and the founder of Aum Rituals, each morning as she guides you through soothing meditations crafted to awaken your inner strength, intuition, and confidence. With her innate ability to tap into the power of future-self visualizations and intuition, Marjolaine creates a sacred space for you to explore and connect with the source of your inner well-being. Through gentle guidance and empowering affirmations, Marjolaine helps you envision the future you desire and unlocks the wisdom within you to make it a reality. Each episode of ’Her Morning Meditation’ is designed to empower you to step into your true potential, embrace your unique gifts, and cultivate a deep sense of self-trust. For coaching and private retreats in Greece, visit www.aumrituals.com or follow us on Instagram @aumrituals.

  49. Morning Meditation for Women

    49.Morning Meditation for Women

    Morning meditations created for women or anyone who feels called to listen. 💗 Start your day with a moment of mindfulness with the Morning Meditation for Women podcast. Whether you’re new to meditation, trying to kickstart your meditation practice, or a seasoned meditator, you’ll love these quick meditations designed to start your day with intention, love and a deep sense of peace. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

  50. Sleep Meditation for Women 3 HOURS

    50.Sleep Meditation for Women 3 HOURS

    3 Hour Sleep meditations created to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Can’t sleep? Insomnia? Mind racing with worries and a never-ending to-do list? Tune in to the Sleep Meditation for Women 3 Hours podcast and let these LONG guided meditations help you ease into sleep peacefully. Guidance lasts for 20-30 minutes and then the music continues for hours so you can drift off to sleep. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get comfy, press play and let yourself be guided into dreamland. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

  51. Problem Solved with Therapy Jeff

    51.Problem Solved with Therapy Jeff

    Your soon to be favorite advice podcast Problem Solved, invites willing brave souls seeking personal growth and guidance to address all the classic issues, vulnerabilities and triggers. Each week, new callers will take suggestions given by Jeff (And various other special guest mental health co-hosts) and put those elements of advice into practice, returning weeks later to reveal their positive (or not-so-positive) experiences and thoughts. As if that wasn't enough, this wonderfully insightful podcast will periodically shift its focus to episodes that reveal and explore Jeff's own personal experiences, vulnerabilities and struggles. Problems will be identified and solved during this podcast. (Hopefully!) More great podcast content: https://wavepodcastnetwork.com/ DISCLAIMER: The insights shared in this podcast are for educational purposes only, and should not be seen as a substitute for professional therapy. The guidance is general in nature, and does not equate to the personalized care provided by a licensed therapist. The callers are not therapy clients.

  52. Savvy Psychologist

    52.Savvy Psychologist

    Seeking a healthier emotional life? It’s time to bring a trained psychologist and mental health expert along for the ride. Dr. Monica Johnson explains the why behind complex emotions, helps you form better relationships, and guides you down the path of self-understanding.

  53. Letting It Settle with Michael Galyon

    53.Letting It Settle with Michael Galyon

    Find your calm and navigate the chaos of life with Michael Galyon, an experienced mindfulness instructor and certified professional coach. Receive actionable takeaways, guided meditations, and mindfulness exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. With a holistic approach to well-being and a mission to spread kindness, Michael inspires individuals to take charge of their mental and emotional well-being – promoting a calmer, kinder, and more connected world. ~~ Email the show at lettingitsettle@michaelgalyon.com  Subscribe to Letting It Settle+ on Apple Podcasts ~~ Follow Michael Galyon on Instagram: @michael.galyon Tik Tok: @coachmichael1 Visit his website at https://www.michaelgalyon.com/ ~~ Letting It Settle with Michael Galyon is brought to you by QCODE. To advertise on the show, contact us!

  54. Stuck Not Broken

    54.Stuck Not Broken

    Stuck Not Broken is the first podcast built on clearly teaching the Polyvagal Theory and applying it to your trauma recovery process. Justin Sunseri is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that makes the science of connection easily understood and accessible to anyone. He created the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System and is the author of Trauma & The Polyvagal Paradigm. (Justin Sunseri, LMFT99147)

  55. The CPTSD Podcast

    55.The CPTSD Podcast

    Distinguished therapist Tabatha Bird Weaver talks about CPTSD and how to recover from complex trauma. You can hear us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, and you can watch our video versions on YouTube. Check us out at thecptsdpodcast.com!

