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Pedagogy, study techniques and source criticism. Find yourself - or be inspired by others. Here are podcasts that give you perspective and new lessons.

  1. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

    1.The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

    Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.

  2. The Mel Robbins Podcast

    2.The Mel Robbins Podcast

    You can change your life and Mel Robbins will show you how. Mel is in a category all her own. As one of the most widely booked and followed podcast hosts and authors in the world, she’s sought after by the world’s leading brands and medical professionals for her research-backed tools and motivation. And, at the same time, Mel has amassed millions of followers online, with her advice going viral online almost daily. Her female-led media company produces provocative, life-changing content, with millions of books sold, billions of video views, six #1 audiobooks, and the #1 podcast on Audible. Her work has been translated into 41 languages and has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. And despite all that, Mel is one of the most down to earth and relatable people you’ll ever know. Probably because she learned everything she teaches the hard way: by first screwing up her own life, and out of necessity, discovering the tools and research that transformed her life and got her to where she is today. In the Mel Robbins Podcast, Mel gets more personal than ever, welcoming you into her life and taking you behind the scenes in real time. Every episode is packed with deeply relatable topics, tactical advice, hilarious screwups, compelling conversations, and the tools and inspiration you need to create a better life. Tune in and buckle up – your life is about to change. New episodes of The Mel Robbins Podcast drop every Monday and Thursday. To learn more about Mel, go deeper into every episode, find the resources and research she mentions, or submit a topic or question, check out www.melrobbins.com

  3. How Do They Afford That?

    3.How Do They Afford That?

    How Do They Afford That: the podcast that peeks into the financial lives of everyday Australians. Every week Canna Campbell - a financial planner for almost 20 years - and Fear & Greed's Michael Thompson share the simple hacks, habits and ideas that can make your money work harder for you. New episode every Wednesday!

  4. Duolingo Spanish Podcast

    4.Duolingo Spanish Podcast

    True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.

  5. TED Talks Daily

    5.TED Talks Daily

    Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Daily, find some space in your day to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new.

  6. Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

    6.Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

    We all have to deal with narcissists. Now, it’s time to heal from them. In this groundbreaking series, clinical psychologist and world’s leading expert on narcissism Dr. Ramani Durvasula talks to survivors and experts to help millions left reeling from narcissistic abuse. The powerful, transformative conversations on Navigating Narcissism break down classic narcissistic patterns like manipulation, control, gaslighting, and love bombing and help unpack feelings of betrayal, shame, confusion, pain.

  7. Made With Love

    7.Made With Love

    Olympic champion diver turned knitting enthusiast, Tom Daley, is on a mission to explore the benefits of allowing the things we love to guide our lives! Each week, he speaks to a much loved celebrity about turning passion into purpose, how doing what they love has influenced the way they look at life, and crucially, all the lessons they’ve learned from the highs and lows along the way. You’ll hear from elite athletes who have taken the sport they love to the next level, activists who are driven by passion for a great cause, as well as musicians who have music running through their veins! Tom’s guests also share who has made them with love; the people, places and things that have enabled them to be their truest selves and pursue a life they love. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  8. The Rich Roll Podcast

    8.The Rich Roll Podcast

    A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at: https://richroll.com

  9. Duolingo French Podcast

    9.Duolingo French Podcast

    Deepen your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world through fascinating true stories in easy-to-follow French, with added English for context. From Duolingo, the world's #1 way to learn a language. Hosted by Ngofeen Mputubwele.

  10. The Digital Sisterhood

    10.The Digital Sisterhood

    Welcome, Friends. Storytelling has the power to not only create connections but provide universal truths about ourselves and the world. When listening to this podcast, I ask that you honor these stories and the rawness, transparency, and vulnerability that they invoke. Invite them with an open heart and you will see that all stories share a universal message. I pray that each anecdote leaves you inspired to share as the Prophet (ﷺ) said, "It is also charity to utter a good word.” But more importantly, I pray that you allow yourself to find comfort in the good, wisdom in the hardship, and the courage to trust Allah.

  11. The Exploring Series

    11.The Exploring Series

    Lore, mythology, and history summaries in easy to understand and easy to digest formats. The series aren't totally comprehensive, but they provide a great springboard for someone just dipping their toes into a new franchise or topic. So far, I've covered the Cthulhu Mythos, Middle-earth, Star Wars, The Elder Scrolls, Norse Mythology, Celtic Mythology, the SCP Universe, and Warhammer 40k, but I hope to continue doing this for many years. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/theexploringseries/support

  12. Aware & Aggravated

    12.Aware & Aggravated

    The ultimate self transformation and self development podcast.

  13. Best Motivational Speeches

    13.Best Motivational Speeches

    ⭐ FEATURED SPEAKERS ⭐ Steve Harvey,Tony Robbins,Jim Rohn,Les Brown,Eric Thomas,Zig Ziglar,Brian Tracy,John Maxwell,Grant Cardone,Lisa Nichols,Brendon Burchard,Jack Canfield,Robert Kiyosaki,Suze Orman,Deepak Chopra,Tim Ferriss,Gary Vaynerchuk,Nick Vujicic,Joel Osteen,Rachel Hollis,Wayne Dyer,Darren Hardy,Joe Rogan,Dax Shepard,Oprah Winfrey,Marc Maron,Tim Ferriss,Malcolm Gladwell,Conan O'Brien,Ira Glass,Lena Dunham,Terry Gross,Sarah Koenig,Sam Harris,Jad Abumrad,Roman Mars,Chris Hardwick,Dan Harmon,Adam Carolla,Amanda Palmer,Neil deGrasse Tyson

  14. Life


    Life is a journey of peaks and troughs, mayhem and magic, laughter and tears, breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs. And in the middle of it all is you. And me. LIFE is a daily podcast about all that. Six to ten minutes exploring one life-shaping idea, topic, question, problem and/or solution that (with some work from you) might change your life for the better. Enjoy. Launching Wednesday 15 March 2023!

