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Progressive Medical Direction


Drs. Will Smith, Steve Rush, and Ben Walrath join us for a great conversation about the role of the military EMS director. These three men have accumulated significant experience leading MEDEVAC/CASEVAC organizations, and their perspective is valuable for flight medics and Flight Surgeons alike.

During the episode, the conversation frequently emphasizes the importance of educational resources for flight docs, especially:

  • deployedmedicine.com
  • The Joint Trauma System's Pre-deployment Prioritized Read Lists by Clinical Role
  • COL Robert Mabry's seminal papers:
    • Mabry, R. L., & De Lorenzo, R. A. (2011). Improving role I battlefield casualty care from point of injury to surgery. US Army Medical Department Journal, 87-92.
    • Mabry, R. L., Apodaca, A., Penrod, J., Orman, J. A., Gerhardt, R. T., & Dorlac, W. C. (2012). Impact of critical care–trained flight paramedics on casualty survival during helicopter evacuation in the current war in Afghanistan. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 73(2), S32-S37.
  • Medical direction courses at SOMSA

Furthermore, Dr. Smith highlights the National Association of EMS Physicians Military and Federal Agency Chapter, a relatively new effort in which Dr. Walrath has a leadership role.

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Episode 16

by DUSTOFF Medic