  56. Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

    56.Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

    Slo Mo is a series of conversations hosted by bestselling author and former Chief Business Officer of Google X, Mo Gawdat. With stunning honesty, Mo and some of his wisest friends explore the profound questions we all face in the pursuit of purpose in our lives. Achieving happiness and fulfillment is a lifelong journey, but step one is simple: slow down, and listen.

  57. Don't Blame Me! / But Am I Wrong?

    57.Don't Blame Me! / But Am I Wrong?

    Actor/Content Creator Meghan Rienks and Producer/Writer/Director Melisa Monts are like every other person with access to a microphone, they started a podcast. But to be fair they’ve been at it for a while. It all began with one show which led to another, but as they say, more is more.  On Mondays they release Don’t Blame Me!, which is an advice podcast where listeners call in and we share our thoughts on situations such as “What to do if you’re going to your boyfriend’s family function and you haven’t told him that you previously slept with both his twin brothers.” Then on Thursdays they release But Am I Wrong?, where they ethically gossip about pop culture, politics, their lives, and the listener's  lives. Listeners write in and Meghan and Melisa tell them if they’re wrong or right in a situation.  On Tuesdays and Fridays they throw in a little something extra as well.  Meghan and Melisa strive to create community, grounded in activism, mental health, and inclusively. Think of them as your blunt, honest friends who give you the advice you need to hear, not what you want to hear, but are rooting for your success. What they lack in credentials, they make up in opinions. They’re  professional unprofessionals. So if you’re looking for a new slate of podcasts to add to your routine, we’re here for you. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  58. The OCD Stories

    58.The OCD Stories

    Welcome to The OCD Stories, hosted by Stuart Ralph. The podcast has been heard over 6million times globally. Check out your first episode from our existing hundreds of episodes featuring experts, and people experiencing symptoms just like you today. If you do, you may just feel understood, heard and possibly help you identify your next step in your own personal journey to healing. Disclaimer - this podcast is not a replacement for therapy. Please seek treatment from a licensed mental health professional.

  59. Beyond the Borderline

    59.Beyond the Borderline

    A hopeful and realistic look at living with borderline personality disorder and other mental health conditions.

  60. Down To Sleep (Audiobooks & Bedtime Stories)

    60.Down To Sleep (Audiobooks & Bedtime Stories)

    Down To Sleep is a weekly podcast of softly spoken readings to help you fall asleep! Sleepy audiobooks and bedtime stories, from Alice in Wonderland to Twilight, Pride & Prejudice to Coraline and more! Join me on Patreon to hear everything first and get access to exclusive books, over 330 episodes and new readings at least twice a week. You get access to all the completed audiobooks! Join the Patreon here: https://www.Patreon.com/DownToSleep All the links you need Listen on YouTube (More Books): https://www.youtube.com/DownToSleep Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/DownToSleepPodcast Patreon: https://www.Patreon.com/DownToSleep Created & Narrated by MadMorph: https://www.madmorph.com Website: https://www.DownToSleepPodcast.com Description & Tags: British Male Voice, ASMR, Narration, Relaxing, Softly Spoken, Books read softly, calm and relaxing readings, ASMR like, listen to and fall asleep with. Sleepy, sleep, trouble sleeping, help, mental health, insomnia, relaxing, soothing, noise, white noise, brown noise, relaxing sounds, rain sounds, rain storm. Classic books like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Twilight, Winnie The Pooh, Wind in the Willows. New Moon, Eclipse, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, spooky stories, Jurassic Park, Coraline. YouTuber, MadMorph, TikTok. DTS, Down To Sleep, Sleep Podcast, Sleepcast, Rain sounds and gentle storms in the background with the book reading. Complete and compiled episodes, sleep aid podcast with a free episode every week Happy sleeping. Down To Sleep is a sleep podcast, or sleepcast created and narrated by MadMorph. I read bedtime stories softly to help you relax or fall asleep. Sometimes with relaxing sounds in the background like rain, thunder, fire, and other ambience. Turn on & drift off. If you need help sleeping or just want to relax listening to classic tales as bedtime stories with a side of unintentional softly spoken ASMR. Come gently nod off to sleep with me, a new episode every Monday. You can listen on Spotify, Google, Apple, and most podcast apps. Highlights include The Twilight Saga Audiobook, Coraline Audiobook The Lord of the Rings Audiobook, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Audiobook (Narnia), Alice in Wonderland Audiobook, Winnie the Pooh complete audiobook reading, and more.