  15. Motivational Speeches

    15.Motivational Speeches

    Motivational Speeches may be the force that is driving keeps pushing us to reach a certain goal through our actions. You fail to accomplish it with full commitment and efficiency when you do ongoing work without any motivation. Motivational Speech helps to increase work productivity and brings out the most readily useful of a person’s potential that is true. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/motivationly/support

  16. A Better Life with Brandon Turner

    16.A Better Life with Brandon Turner

    Uncover the secrets to living a better life with author, investor and BetterLife Tribe founder Brandon Turner. Join conversations with expert guests – from business moguls to fitness gurus, from real estate tycoons to relationship experts – to unlock success and wealth without sacrificing your health and relationships. Follow A Better Life in your favorite podcast app and let's build a better life together.

  17. Sleeping Sounds

    17.Sleeping Sounds

    FOR NO ADS CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/@Sleepingsoundpodcast/featured Having trouble sleeping? You are in the right place. rain sounds,sounds of rain,rain sound,the sound of rain,whitenoise,white noise,10 hours,sleep music,sleep,non stop music,music for sleeping,music non stop,white noise,tranquil music,soothing music,calming music,relax music,relaxation music,white noise movie,relaxation,relax,insomnia,bedtime songs,deep sleep,baby sleep,baby lullabies,lullabies,lullaby,no sleep,relaxation meditation,musica para dormir,white noise sound,chillout,lounge,ninna nanna

  18. Learning As I Go

    18.Learning As I Go

    Scott Thomas learns the lessons from the people who have supported him, and inspired him, on his self-development journey.

  19. The Jordan Harbinger Show

    19.The Jordan Harbinger Show

    (Apple's Best of 2018) In-depth conversations with people at the top of their game. Jordan Harbinger unpacks guests' wisdom into practical nuggets you can use to impact your work, life, and relationships. Learn from leaders (Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Mark Cuban), entertainers (Moby, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dennis Quaid), scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye), athletes (Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Tony Hawk) and an eclectic array of fascinating minds, from art forgers and arms traffickers to spies and psychologists.

  20. Mindful Muslimah Speaks

    20.Mindful Muslimah Speaks

    Empowering Muslim women to be the best version of themselves. Advice on personal growth, parenting, love & relationships, mindful inspiration, organization & life hacks, homeschooling and so much more. Contact me on Instagram @Mindfulmuslimah. Check out our website at www.mindful-muslimah.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mindfulmuslimah/support

  21. Am I the Genius?

    21.Am I the Genius?

    AM I THE GENIUS is Voice Actors acting out and discussing questions from reddit and more! youtube.com/@amithegenius

  22. Würth Elektronik Watts Up Podcast

    22.Würth Elektronik Watts Up Podcast

    Each week, we're seeing what's up in the world of electronic and electromechanical components and PCB design. We'll be checking in with leading industry experts, and Würth Elektronik technology specialists and product managers, who are going to shine a light on interesting topics such as energy harvest, wireless power transfer, EMI issues and more. Tune in to get technical design tips and applications during your commute, at your desk, or wherever you might be with the Wurth Elektronik's Watts Up Podcast.

  23. Dragons in Genesis

    23.Dragons in Genesis

    A critical bible study which places the individual stories within the context of the culture and contemporary mythologies from the region.

  24. TED Talks Daily

    24.TED Talks Daily

    Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Daily, find some space in your day to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new.

  25. Freedomain with Stefan Molyneux

    25.Freedomain with Stefan Molyneux

    The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom

  26. The Daily Motivation

    26.The Daily Motivation

    The stories you tell yourself on a daily basis determines the person you will become.The good, the bad, the negative, the positive, the uplifting, the draining – they’re all part of the equation. But YOU are the author of your life story – so, what story are you writing? Top Podcaster & Best-selling Author Lewis Howes brings you the The Daily Motivation Show, where you’ll hear from industry-leading experts, you’ll learn proven principles, and you’ll discover life-changing ideas that will help you get motivated and STAY motivated.

  27. Law of Attraction Changed My Life

    27.Law of Attraction Changed My Life

    Just a basic bitch making a good life happen. Want to manifest amazing things into your life too? Join me, it's not a cult! I've been practicing the law of attraction for over 10 years with incredible results, hopefully you will leave our weekly sessions together both informed & entertained.

  28. Dogman Encounters Radio

    28.Dogman Encounters Radio

    Everyone has heard about Bigfoot. Not many know that there's a much more terrifying cryptid stalking the deepest, darkest woods of North America and beyond. Tune in every Friday night, at 9PM EST, as eyewitnesses share the terrifying details of their real-life Dogman encounters with you. These are real eyewitnesses, not actors. If you listen to this show, you'll never look at the woods the same way again!

  29. How to Build a Happy Life

    29.How to Build a Happy Life

    In our pursuit of a happy life, we build, we structure, and we plan. Often, we follow conventional wisdom and strategize. But what happens when our plans fall through and expectations don’t meet reality—when the things that should make us happy don’t?  In season 3 of our How To series, Atlantic happiness correspondent Arthur Brooks and producer Rebecca Rashid seek to navigate the unexpected curves on the path to personal happiness—with data-driven insights and a healthy dose of introspection. This series was produced by Rebecca Rashid and hosted by Arthur Brooks. Editing by A.C. Valdez and Claudine Ebeid. Fact-check by Ena Alvarado. Engineering by Matthew Simonson. If you have any questions, stories, or feedback, please email us at howtopodcast@theatlantic.com.

