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by Donovan Owens
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003: 3 Ways To Create Simplicity In Your Life Right Now


You’re an ambitious human like me. That means, every now and then, the chaotic and complex side of life shows up.

When that happens, here are 3 powerful tips to create simplicity in your life, right away:


It can be an eye-opener when you look at everything that’s ended up on your schedule. Too many times we figure out that we’ve enthusiastically over-committed, once again.

A good question to ask when looking at each entry on your schedule is, “Why do I do this?” Really answer that question for each thing.

When I do this for my own schedule (every quarter), I’m usually able to restructure, or completely eliminate, at least one thing on my schedule.


You are getting your workouts in, right?

What I’ve found, with my ambitious tendencies, is that it’s easy to get caught up thinking that more is better.

Trust me: IT IS NOT!

For most people, 30-minute high-intensity workouts are enough to get into, and stay, in great shape.

Now, if you’re training for something specific, this may not apply to you.

If you’re looking to lose some fat, get healthier, and establish a consistency, then 30 minutes is the way to go.


This seems way too simple, right? Once again, it’s not!

Getting caught thinking about the past or stressing about the future is a common trait for us ambitious people.

When that happens in my life, there’s a powerful one-two punch that I use to pull myself out of the hell storm.

1️⃣ First, I take the mandatory DtDW Power Pause. That’s a minimum of 10 seconds of ‘eyes-closed-emotionless-breathing’ and zero decision-making.

2️⃣ Second, after 10 seconds (sometimes more), I ask the question, “Where can I create simplicity, RIGHT NOW?”

This question is powerful because it gives me permission not to figure out my entire life at this moment. Instead, it’s a commitment to JUST TAKE VERY NEXT STEP toward what matters most.

Which of these 3 tips makes do you need to implement the most, right now?

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Episode 3

by Donovan Owens