  61. This Jungian Life Podcast

    61.This Jungian Life Podcast

    Eavesdrop on three Jungian analysts as they engage in lively, sometimes irreverent conversations about a wide range of topics as they share what it’s like to see the world through the depth psychological lens provided by Carl Jung. Half of each episode is spent discussing a dream submitted by a listener.

  62. Sleep and Sorcery | Folklore & Fantasy-Inspired Sleep Stories

    62.Sleep and Sorcery | Folklore & Fantasy-Inspired Sleep Stories

    Welcome to Sleep and Sorcery, a folklore and fantasy-inspired sleep series. Step across the threshold into a world of myth and magic, where you can safely drift off into a deep and comfortable sleep. Sleep and Sorcery is one part bedtime story, one part guided meditation, and one part dreamy adventure. Visit a cozy cottage in the mythical village of Slumbershire, the fairy tale forests of Bohemia, the court of King Arthur, and spaceships among the stars. Dream your wildest dreams with Sleep and Sorcery. Now you can support my work on Patreon for exclusive perks: patreon.com/sleepandsorcery

  63. Love and Abuse

    63.Love and Abuse

    Helping you identify toxic communication, emotional abuse, manipulation, and other forms of bad behavior in relationships. Love and Abuse gives you the perspective of both the victim and the perpetrator. Full of tips and advice for your friendships, family, love life, and marriage. You'll learn about covert abusive communication that takes away your power. And you'll discover how to pinpoint the specific toxic behaviors, such as narcissistic abuse and verbal abuse, before you are dragged into a game so deep you come out a shell of your former self. Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M.E.A.N. Workbook, an assessment and healing guide to help you evaluate the emotionally abusive and manipulative patterns in your relationship. Get the guide that will tell you exactly what's happening in your relationship over at loveandabuse.com. Transcripts available upon request: https://loveandabuse.com/contact/

  64. MS Podcasts

    64.MS Podcasts

    Multiple sclerosis symptom management and wellness topics for people living with MS, their family, carers and friends.

  65. Chasing Life

    65.Chasing Life

    Many of us are setting new personal goals in the new year – like exercising, eating healthier or even trying to lose weight. What does our weight really tell us about our health? Is it possible to feel healthy without obsessing over the numbers on the scale? Are our ideas about weight and health based on outdated beliefs? On this season of Chasing Life, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is talking to doctors, researchers, and listeners to take a closer look at what our weight means for our health. Plus, what you need to know about the latest weight loss drugs and how to talk about weight and better health with others, especially kids.

  66. Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown

    66.Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown

    Welcome to Better Tomorrow, a lifestyle podcast hosted by TV Personality Hannah Brown. Join Hannah as she seeks to answer the big questions: “Am I better today than I was yesterday? And how can I learn to be better tomorrow?” Each week, Hannah will build on those questions, discussing topics like confidence, love, and making time for yourself, all through the relatable experiences of the ultimate Everywoman. There will be advice, intimate emotional explorations and reveals, and lasting takeaways. Hannah will push the envelope as she challenges, inspires, and guides herself and her audience across these topics through the lens of a progressive, empowered woman who even with her faith doesn’t know all the answers and is still actively defining and deciding what all that means.

  67. ADHD Crash Course

    67.ADHD Crash Course

    This is a podcast for those of us who feel we have a lot to learn about ADHD! My name is Donae Cannon- I'm an occupational therapist, a certified coach, a parent of more than one child with ADHD, and I have ADHD. I've been learning about ADHD for a while now, and I'm still learning new things. Welcome to the Crash Course- let's dive in... 

  68. Neurodiversity Podcast

    68.Neurodiversity Podcast

    The Neurodiversity Podcast talks with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, about positively impacting neurodivergent people. Our goal is to reframe differences that were once considered disabilities or disorders, promote awareness of this unique population, and improve the lives of neurodivergent and high-ability people.