  30. Law of Attraction

    30.Law of Attraction

    A podcast all about the law of attraction. Learn about how to use it correctly and apply it in your daily life.

  31. Lateral with Tom Scott

    31.Lateral with Tom Scott

    A show about interesting quiz questions and even more interesting answers, hosted by Tom Scott. For business enquiries, contestant applications or to submit questions, visit https://www.lateralcast.com

  32. Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson

    32.Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson

    Luke's English Podcast is an award-winning podcast for learners of English. Listen, learn and have fun while picking up natural British English as it really is spoken. http://teacherluke.co.uk Sign up to LEP Premium on Acast+ https://plus.acast.com/s/teacherluke. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  33. Hasse och Hundraåringarna

    33.Hasse och Hundraåringarna

    Hasse Brontén pratar med äldre personer om livet. Samtalen handlar om allt från att vara ung till att bli riktigt gammal. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  34. Russian Made Easy: Learn Russian Quickly and Easily

    34.Russian Made Easy: Learn Russian Quickly and Easily

    Just another WordPress site

  35. 35.Learn Italian | ItalianPod101.com

    Learn Italian with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate culture and current issues into each episode to give the most informative, both linguistically and culturally, podcasts possible. For those of you with just the plane ride to prepare, check our survival phrase series at ItalianPod101.com. One of these phrases just might turn your trip into the best one ever!

  36. Welcome to the Collective.

    36.Welcome to the Collective.

    Say it with me "I AM THAT GIRL". Your new "that girl" podcast isn't about the aesthetic you have or the content you are posting on Tik Tok. It's a mindset and Bri is here to give tips on how to achieve it. Let's face it... life is hard, like really fucking hard, and she sits down every Wednesday to share her own struggles, achievements and goals. Join Bri every week for your fave comfort podcast in all things wellness, lifestyle and mindset.

  37. ASMRctica ASMR

    37.ASMRctica ASMR

    I hope this podcast will help you calm down, relax, sleep and recharge. Or help you focus on work. Maybe you’ll learn something new while listening to geography and history, soft spoken in a Swedish accent. Alternating with soothing drawing sounds, rambling and meditation.

  38. The Mindset Flex

    38.The Mindset Flex

    What keeps you from achieving more in your fitness, business, romantic, spiritual, and life goals? Does your mindset hold you back? What if it came down to exercising your mind and getting uncomfortable? Where would you start? The Mindset Flex explores how adapting and "flexing" your mindset can help you succeed in all areas of your life, and Eliz Fulop is your guide. Eliz Fulop is not a spectator when it comes to mindset. She is a fitness professional and self-made online business entrepreneur. Between training for the Olympics in cross-country skiing at age seven and moving to the U.S. at age 13, Hungarian native Eliz fell into dark times distracted by the allure of party culture and a vicious cycle of disordered eating. Despite this, she found clarity and focus after overcoming her obstacles through fitness, bodybuilding, and devoting her time to others' physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. How? Due to her mindset of pushing through pain, she has surpassed comfort zones, smashed goals, and turned dreams into reality. By changing how one views and thinks themselves, their relationships with others, and their role in the world, one can achieve more physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. It's time to flex your mind!

  39. Twenty Whatever

    39.Twenty Whatever

    Twenty Whatever features Sierra Schultzzie, Riayn Christina, and Paloma Malfavon talking candidly about navigating your 20's with your friends through different phases of life. (formerly Sierra Unfiltered)

  40. 6 Minute English

    40.6 Minute English

    Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.

  41. The Daily Stoic

    41.The Daily Stoic

    For centuries, all sorts of people—generals and politicians, athletes and coaches, writers and leaders—have looked to the teachings of Stoicism to help guide their lives. Each day, author and speaker Ryan Holiday brings you a new lesson about life, inspired by the thoughts and writings of great Stoic thinkers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca the Younger. Daily Stoic Podcast also features Q+As with listeners and interviews with notable figures from sports, academia, politics, and more. Learn more at DailyStoic.com. New episodes come out every day for free. Listen 1-week early on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday and to all episodes ad-free, with Wondery+ or Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

  42. Dry Creek Wrangler Podcast

    42.Dry Creek Wrangler Podcast

    Dewayne Noel has been living the horse life for over 30 years as a professional and private owner. A husband of 30 years, the father of 7 grown children, and "Grumpa" to many grandchildren, this life experience cannot be separated from the reality of who he is and often makes its way into the mix. As a Christian with a varied and unique history in ministry and law enforcement, he also brings these life experiences to the table. It is not the purpose of this podcast to present "the" way to do anything but rather to use simple logic and experience to try and help others who might be looking for answers. It does not always offer direct answers to certain questions but instead humbly seeks to show a road one might go down to find the answers they need for themselves.

  43. The Nugget Climbing Podcast

    43.The Nugget Climbing Podcast

    Welcome to a podcast about performance climbing, self-improvement, and being a human being. 2M+ downloads. "One of the best long-form interview podcasts in the outdoor space." - Climbing Magazine

  44. Yoga Nidra

    44.Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Practices. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that involves deep relaxation and conscious awareness. It is a powerful tool for promoting physical, mental, and emotional relaxation and healing. Don't practice Yoga Nidra while driving or operating machinery or basically doing anything else than lying down with your eyes closed;-) More online content: https://linktr.ee/carolinewirthle Eye Pillow, that I use for Yoga Nidra: https://amzn.to/38nPzAn (Amazon Affiliate Link) Tip jar: https://paypal.me/carolinewirthle

  45. VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts

    45.VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts

    VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts. With VETgirl, you can learn clinical veterinary medicine with style, passion, and efficiency! VETgirl is designed for veterinary professionals who have time poverty and are on the run. Who has time to read journals or sit through hours of lectures? Download the podcasts you want to listen to, and get clinical tips within just a few minutes of listening! We'll help get you the facts you need in a convenient way! Want more information? Go to JoinVETgirl.com.

  46. In Her Power

    46.In Her Power

    The podcast for the people ready to step into their power and unlock their true potential. We chat all things personal development, life, career, wellness and pretty much everything else in between! If you're looking for the podcast that'll empower you to take big, bold, beautiful action - you're in the right place.  I'm so glad you're here!  Love,  Bec X 

  47. With My Own Two Hands w/ XO MaCenna

    47.With My Own Two Hands w/ XO MaCenna

    What do you see when you look around your house, your apartment, that room or space that has never quite lived up to its full potential? We hope you see possibility, excitement, and your dream home coming to life. XO MaCenna (MaCenna Lee) has been disassembling and reassembling everything she can get her hands on since she was a little girl. After years of trial and error, she’s built a successful YouTube channel where she takes her viewers along for the journey of the do-it-yourself lifestyle. From renovating her 111-year-old home in Texas, to figuring out the perfect design for a coffee nook, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’s not afraid to try, try, and try again. Part of the process is learning as you go. Never stopping til you see your vision in front of you. In this podcast, she’s breaking it down, step by step, story by story, of how she manages to do it all, with her own two hands. Every episode of With My Own Two Hands will be an inside look into the thoughts, planning, struggles, and mindsets that have allowed MaCenna to figure out home renovation, decorating, and inspiring others to tackle everything from weekend projects to dream projects. Grab your second-hand finds, the haul from the hardware store, the oodles of color swatches and put the circular saw down. It's time to trade your ear protection for some headphones while MaCenna shares her years of experience and knowledge while answering your questions and gives tips on how to make your blueprints into a place you call home. For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4   Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy   

  48. The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

    48.The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

    Welcome to the Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma where you’ll receive the mental models, daily routines, and productivity tactics that Robin Sharma has taught to the titans of industry, sports superstars, and elite performers who he has served as a private mentor to for over 28 years. You'll learn how to live a truly world-class life while you accelerate your productivity, grow your leadership, build your business, and scale your impact on the world.

  49. Signal for Help

    49.Signal for Help

    Welcome to Signal for Help, a special podcast series from the Canadian Women’s Foundation and award-winning women journalists, Media Girlfriends. We know that gender-based violence is a problem, and we want to support survivors in our lives, but there’s a lot of stigma and silence around gender-based violence in our society: too many people who experience abuse are shamed, silenced, and stigmatized, and too many people don’t feel confident and competent in supporting them. Featuring interviews with survivors and experts, we’ll explore how everyday people can better support survivors of gender-based violence. This project has been funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

  50. Talk To Me In Korean - Core Grammar Lessons Only

    50.Talk To Me In Korean - Core Grammar Lessons Only

    Learn to speak Korean with bite-sized Korean lessons with Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun from TalkToMeInKorean.com! Start from Level 1 if you are an absolute beginner, and start from whichever level that fits your current Korean level and start learning for free! You can get accompanying textbooks, workbooks and e-books on our website at http://talktomeinkorean.com !

  51. The Wellness Cafe

    51.The Wellness Cafe

    Welcome to The Wellness Cafe Podcast. Your go to Hot Girl Walk podcast. Your host Trinity Tondeleir who you may know from TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube is serving all things wellness, lifestyle, girl-talk and everything in between. Come hangout every Wednesday! For sponsorship inquiries, please email trinitytondeleir@gmail.com

  52. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

    52.Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

    Impact Theory is a business and mindset-focused interview show that will teach anyone aspiring to greatness the secrets to success. The show is hosted by Tom Bilyeu - a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition and former host of the viral hit Youtube series Inside Quest (viewed over 100,000,000 times). Bilyeu is known for his passion and preparation. Always eager to truly learn from his guests, Bilyeu digs deep and brings the urgency of someone hungry to put what he’s learning to immediate use - making the show not only entertaining and energetic, but also hyper-useful.

  53. The Rope Access and Climbing Podcast

    53.The Rope Access and Climbing Podcast

    Step into your harness and get ready for a podcast about the vertical world. Hi, I’m Mikey Stevenson and welcome to The Rope Access and Climbing Podcast. Bringing you tips, tricks and conversation about the rope access industry and beyond.

  54. Skinny Dipping

    54.Skinny Dipping

    being a soul in progress is a beautiful journey and now we can do it together. healing through science and spirituality. understanding ourselves deeper. let's strip down and dive in on conversations that'll change our lives.

  55. Deja Blu podcast

    55.Deja Blu podcast

    DeJa Blu is a space to dive deep into the unknown. Uncovering the mysteries of unlocking the potential of the human experience. Blu is here to get raw, unscripted and unapologetic in sharing her own personal journey of awakening into her truth with the intention to help others come home into their heart.