  69. Radio Headspace

    69.Radio Headspace

    Join us every weekday morning to take a few moments to step out of the internal chatter and external noise. We'll pause and reflect to consider what brings us together in this shared human condition and how we can live a life that best reflects our limitless potential. Get one month of Headspace free by going to Headspace.com/radioheadspace

  70. SelfHealers SoundBoard

    70.SelfHealers SoundBoard

    The SELFHEALERS SOUNDBOARD is a global, community-based healing experience created by Dr. Nicole LePera and Jenna Weakland. Each week, we host raw, unscripted, open conversations about the things we are REALLY dealing with on the journey of facing our pasts and becoming our best Selves. Together, as community, we create resonance with “strangers” around the world as we collectively witness our own triggers, habits, traumas, and inherent wisdom. This is, and always will be, an ad free experience. Subscribe to our SelfHealers Soundboard YouTube channel to view these weekly podcasts with video and connect with us. New episodes every Sunday at 12 PM PST.

  71. I Have ADHD Podcast

    71.I Have ADHD Podcast

    The I Have ADHD Podcast is a clear, concise, and FUN podcast for adults with ADHD. Host Kristen Carder is an ADHD expert who has been supporting ADHDers for over a decade. Kristen began working with ADHD students in 2012 and transitioned to mindset coaching for ADHD adults in 2019. Let's just say she entered the ADHD field long before it was a trending topic on TikTok. Join Kristen to learn about how ADHD impacts every area of your life...from the boardroom to the bedroom...and how you can begin to overcome your symptoms by accepting who you are, flaws and all. This podcast is a mix of solo shows + interviews with the authors of all the dusty ADHD books sitting on your shelf: Dr. Barkley, Dr. Hallowell, Dr. Quinn, Dr. Ramsay, Sari Solden, Dr. Tuckman, and more! Binge-listen from the beginning, or start with the latest episode. Either way, it won't be waste of your time. Whether you're officially diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or just curious about ADHD, you're going to love this podcast...guaranteed or your money back! Disclaimer: Kristen would like you to know that she's a very different person now from the woman who dropped the first 75 episodes of this podcast. Her values have changed. Her tone of voice has changed. She's much more empathetic and trauma-informed NOW than she was 4+ years ago. ****OBVIOUSLY the content in this podcast is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Kristen Carder is not a medical professional.

  72. Escaping Narcissist Mothers

    72.Escaping Narcissist Mothers

    This podcast is for healing from parental/family narcissistic abuse. #narcissistmothers #narcissists #narcissisticfamily #narcissisticabuse #toxicfamily #childhoodtrauma #healingfromnarcissisticabuse

  73. Sleep Sounds Meditation for Women

    73.Sleep Sounds Meditation for Women

    Trouble sleeping? Press play on these sleep sounds. Relaxing sleep meditation music, ambient and nature sounds, binaural beats, white noise and more are here for you whenever you need help drifting off into peaceful sleep. Each episode is 1 hour long, so just lay back, close your eyes and let yourself ease into deep sleep. Created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen 💗. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network. https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

  74. Attachment Theory in Action

    74.Attachment Theory in Action

    Presented by The Knowledge Center at Chaddock, Attachment Theory in Action is a bi-monthly podcast featuring national experts from the field of attachment and trauma. Hosted by Jenna Kelly, the podcast is dedicated to therapists, social workers, counselors and psychologists working with clients from an attachment-based perspective.

  75. A Millennial Mind

    75.A Millennial Mind

    Millennials are different. They are a new generation particularly focused on change, innovation and creativity. However, they’ve been conditioned to believe concepts and practises that are often outdated. Throughout this podcast Shivani challenges these concepts by interviewing guests from a variety of backgrounds with a plethora of expertise who provide guidance and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Shivani seeks to entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more positive and energised life. These fascinating conversations own health and wellness and seek to challenge your thoughts and mindset, whilst bringing an uplifting element to your day.

  76. That Bitch is Positive

    76.That Bitch is Positive

    The honest best friend, the big sister you wish you had, the girl who is manifesting her dream life…CiiCii is THAT POSITIVE BITCH. Whether you need help along your spiritual journey, learning to love yourself, breaking negative patterns, or advice about a f*ck boy, you have found the perfect guide. Sometimes we'll cry, most times we'll laugh, but we will always heal. You are meant to be here. Together, let's be the vibe we wish to feel in the world, and heal this shit out.