  56. 56.Learn Finnish | FinnishPod101.com

    Learn Finnish with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate culture and current issues into each episode to give the most informative, both linguistically and culturally, podcasts possible. For those of you with just the plane ride to prepare, check our survival phrase series at FinnishPod101.com. One of these phrases just might turn your trip into the best one ever!

  57. New Discourses

    57.New Discourses

    Pursuing the light of objective truth in subjective darkness.

  58. Rope Access Tips, Tricks & Chats

    58.Rope Access Tips, Tricks & Chats

    Getting up-to-date information on rope access can be hard.... Every week Leigh Greenwood will share some tips and tricks, and invite guests for a chat about everything rope access. If you're involved in rope access or interested in it, this show is for you!

  59. Mandarin Monkey Podcast

    59.Mandarin Monkey Podcast

    Chinese and English Language podcast. A mixed couple (Tom & Ula) living in Taiwan, teach Chinese through the use of Chinglish (Chinese and English) on a variety of topics. Learn Chinese, study methods, Entertainment, news, life, business, hints and tricks to learning Mandarin. Hear a native speaking naturally and at natural pace but with the English translation so you can follow the context of the conversation. Enjoy.

  60. BEING HER with Margarita Nazarenko

    60.BEING HER with Margarita Nazarenko

    Welcome to BEING HER with Margarita Nazarenko, where we talk about womanhood, self development and the journey to BECOMING the best version of HER.

  61. Just Glow With It

    61.Just Glow With It

    Just Glow With It is a lifestyle, wellness and personal growth podcast that’s here to inspire and guide you on your journey of becoming your best self and creating a life you love. Hosted by Life Coach & Content Creator, Jasmine Shah. Just Glow With It shares heart-led conversations, real-life lessons and the up’s and down’s of healing, self growth and creating your most beautiful life from the inside, out.

  62. Let's Talk Near Death

    62.Let's Talk Near Death

    Join me as I explore Near Death Experiences, and chat directly to people who have had this kind of experience. We will hear first hand accounts of what took place, and what life has been like since returning to this life.

  63. Be Uncluttered

    63.Be Uncluttered

    Bec and Tara discuss how you can remove physical and psychological clutter from your life so that you can live with clarity and intent.

  64. BBC Learning English Drama

    64.BBC Learning English Drama

    Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.

  65. The Goddess Effect Podcast With Kim Velez

    65.The Goddess Effect Podcast With Kim Velez

    Spiritual and practical advice on how to be the best version of yourself through self-love, mindset, and manifestation. You will have monthly doses of what it takes to move you towards the life you want especially in relationships. Whether you want to manifest an ex or someone new, I will teach and share with you the MOST Powerful concepts and techniques. We will have candid talks about what it takes to stop fooling yourself so you can have the relationships, self-confidence, money, purpose, harmony that you desire in your life. Let's Unleash your Inner Goddess! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kimberly-velez/support

  66. Revolution Now!

    66.Revolution Now!

    Revolution Now! is a bi-weekly program about social change, hosted by author, filmmaker and activist: Peter Joseph.

  67. Prepper Talk Radio

    67.Prepper Talk Radio

    Prepper Talk Radio is Radio for the Readyminded. Since October 2015 Scott; the founder of PrepperCon, the nation's largest preparedness and survival expo, and Shane; a lifelong prepper, blogger and survival expert co-host the show. Have been hosting and teaching about prepping, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, water storage, food storage, firearms, self-defense and mindset are just a few of the many topics discussed with our expert weekly guests. They have now added Paris; a prepper of his own right, and financial advisor who is passionate about prepping and financial self reliance. If you're hoping to learn more about the fun and enjoyable side of prepping and emergency preparedness without the doom and gloom (ok, maybe there's a little), look no further than Prepper Talk Radio. New episodes will be uploaded here after each live broadcast.

  68. SuperAge: Live Better

    68.SuperAge: Live Better

    David Stewart, founder of AGEIST magazine and thought leader, brings in a range of high-profile guests to share their secrets of living your best life with regards to: wellness, health, fitness, finance and relationships.There is no shortage of advice, role models or influencers for those under 40. But these seem to disappear once you hit your prime. And at a time when media and brands really don’t understand, market or speak to any generation above the age of 40, our goal is to shine a light on a positive mindset and way of living for those over 40, over 50, over 60 and over 70.The SuperAge podcast helps paint the picture of living your best life, aging well and healthy aging. Pro-aging as a counterbalance to ageism. We have a positive approach to healthy aging, personal goal setting, relationships, style, culture, community and living with purpose. AGEIST provides a new outlook on longevity, healthy aging, and aging well. Health and Wellness: When we talk about wellness for those of us over 40, over 50, over 60 or over 70, it is all science-based. You will learn about hormesis and homeostasis, the benefits of heat and cold exposure, and the importance of community to our longevity. Scientists and experts discuss: the important role sleep plays in our overall health, breathing techniques to reduce stress, light therapy, cortisol, heart health, and biohacking. We also cover brain health, neuroplasticity, curiosity, and novelty.Nutrition and Diet: Food and nutrition advice for those over 40, over 50, over 60 and over 70 are based in science as well. Everything from hydration, supplements, collagen, fasting, micronutrients, macronutrients, autophagy, and cellular clean up all help in increasing longevity. As we age, when we eat is just as important as what we eat – especially for women entering perimenopause and menopause. SuperAge experts discuss: how much water we need for proper hydration, the importance of keeping up our bone density, and why adding 15 colorful foods a day is helpful for gut health.Fitness and Exercise: We’ve grown up hearing about the importance of exercise. But for fitness over 50 and to increase longevity, weight lifting, aerobic activities and HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions play an important role. At AGEIST, we believe in tracking not just our activity, but our recovery time as well. It’s in the recovery that our body does the work to improve our overall health and fitness.Meditation: Reducing stress and lowering anxiety can play a big role in improving overall health. Learn how reducing stress from traumatic events, job strain, and finances can slow down the aging of our immune system. Meditation - guided or on your own is an important tool for reducing stress and anxiety. Travel and Culture: It’s all about the adventure. Travel is a favorite activity for those of us in our 50's, 60’s, 70’s and 80'. Hear from experts on the best places for travel over 50, what to wear over 50, and how to make the most of your time in retirement years. Finance: We approach finances through the lens of what proper financial planning and budgeting can do for your lifestyle after 50. Our retirement experts discuss: lifetime income, retirement planning, saving and investing, the stock market, IRAs, and 401k plans. Career: Professional endeavors do not end at the typical retirement age anymore. We are seeing more and more encore careers, passion careers, entrepreneurs, and breaking of the glass ceiling. AGEIST believes that diversity and inclusion in business and in life are enriching for us all. How will you SuperAge?

  69. Dear Gabby

    69.Dear Gabby

    Dear Gabby is a weekly show where #1 New York Times bestselling author and international speaker, Gabby Bernstein, offers up real-time coaching, straight talk and BIG LOVE. Episodes include unscripted Q&A sessions where she coaches listeners through life-changing transformations, plus free-flowing conversations about personal growth and spirituality with unique and inspiring guests.

  70. Coffee Break French

    70.Coffee Break French

    Learn French in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native French speakers. Season 1 lessons are for absolute beginners, and the courses increase in difficulty as the seasons progress. 386357 Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  71. Listening Time

    71.Listening Time

    This podcast is for English learners who want to practice their listening comprehension in a natural way. In each episode, an American speaker talks about different topics without reading a script. He speaks in a natural way, with native words and phrases, but he speaks a little more slowly and clearly than other native speakers. Each episode includes the transcript, which you can use to help you understand the speaker. If you want my advanced podcast episodes and my specialized training, then join my membership on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/listeningtime

  72. That Projector Life

    72.That Projector Life

    Hey, Human Design projectors! Are you ready to start being a projector? (And to find out what, exactly, it means to be a projector and how you can succeed in the world?) This is your invitation (yay, an invitation!) to join fellow Human Design projector Ardelia Lee as she explores the ins and outs of being a projector in a generator-filled world. She’ll cover general Human Design topics like gates + channels and dive deeper into how projectors can use their unique energy to overcome common projector obstacles (like learning how to wait for an invitation) and create success, fulfillment, and joy in their lives and businesses. That Projector Life is the space where projectors can be projectors and discover what that looks like for them. It’s time to recognize and develop your Projector Magic. You’ve already received the invitation. ;)

  73. Practical Prepping Podcast

    73.Practical Prepping Podcast

    Practical Prepping Podcast is for everyday people.Helping you become prepared for whatever emergencies come our way. Where gear is good, but knowledge is better, because the more you know, the less you have to carry. Whatever the emergency, natural disaster, or man-made events which may disrupt daily life from minutes to months... from running out of gas, getting snowed in, going through a hurricane or tornado, even an extended SHTF event, we all need to be prepared. The government isn't coming to help. WE ARE ON OUR OWN! Family friendly listening, as we promise to keep it clean! We don's do bunkers with years of supplies in order to repopulate the earth after TEOTWAWKI. We aren't preparing to survive a nuclear war (probably wouldn't want to survive that one.) We do prepare to survive the actual threats that we are most likely to face, and we want to help you get prepared for the threats that you will most likely face. We'll keep it practical. That's why it is called "Practical Prepping Podcast"Website: www.practicalprepping.info produced and provided by: www.prolinedesigns.us

  74. The Rhodes Center Podcast with Mark Blyth

    74.The Rhodes Center Podcast with Mark Blyth

    A podcast from the Rhodes Center for International Finance and Economics at the Watson Institute at Brown University. Hosted by political economist and director of the Rhodes Center, Mark Blyth.

  75. Minimalism Made Simple

    75.Minimalism Made Simple

    Minimalism Made Simple is a podcast about simple living, intentional lifestyle, and minimalism. Tune in to catch new episodes. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/minimalismmadesimple/support

  76. The Daily Dad

    76.The Daily Dad

    The audio companion to DailyDad.com’s daily email meditations on fatherhood, read by Ryan Holiday. Each daily reading will help you find the wisdom, inner strength, and good humor you need in order to be a great dad. Learn from historical figures and contemporary fathers how to do your most important job. Find more at dailydad.com.

  77. Trying Not to Care

    77.Trying Not to Care

    For the girlies who overthink and care too much - Trying Not to Care dives into life advice, mental health, friendships, breakups, self love and much more. Listen every Monday and follow along on Instagram and TikTok. IG:  @ashleycorbo (https://www.instagram.com/ashleycorbo/) @tryingnot2carepodcast (https://www.instagram.com/tryingnot2carepodcast/) Tiktok: @lilbabyaries (https://www.tiktok.com/@lilbabyaries) @tryingnottocarepodcast (https://www.tiktok.com/@tryingnottocarepodcast?lang=en)

  78. How I quit alcohol

    78.How I quit alcohol

    Are you sick of feeling controlled by alcohol?Do you want to drink less?Do you wake up after a night of drinking feeling anxious and full of regret?I've been there and want to help you. In this podcast I will be talking with ex-binge drinkers, alcoholics in recovery, drug and and alcohol counsellors and people that have good stuff to say about quitting the drink. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  79. Aubrey Marcus Podcast