  77. Helping Couples Heal Podcast

    77.Helping Couples Heal Podcast

    Welcome to the Helping Couples Heal podcast. If you have lost hope around healing your relationship due to infidelity, relational or betrayal trauma you have come to the right place. Helping Couples Heal is an ongoing podcast designed to help couples recover and heal from the impact of betrayal trauma on their relationships. We cumulatively bring over two decades of experience and expertise in the field of betrayal. Throughout this podcast series, we will offer resources and support and teach you the tools and skills necessary to heal your relationship. You will also hear from recovered addicts, partners, and couples who will share their stories, as well as from experts in the field of betrayal. With compassion, love and fierce commitment, we will guide you and walk beside you as you navigate this journey of recovery, hope, and healing. Thank you for inviting us into your world; we are honored to support you.

  78. Wise Effort

    78.Wise Effort

    Wise Effort with Dr. Diana Hill is a show about how to live wisely. You’ll learn how to put your energy into places that matter most to you while making a difference in the world. This show is for you because: - You are a high achiever who knows how to get things done, but you're getting burned out by overfilling your plate with stuff that doesn't matter to you. - You want to put your energy in places that feed you. You have a lot of heart to give, but the way you are giving isn’t sustainable. - You are interested in more holistic ways of living but don't want just another wellness checklist that will make you feel bad when you don't complete it. - You care about the factors that impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. - You are interested in science but not so rigidly attached to research to explore the edges of the mystery of spirituality and contemplative practice. - You’re open-minded and have a beginner's mind. - Most importantly, you believe deep down inside that there's a better way to do this, and you are ready to put some of your wisdom into practice. We don’t have to burn ourselves out or engage in things that are not worth it. We can put our energy where it matters most and savor the good along the way. Join us at Wise Effort!

  79. Ayurveda


    This podcast is about how to treat stress and anxiety with Ayurveda.

  80. Rain Sounds

    80.Rain Sounds

    Sounds for Sleep, Meditation, Studying, & Relaxation Check out our collection of eclectic podcasts, free offerings, & other content to help you relax and meditate at: https://www.solgood.org

  81. .............. ♫ Powerful Guided Reiki Healing Meditations .............. Self-hypnosis & Energy Cleansing Binaural Music ♫  (ad-free) ►Subscribe & Vibe!

    81............... ♫ Powerful Guided Reiki Healing Meditations .............. Self-hypnosis & Energy Cleansing Binaural Music ♫ (ad-free) ►Subscribe & Vibe!

    YoQiZen‘s Reiki meditations use ancient wisdom traditions, science, and practical application to produce powerful meditation experiences to enhance all aspects of life and bring clarity, balance, health, wealth, and well-being and love. Yo = Yoga (Breath) Qi = Life Force Energy Zen = Meditation ...Just breathe..... Reiki has no limitations, is not bound by time, space nor matter. Reiki flows as you direct it. You only need to OPEN and RECEIVE. ► Simply bring your awareness to the places you want Reiki healing in your life◄ Help us stay AD FREE! For more, visit www.yoqizen.com and gain access to the YoQiZen™ Community Podcast Newsletter ~ Namaste, Felicia M. W. Bowers, RGMS

  82. Surviving the Narcissist

    82.Surviving the Narcissist

    Welcome to Surviving the Narcissist, I’ll be discussing different topics of psychology that I’ve personally read about. A huge topic of interest has been narcissistic abuse/ abusive relationship recovery, so stay tuned for different episodes covering those topics. Thanks for watching! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/emily-psych/support

  83. Deep Sleep Asmr

    83.Deep Sleep Asmr

    Deep Sleep Asmr is al you need to have a good night sleep 💤💤💤 Have a listen!

  84. The Blueprint

    84.The Blueprint

    Welcome to "The Blueprint," a podcast hosted by Jason Smith. The Blueprint is all about ditching your old plans so you can become the version of you that you always dreamed of being. The purpose is to help you improve your relationship with yourself and achieve high levels of personal growth. In each episode, Jason will guide you through different techniques and strategies to overcome your insecure attachment style, boost your self-confidence, and prioritize your health and fitness while diving into personal development. Subscribe now and start building a better relationship with yourself, one step at a time.