    79.Aubrey Marcus Podcast

    The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is a destination for honest and vulnerable conversations about the deeper questions in life. The show blends humor with gravity and levity with depth, as we explore mindset, psychedelics, holistic health, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and relationship. Aubrey Marcus is the founder of the globally disruptive human optimization brand Onnit, the donation based coaching platform Fit For Service, and is the New York Times bestselling author of Own the Day, Own your Life. Top episodes with Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Joe Dispenza, Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Foxx, and more

  80. Wannabe Minimalist Show

    80.Wannabe Minimalist Show

    The Wannabe Minimalist Show is for people who are tired of the chaos in their life, but not sure this whole “minimalism thing” will work for them and their busy family. Through personal stories and guest appearances, this podcast will help you discover how to live with a minimalist mindset without having to throw EVERYTHING away. It’s practical, doable, and simple for those of us that wannabe minimalist.

  81. Learn Malay with Mingo Space

    81.Learn Malay with Mingo Space

    We understand that your life may be hectic, and you may not have time to learn Malay. Don't worry, we're here to help you learn Malay! We will make every effort to post at least one episode per week!

  82. Coffee Break Italian

    82.Coffee Break Italian

    With Coffee Break Italian you can learn Italian where and when it suits you. In Season 1, you'll join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in our 15-minute lessons, and build your confidence in the language, learning Italian from scratch. Take your learning further with Season 2 in which Mark and Francesca are joined by learner Isla. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  83. Sahih Bukhari English Hadith

    83.Sahih Bukhari English Hadith

    Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī is a collection of hadīth compiled by Abu Abdullāh Muhammad Ibn Ismā`īl al-Bukhārī(rahimahullāh). His collection is recognized by the overwhelming majority of the Muslim world to be one of the most authentic collections of the Sunnah of the Prophet (). It contains roughly 7563 hadīth (with repetitions) in 98 books. The translation provided here is by Dr. M. Muhsin Khan. English Audio by QNS Academy. Any questions or comments please contact us at qnsacademy@outlook.com

  84. Hot Girl Energy Podcast

    84.Hot Girl Energy Podcast

    Tuesdays are always better when you start your day with the "Hot Girl Energy" podcast. Every episode is to remind you that you have the energy to become the best version of yourself and to live the healthy & balanced lifestyle you have always strived for. Your go-to podcast for hot girl tips, advice, girl chats, healthy habits and so much more. Hosted by your favourite wellness & lifestyle influencer, Kaylie Stewart.

  85. The Marie Forleo Podcast

    85.The Marie Forleo Podcast

    Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie Forleo’s goal is to help you become the person you most want to be. In this show, Marie and her guests share actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, contribution and fulfillment — often with a lot of laughs. From business, marketing and career advice, to tackling failure, disappointment and fear, to philanthropy and doing our part to make the world a more loving, just and equitable place — we cover it all. Get inspired, grow stronger, more confident and create a business and life you genuinely love. Have a question or topic you’d like to see covered on the show? Go to marieforleo.com/marietv.

  86. The Listening Brain

    86.The Listening Brain

    For most of us, we must be able to listen in order to speak. Put another way, listening plus speaking equals successful communication. Fortunately, for children with hearing loss, listening has become less of a challenge due to the availability of testing that allows early detection of hearing loss and the early use of advanced hearing technology – like hearing aids and cochlear implants. This podcast, The Listening Brain, will celebrate listening and speaking in the context of childhood hearing loss. Hosted by K. Todd Houston, Ph.D., a noted Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist, speech-language pathologist, and Professor, the podcast will explore educational trends, new developments in technology, and advances in research. We will interview professionals in the fields serving a child with hearing loss, and, most importantly, families who are supporting their children on this journey to listening and spoken language success. And, equally, as important, we’ll also hear from adults with hearing loss who will share their unique stories and experiences about growing up with deafness and how deafness is now being redefined for future generations.

  87. From Dusk Till Dog

    87.From Dusk Till Dog

    Previously "The Dog Training Audio Experience", From Dusk Till Dog is all about dogs and life, with a dash of humor. Learn more about life with your dog, training, product recommendations, life things, and more. Hosted by Erika Gonzalez - Certified Professional Dog Trainer and founder of From Dusk Till Dog. [www.fromdusktilldog.com] Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/fromdusktilldog/support

  88. Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager

    88.Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager

    Dennis’s weekly thoughts and timeless wisdom by a crackling fire.

  89. The A320 Podcast

    89.The A320 Podcast

    It's our aim to make studying for your recurrent sims or command upgrades as easy as possible. Sometimes it's not that easy to make time at home to study, and let's face it, who wants to spend precious days off reading about work. With the A320 Podcast, you can learn and revise in the car, at the gym or out on the run. Now you can use the wasted time on your commute to make sure you ace your next sim, and the best part is - it's completely free! The only thing we ask is for you to tell all your friends and colleagues and then leave us a 5 star iTunes review which will increase our ranking and get as many people listening as possible.

  90. Declutter Your Chaos - Minimalism, Decluttering, Home Organization

    90.Declutter Your Chaos - Minimalism, Decluttering, Home Organization

    Are you a working mom living in a house that is stressing you out, and no time to fix it? Welcome to Declutter Your Chaos. You have just taken the first step to taking control and restoring pease and sanity back in your day. This show will give you all the strategies, resources, and support you need to take control of your time and your home. We will also dive into your mindset, where we shift your thinking so that you are giving yourself the respect, time, and love you need in order to make sure you are living your best life. I am your support. And I am an email away if you need me: info@tidyhour.com. I love to connect with my listeners so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need me! Even more importantly than all the good decluttering tips I’m going to give you, I want you to walk away from each of these episodes feeling like you are not alone. Because you aren’t. I know what’s like to to be living in utter chaos, with a house busting at the seams, and little kids pulling you in every direction. You want so badly to take control of the clutter in your home, but there’s just not enough time. Well I’m here to tell you - to promise you - that you can get out of survival mode and take control of your home. I’m going to share my best tips and strategies for decluttering, broken in to small actionable steps. I’m going to help you manage you time to help keep you on track and motivated, and I’m going to help you shift your mindset so that you be aware of what causes the clutter so that you can prevent it forever. Let's do this! Welcome! xo Amber

  91. More or less with A and S

    91.More or less with A and S

    Welcome to our Podcast! We are two best friends who grew up in the FLDS cult and are now wanting to share with you our thoughts and experiences. Although there is a lot to say about the FLDS, it won’t be our only topic of discussion. We are so excited to make our dream a reality! We also wanted to say thank you for the endless support. We couldn’t have done this without you🫶🏻 Our tik tok handles are @ambie and @sarahthompsn. This podcast premiered on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

  92. The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions

    92.The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions

    #1 Bestselling author. Dedicating my life to help you play your best game & do your best work.

  93. Bedros Keuilian Podcast Show

    93.Bedros Keuilian Podcast Show

    The official podcast of American entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian. A show that’s unapologetically unfiltered that will make you think, make you laugh and inspire you to become an even better human.

  94. 94.Learn English | EnglishClass101.com

    Learn English with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate culture and current issues into each episode to give the most informative, both linguistically and culturally, podcasts possible. For those of you with just the plane ride to prepare, check our survival phrase series at EnglishClass101.com. One of these phrases just might turn your trip into the best one ever!

  95. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

    95.The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

    Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the founder & creator behind The Skinny Confidential, a media empire, brand, & product line that reaches millions of women and men working towards the best versions of themselves. Michael Bosstick is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder as well as the Founder and CEO of Dear Media. This dynamic married couple have pioneered the digital audio space. Every week you will hear a mix of entertainment, life altering information, and value with world class leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, celebrities, athletes, best selling authors, experts, thought leaders & more. All conversations are completely raw and unfiltered, no holds barred on the topics and questions you really want answered. This show has something for everyone and is not afraid to go where many others won't.

  96. Human Design

    96.Human Design

    Human Design is a part science, part spiritual system that tells you who you came here to be. You have your own blueprint, your own way of becoming successful, your own way your dreams are going to come true. It's the way you're going to experience the most joy and fulfillment. Your instruction manual for how to move through the world is custom to you. When you act according to that manual, when you act as the real you, everything in life comes to you with more ease and less resistance. We all know we're different yet we're acting like there is one way to do life. Let's talk about out. To look up your Human Design chart enter your birth information on our website www.myhumandesign.com or download our app by searching 'My Human Design' in the App Store and on Google Play.

  97. time alone

    97.time alone

    The time alone podcast, hosted by Siobhan Lauren, is a place for raw, authentic conversations about mental health, approachable tips for well-being, unpacking hustle culture, and self-reflection. Siobhan shares her personal experience about recovering from anxiety and burnout and integrates insights from both a spiritual and scientific lens. Join Siobhan's journey to seek a pathway for living that leads to a greater sense of calm, compassion, self-acceptance, clarity and authenticity. For more resources, visit: siobhanlauren.ca join my patreon Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  98. IYAGI - Natural Korean Conversations For Learners

    98.IYAGI - Natural Korean Conversations For Learners

    Improve your Korean listening comprehension and vocabulary by listening to natural conversations between native Korean speakers, provided by TalkToMeInKorean.com. For more Korean learning materials and our systematic curriculum, please visit https://talktomeinkorean.com

  99. Andrew Tate

    99.Andrew Tate

    Andrew Tate Speeches To Keep You Motivated! andrew tate speech, andrew tate, andrew tate motivation, motivational video, motivation, tristan tate, andrew tate interview, motivational speech, motivational, andrew tate podcast, success, tate brothers, who is andrew tate, speech, andrew tate motivational speech, cobra tate, andrew tate money, motivation mentors, eye opening speech, inspirational, speechless, one of the most eye opening interviews, speech will leave you speechless, andrew tate, andrew tate fight, tate speech, tate, andrew tate highlight, andrew tate motivational video, money,

  100. Motivation Daily by Motiversity

    100.Motivation Daily by Motiversity

    Motivation Daily is for anyone looking for motivation, inspiration and encouraging words and advice to help you on your journey in life. Produced by Motiversity, this podcast features only the greatest motivational speeches, spoken by the best speakers in the world. Motivation is an important life skill. Without motivation, you can’t achieve anything. There are no goal posts to aim for and no purpose to strive towards.  In this podcast, Motiversity features motivational speeches from the greatest speakers and high-performing people in the world, on topics including life, business, relationships, discipline, purpose, mental health, sports, studying, focus and more. Listen to original, highly-edited, exclusive speeches from speakers including Coach Pain, Billy Alsbrooks, Marcus Taylor, Dr. Jessica Houston, Walter Bond and many more. If you’re ready to take control of your life, go to the next level, or just need some motivation or inspiration, tune in to the Daily Motivation Podcast by Motiversity. Follow Motiversity on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/motiversity Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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