  85. Sober Powered

    85.Sober Powered

    I promise you, you're not a weak-willed loser with no self-control. There are a lot of reasons why we can't control the way we drink- trauma, lack of coping skills, stress, anger, anxiety. Plus, as you'll learn in my podcast, alcohol takes advantage of our vulnerabilities to hook us, then it changes our brains to keep us stuck and reliant on alcohol. It's not about willpower. In the Sober Powered Podcast, I use science, psychology, and compassion to help you understand why you use self-destructive coping skills like alcohol, what happens in the brain to make drinking spiral out of control and prevent us from drinking in moderation, and how to develop the coping skills and emotional sobriety you need to quit drinking and stay sober. About me: I quit drinking on November 9, 2019. I have a master's in biology and I'm a certified anger management specialist and crisis intervention specialist. Not sure where to start? My most popular episodes are 99, 150, 170, 177, 180, 186, 191, 194, 196, 197 and 202.

  86. Concussion Game Plan

    86.Concussion Game Plan

    Concussion Game Plan, an official podcast from the Concussion Legacy Foundation, is designed to help patients and caregivers navigate acute concussion recovery. The top experts in the field lend their expertise to help guide you through the concussion symptoms you can expect, how long they may last, and how to best manage them. Each episode also features advice from someone who has suffered a concussion and handled the ups and downs of recovery. Concussion can be an isolating, confusing injury. Concussion Game Plan is here to help, and remind you, you are not alone. Concussion Game Plan is a podcast produced by the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

  87. Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

    87.Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

    If you want to set yourself free from your limiting mindsets, then you are in the right place. This Mindset Change podcast contains powerful subconscious training meditations, interviews with cutting-edge experts, and host Paul Sheppard’s unique holistic blend of psychology, hypnosis, neurobiology, NLP, psychotherapy tools and strategies to help you create the life you truly want to live. Paul Sheppard is a life-transforming mindset coach, hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist and host of the Mindset Change podcast. He is on a mission with his holistic approach to help everybody set themselves free from limiting mindsets and feel less anxious and more empowered. Paul coaches people 121 or in groups online around the world, and you can reach him here Do you want access to even deeper, even more powerful subconscious training content without the intros, exclusive invites to Mindset Change Masterminds, and discounts from workshops? Join the Mindset Change Another Level channel below: patreon.com/mindsetchange Contact and social links below: https://mindsetchangeuk.com/useful-links



    Soothing ASMR Helping you to relax Destress yourself No talking Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asmrsatisfy/support

  89. You and Me and BPD

    89.You and Me and BPD

    You and Me and BPD is hosted by Stef, a person living with Borderline Personality Disorder as well as being on the Autism spectrum. If you have BPD, are interested in hearing some experiences of what it is like to live with this disorder, or if you love someone with BPD then you might learn something by listening to these episodes. I am one person and these are my experiences, but if they relate to you feel free to suggest episode ideas or reach out on my Instagram @journey.bound.

  90. ASMRbyRO


    Only ASMR no talking for your pleasure! Always use headphones for a better experience. Follow me on my socials for more ASMR: Youtube: ASMRbyRO Twitch: rodenasink Twitter: rodenasink Instagram: rodenasink

  91. BPD Life

    91.BPD Life

    Just me talking about BPD and my life, hoping to help others through my experiences. Advice from an honest regular person, not at all medical, just things I have felt and observed! Venting is one of my coping things so bare with me :) BPD sucks :/ You're not alone! A journey to recovery and (hopefully) giving hope to others

  92. The Radical Therapist

    92.The Radical Therapist

    This is the Radical Therapist Podcast. A space where we explore the intersections of collaborative therapy, psychology, philosophy, art, and science & technology.

  93. Sober Yoga Girl

    93.Sober Yoga Girl

    Alex McRobs, known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and sober lifestyle coach.⁣⁣ Originally from Canada, Alex spent her twenties partying in Dubai, the land of bottomless brunch and unlimited drinks. Alex now supports other women in finding spirituality and sobriety through Sober Girls Yoga - which is part of The Mindful Life Practice, an international online yoga community she founded. In this podcast Alex will offer weekly episodes with insight into her life and journey, including stories, strategies, and sometimes with special guests. Dive into topics such as triggers around alcohol, yoga philosophy, speaking to family and friends and mental health. ⁣⁣You’re not alone - and in being her open, authentic self, Alex helps others find and feel that. How to connect with Alex: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sobergirlsyoga Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexmcrobs/ Join the Sober Girls Yoga Community Here: https://www.themindfullifepractice.com/sober-girls-yoga

  94. Sleep Triggers

    94.Sleep Triggers

    hello! I am a hypnosis anchor, here you will hear all kinds of wonderful voices, let us relax and walk into this wonderful place! thank you for your support. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/jiom4/support

  95. this is bipolar

    95.this is bipolar

    Unfiltered & authentic - a real-life glimpse of bipolar disorder. Join mental health advocate, Shaley Hoogendoorn as she passionately share her bipolar journey and holds space for the stories others. It is her greatest hope that these raw and real stories will give insight, shatter stigma, and offer hope. This is bipolar...

  96. Lets Talk Bipolar - by Bipolar UK

    96.Lets Talk Bipolar - by Bipolar UK

    The "Lets Talk Bipolar" podcast is hosted by Emma Belle, who lives with Bipolar and was diagnosed 11 years ago. This podcast will share conversations and lived experiences of those that live with Bipolar and also conversations with professionals in the medical and research fields and families and carers that support those living with Bipolar. Bipolar UK is the national charity dedicated to supporting individuals with the much misunderstood and devastating condition of bipolar, their families and carers. www.bipolaruk.org IG: bipolar_uk Twitter: bipolaruk Facebook: bipolaruk

  97. Meditation Mountain

    97.Meditation Mountain

    Welcome to Meditation Mountain. Here we produce guided meditations to help you reduce stress, lower anxiety and improve sleep. Our unique guided meditations range from 10 minute to 20 minute meditations. We focus on mindfulness, visualizations and affirmations on a range of subjects such as meditations for stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation benefits are well documented but for those new to meditation we have multiple meditations for beginners including short guided meditations on positive energy, acceptance and forgiveness. Our goal here at Meditation Mountain is to make a positive difference in this world one step at a time. It's so easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, or feel lost. Our hopes are that you use these short guided meditations to help reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety and take a few minutes out of your day to meditate on how you are inside. Taking a moment for yourself to recharge through meditation and using it as a tool to strengthen your mind.

  98. OPENHOUSE with Louise Rumball and leading therapists

    98.OPENHOUSE with Louise Rumball and leading therapists

    Welcome to your weekly #FreeTherapy fix with Louise Rumball and her favorite therapists. Your safe haven where friendship and therapy collide. OPENHOUSE is a fresh, fun and real podcast that explores the amazing impact that therapy and human connection can have on all areas of our lives. Louise and her favourite therapists, clinical psychologists & mental health experts take weekly thoughts, questions and stories as well as digging into Louise's life (the good, the bad and the ugly) so you know that you are not alone. From relationships to dating, to sex, intimacy, family, friendship and more, this podcast has something for everyone.

  99. Meditation Minis Podcast

    99.Meditation Minis Podcast

    Short guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more. Don’t think you have the time, or mental focus, to meditate? Most of these mind-shifting meditations are 10 minutes or less. Soothe your stress away and feel better fast with this award winning guided meditation podcast by Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton today. For more information visit: https://meditationminis.com (https://meditationminis.com/) Please Note: The meditations presented in this podcast are from a wide variety of sources and do not subscribe to any particular ideology. Please do not listen to this meditation podcast or any other guided meditations while doing something that requires your complete attention...like driving your car.

  100. Waking Up To Narcissism Q&A

    100.Waking Up To Narcissism Q&A

    Based on the overwhelming amount of feedback from the "Waking Up to Narcissism" podcast, particularly in the form of questions, Tony Overbay, a licensed marriage and family therapist, answers listener questions specifically related to narcissism, narcissistic traits and tendencies, and emotional immaturity in relationships. A percentage of the proceeds of the podcast will go toward helping people in narcissistic or severe emotionally immature relationships receive help in the form of counseling, legal and moving costs, and providing additional tools to help people rediscover their self-worth, and learn how to successfully find their voice, their sense of purpose and understand that everybody has the right to their own opinion, experience and goals out of life.

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